Mayor Sundquist Expects To Name Acting Police Chief Soon

first_imgJAMESTOWN — Mayor Eddie Sundquist expects to name an acting police chief within the next week to replace retiring Chief Harry Snellings.Sundquist told WNYNewsNow that he has accepted internal applications for the interim position.“So we had accepted application from internal applicants for the acting police chief position and we will be doing interview s and making determinations on the acting police chief before Chief Snelling retires,” Sundquist said.He said the actiing chief will be named “right around the time” of Snelling’s last day at work. The permanent chief needs to be someone who is very community oriented, Sundquist explained. He also wants the new chief to be progressive.The new chief needs to be comfortable with different community groups across the city, he said.“(He should be)  community minded, progressive and really focus on ensuring we have a quality police force here in Jamestown.”Also extremely impoprtant to Sundquist is that the new chief is able and willing to engage in dialogue with community members.“I do it as mayor and I would expect the same from our police chief,” Sundquist said. “Even if the dialogue is uncomfortable we want to have that dialogue.”Several applications have been received, he said, but declined to say how many over concerns of perhaps identifying a specific applicant.As  designed, Sundquist will name an acting interim police chief, which city council will need to approve, and then council will need to approve any permanent candidate, the mayor explained.“We opened it up as of yesterday (Wednesday) and it will remain open to the end of July,” he said.In other police news, Sundquist confirmed the city is seeking an appeal of the court decision awarding back raises to the police force.“The city appealed an arbitration decision. That was a lawsuit that started before my administration,” Sundquist said. “The city had already prior authorized that appeal. As part of that process we are moving forward with that as the city already provided funds for that, there s no new funding.”Not budgeted already, if the raise is upheld again, it would be a liability of in excess of $800,000 for the city, he said.“There is still no decision on any kind of pay increases for 18, 19, or 2020,” he said, adding the city continues to work with the police union to try to reach an agreement. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Jamestown Man Pleads Guilty In Drug Trafficking Investigation

first_imgBUFFALO – A City of Jamestown man has plead guilty to possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking.The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday that 23-year-old Omar Vera-Velazquez entered the plea in a Buffalo courtroom.Prosecutors say that Vera-Velazquez sold and distributed heroin in the Jamestown area in September 2019 and possessed various firearms in furtherance of his drug trafficking in order to protect himself, his drugs, and his drug proceeds.Police raided his home on Bowen Street in Jamestown last year seizing four firearms, ammunition, two pistol magazines, approximately 60 grams of a heroin and fentanyl substance, two scales, several empty plastic baggies, and packaging materials. Image by Jamestown Police.Prosecutors say Vera-Velazquez is scheduled to be sentenced in March and faces five years to life in prison. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Watch Ethan Hawke Talk Theater vs. Film, Playing a Sick Macbeth & More on Morning Joe

first_img View Comments Macbeth’s Ethan Hawke got deep on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on January 3. The Tony and Oscar nominee chats about not breathing new life into Shakespeare and how you can’t just “show up” and wing it when doing the Bard. Hawke says he’d still perform the show sick as a dog, shares about how theater is harder than film and also talks about his unique experience of making Before Midnight and its predecessors with Julie Delpy. Check out the interview below to hear more about that Scottish play and what it was like to recite iambic pentameter with Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford! Star Filescenter_img Ethan Hawkelast_img

Weekend Poll: Which First-Time Nominee Is Your Favorite?

first_imgThe 2014 Tony Awards are right around the corner, and we know a few people who are even more excited than we are: The 20 first-time acting nominees, who will get a chance to take home a shiny trophy (that spins!) at the June 8 ceremony. This select group features several stage and screen superstars (Bryan Cranston, Neil Patrick Harris and Chris O’Dowd, anyone?), a few newcomers (Sarah Greene, Mary Bridget Davies and Lauren Worsham, welcome) and some Broadway mainstays (Andy Karl, Anika Larsen, Reed Birney, nice to see ya). So, out of this starry bunch, we want to know: Which first-time nominee should be recognized at the Tony Awards? Cast your vote below! View Commentslast_img

Sex with Strangers Begins Performances Off-Broadway

first_img Sex With Strangers In Sex With Strangers, sex blogger Ethan (Magnussen) tracks down his idol, a gifted but obscure novelist named Olivia (Gunn). Their attraction turns to sex as they inch closer to getting what they want. The drama challenges the dark side of ambition and the near impossibility of reinventing oneself when the past is only a click away. Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 31, 2014 Related Shows Second Stage is about to get salacious. Laura Eason’s Sex with Strangers begins off-Broadway performances on July 8. The drama, directed by David Schwimmer, stars Emmy winner Anna Gunn and Tony nominee Billy Magnussen. View Comments Sex With Strangers will open officially on July 30 at the Tony Kiser Theatre. Billy Magnussen Star Fileslast_img read more

Meet Jersey Boys Star Ryan Molloy!

first_img Jersey Boys Hometown: North Shields, Newcastle, England “I was obsessed with John Hughes movies as a kid, so when my sister moved to Los Angeles, I went over at 19. I got involved in the R&B culture in South Central L.A., doing karaoke competitions for a free meal. I loved it there, but I went back to London when I got a record deal with RCA.” “I’m riding solo in New York, and they put me in this amazing apartment overlooking Times Square. Everything is pristine, and there’s a gym downstairs with no one there. I feel like Patrick Bateman [of American Psycho], working out by myself in an eye mask.” “Newcastle is totally Billy Elliot land. There wasn’t a lot of opportunity, and if you said you wanted to be a singer or actor, people looked at you like you were crazy. But my parents were always supportive—it’s very special for my mother to fly to New York and see me on a Broadway stage.” from $59.00 Stage Cred: Molloy’s extensive London stage credits include Taboo, Jerry Springer the Opera, Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice, plus U.K. tours of Godspell and the Rod Stewart tuner Tonight’s the Night. As a pop artist, he won a 2004 competition to step in as lead singer of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Related Shows “Writing pop songs was a great adventure but acting has always been my main passion, and musical theater helped me get back on that track. Musicals are all about focus and concentration, and it’s fantastic for someone like me to have something that’s so regimented.” “I’m Irish, so we like to get a party on, a couple of Guinness to get going in the morning, but there’s none of that with this show. It’s hardcore: sleep, eat, show, repeat. It’s a hell of a challenge to go from age 16 to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Every scene, every moment, you’ve got to hit a home run.” Age: 41. “My Wikipedia ‘pop age’ is 37. When you go into pop music, you’re told, ‘This is your age,’ and it’s totally aboveboard.” Current Role: A Broadway debut as Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys, after more than six years as the show’s Olivier Award-nominated original West End star. View Comments “Frankie Valli and I grew up in tough neighborhoods. I really understand what he went through to get out. I’ve hung out with him a few times now, and he’s still very grounded. He and Bob Gaudio haven’t allowed their success to change them as people.” “You need a loose tongue to sing like Frankie. I’ve always had the ability to go from falsetto to chest voice without a break; you have to stay loose to sing so many songs without getting jammed up. It’s kind of like being a ballerina. There’s a ballerina on my tongue!”last_img read more

West End Urinetown Star Jenna Russell on Her Stage Spill & More

first_img How did you get this role? I’ve known Jamie for years because he assisted Michael Grandage on Guys and Dolls, so we knew each other from then and we had been wanting to work together. But it was Soutra Gilmour who designed Merrily and then Urinetown who told me this was happening and it went from there. I went along to audition and my voice was really down in my boots because I’d been doing Merrily, which was quite hard vocally, so I screeched my way through the audition. Welcome back to the West End for the first time since Merrily We Roll Along—and in another American musical! I know, and one that I also actually saw in New York. I was there [in 2002] for my first visit as a grown-up seeing my friend Johnny Cake in Medea. I had lunch with Michael John LaChiusa who told me to get my bum down to the theater to see it. So I did even though I didn’t know anything about the show, and I just loved it. What about the piece did you respond to? I remember just laughing at the bravery of it—it felt so fresh and brave. And if you know your musicals, you can hear how clever [the creators] have been pastiching everything from West Side Story to Les Miserables to Kurt Weill. At the same time, what’s great is that you don’t need to be a musical theater fan to still get the fact that the numbers are great. In the meantime, you’re leaving Urinetown early because you already have your next job! I know, and it usually never happens like that, does it? After I finished Into the Woods [in Regent’s Park in 2010] I couldn’t get arrested for a year and a half. But, yes, I’m leaving our show at the end of November to begin rehearsals for the play Di and Viv and Rose, which we open at the Vaudeville at the end of January. What has it been like working with Jonathan Slinger as Officer Lockstock and the rest of this eclectic cast? I mean, here we have one of our greatest Shakespearean actors bringing to this musical a twinkle but a very dark, knowing twinkle. I think I speak for all of us when I say that this was one of the happiest rehearsal periods I have ever had: Jamie totally understands the need for actors to play around and be ridiculous at times. It’s like someone said: he lets you play with all the toys in the box and then gradually takes away the ones you don’t need. Yes, and I think what [director] Jamie Lloyd’s current production brings out is how serious the piece is at the same time. Absolutely. The show is funny and witty but it does pose some serious questions or as far as you can do so in the musical form. The thing is, the world is not a happy place and people do get bumped off if they stick their heads above the parapet. I love the fact that we’re out there every night talking about these things and offering an exciting take on a well-trodden form. I read that you fell off the stage during previews? I did, though I was fine if a little shaken. It was weird: I’ve been performing for 33 years so you sort of feel like you know what you’re doing and then I slipped and fell backwards and grabbed hold of the lighting rig. Luckily, I didn’t land on anyone, so no one was hurt in my attention-seeking moment [laughs]. Jenna Russell needs no introduction as a London musicals mainstay, with credits ranging from Sarah Brown in the Michael Grandage-directed Guys and Dolls to a range of Sondheim musicals that include Sunday in the Park with George (which she reprised on Broadway) and Merrily We Roll Along. Russell is back on the West End this fall leading the commercial transfer of Urinetown to the Apollo Theatre, playing tough-as-nails bathroom warden Penelope Pennywise. caught up with the ever-delightful Russell to talk being busy, lavatories, and taking a tumble during previews. It obviously worked since you got the part! Yes, Jamie smiled at me in an understanding manner and said, “Yeah, you got the job.” [Laughs.] View Comments Are there other American shows you have your eye on that have yet to come here? Gosh, well, I’d love to do Diana in Next to Normal. That’s such an extraordinary piece, and it would be great with Jamie directing and tapping into the deep sadness that the central female character has. I’d also love to do Grey Gardens. And I hear Pennywise was your audition to play Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd? I know, how camp is that? The thing with Sweeney is that was my introduction to Sondheim at age 14 and I’ve actually never seen a production of it because I didn’t want to know what anyone else has done. It’s become a little obsession of mine that I can’t see it because the show is in my head. Jamie actually said on Twitter that he would direct it, so I’m going to see if that’s legally binding: I’m going to photograph the tweet and send it to my lawyers [laughs]. And one of your co-stars, Samantha Spiro, previously played Mary in Grandage’s Merrily We Roll Along in the 2000 Donmar production. You know, I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe we should have a sing-off—or a Mary-off! It could get vicious. You play a lavatory attendant which prompts the inevitable question: Have you ever had to pay to pee? [Laughs.] What a great question! I have, I think, yes, at Victoria Station. And in France you have to pay to pee quite a lot. The thing is, I actually feel for poor Pennywise: can you imagine standing by urinals day in day out with that as your life? Pennywise’s big number, “It’s a Privilege to Pee,” comes near the beginning—what is it like to start off with such a bang? Nancy Opel [the role’s originator] has one of those extraordinary voices and I have to confess that in the beginning I was a bit scared: she’s just so impressive in terms of having a powerhouse voice that I thought, “I’ll have to do something else with the number and try and find other little ways around it.” I have this big burst at the beginning and then glug down a lot of water and get to breathe a little bit.last_img read more

Matt Doyle & More Tapped for Brooklynite Off-Broadway

first_img Related Shows Matt Doyle, Nick Cordero and more will star in the previously announced world premiere of Brooklynite. Directed by Michael Mayer, the new musical will play a limited engagement January 29, 2015 through March 22. Opening night is set for February 25 at the Vineyard Theatre. In Brooklynite, Trey Swieskowski is an idealistic hardware store clerk who dreams of becoming a superhero. Astrolass, Brooklyn’s most celebrated superhero, is determined to throw in the cape and live like a normal Brooklynite. When they meet they hatch a plan that will change their lives forever. But can they save Brooklyn when it suddenly teeters on the brink of disaster? View Comments Brooklynitecenter_img With book by Peter Lerman and Mayer and music and lyrics by Lerman, the production will be choreographed by Steven Hoggett and feature scenic design by Donyale Werle, costume design by Andrea Lauer, lighting design by Kevin Adams and sound design by Kai Harada. Kimberly Grigsby will serve as musical director. Joining Doyle (The Book of Mormon) and Cordero (Bullets Over Broadway) will be Andrew Call (Found), Gerard Canonico (Spring Awakening), Max Chernin (Bright Star), Nick Choksi (Indian Ink), Ann Harada (Cinderella), John-Michael Lyles (Angelina Ballerina), Grace McLean (Bedbugs), Olivia Oguma (Mamma Mia!), Tom Alan Robbins (The Lion King), Nicolette Robinson (TV’s The Affair) and Remy Zaken (Spring Awakening). Show Closed This production ended its run on March 29, 2015last_img read more

Odds & Ends: Justin Guarini to Co-Host Tony Simulcast & More

first_imgHere’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Justin Guarini & Deborah Cox to Emcee Tony SimulcastBroadway alums Justin Guarini (Wicked) and Deborah Cox (Aida) will co-host the Times Square simulcast of the 2015 Tony Awards on June 7. “This year’s Times Square celebration is going to be star-studded, packed with great performances and bigger than ever before,” said Guarini in a statement. The free event will take place rain or shine, with full audio and seating for 2,000 guests starting at 4PM on Duffy Square and the Broadway Plaza between 46th and 48th St.Peter Gallagher & More Receive Critics’ Choice NodsStage faves were feeling the love May 6 from the fifth Annual Critics’ Choice Television Awards. Current On the Twentieth Century headliner Peter Gallagher garnered a nod for Togetherness; other Broadway alums to receive nominations include Tony winners Mark Rylance (Wolf Hall), Viola Davis (How to Get Away With Murder), Mandy Patinkin (Homeland), Cicely Tyson (How to Get Away with Murder), Judith Light (Transparent), Frances McDormand (Olive Kitteridge) and Cynthia Nixon (Stockholm, Pennsylvania). Tituss Burgess will also be breaking out the Pinot Noir for his nod as Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The honors will be announced at a ceremony on May 31.August Wilson Monologue Competition WinnersMoyè Light from Atlanta has won first place and a cash prize of $3000 at the 7th Annual August Wilson Monologue Competition held on May 4 at the August Wilson Theatre. Cameron Southerland from Atlanta was the runner-up, and an honorable mention went to Jonathan German from N.Y.C. Meanwhile, actor Anthony Chisholm received the first ever Wilsonian Soldier Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the legacy and work of August Wilson. The event aims to expose a new generation of creative minds to the life’s work and artistic legacy of this seminal American playwright.Melissa Errico Releases New SongsTwo previously unreleased tracks from stage and screen star Melissa Errico will be released on Ghostlight Records as a special digital exclusive on May 18. “How Are Things In Glocca Morra?” and “Maybe Someone Dreamed Us” were originally recorded for her album Lullabies & Wildflowers. Proceeds will benefit The Bowery Babes, Errico’s charity, which offers free support and resources to Manhattan mothers and families.Check out Stage Faves in New Magic Mike XXL TrailerIt’s only Wednesday, the weekend’s feeling like a long way off, so here’s a video to cheer us all up. The second trailer for Magic Mike XXL was released today; get a sneak peek of Channing Tatum, along with stage fave Matt Bomer and Streetcar stud Joe Manganiello strutting their stuff below. Hopefully the recently workshopped Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey Magic Mike musical adaptation will make its way to Broadway sooner rather than later! Magic Mike XXL will be released on July 1. View Commentslast_img read more

John Owen Jones Then Ben Forster Will Headline West End’s Phantom

first_imgDouble trouble! Broadway alum John Owen-Jones and Ben Forster will both be donning the mask in the London production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. Owen-Jones will play the Phantom September 7 through January 30, 2016, taking over for Geronimo Rauch. Forster is set to appear in the role from February 1, 2016 at Her Majesty’s Theatre in the West End.Owen-Jones has played the Phantom more times than any other actor in the West End production’s history and recently headlined the tuner’s U.K. tour. He has also appeared as Jean Valjean in Les Misérables in the West End, on the 25th anniversary tour and on Broadway. Additional credits include Pirelli in the English National Opera production of Sweeney Todd. Forster is best known for winning the ITV1 show, Superstar, Lloyd Webber’s TV talent search for Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Other theater credits include Evita and Elf The Musical.Also joining the cast from September 7 are Celinde Schoenmaker (Les Miserables) as Christine Daaé, Nadim Naaman (Titanic) as Raoul, Michael Matus (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown) as Monsieur Firmin and Christopher Dickens (War Horse) as Monsieur André.Continuing in their roles are: Lara Martins as Carlotta, Jacinta Mulcahy as Madame Giry, John Ellis as Piangi and Alicia Beck as Meg. Emmi Christensson will remain as the alternate ‘Christine Daaé’ until June 2016 when Lisa-Anne Wood takes over the role.The musical opened at Her Majesty’s in 1986; the Broadway production officially opened at the Majestic Theatre in 1988, where it still plays. View Commentslast_img read more