Apple tries to take a bite out of credit card industry

Apple is rolling out a credit card that it says is designed to do things no other card can. So how does it actually stack up?It looks different from a traditional credit card — there’s no number on the front and the users’ name is etched in metal. The card expands the company’s digital Apple Pay services, marrying the physical card to a virtual one and integrating both with the iPhone. And it comes with a bevy of perks — quick sign-up, elimination of most fees, strong security protections and cash back. But industry experts say they aren’t impressed — the financial benefits mirror many of those already out there for consumers.___WHAT DOES IT COST?Apple says there are no fees associated with the card. That means no late fee, no annual fee, no international fee and no over-the-limit fees. It also said it aims to have among the lowest interest rates in the industry. Users must have an iPhone to use the card, which comes at a cost. But they will earn cash back on their purchases — 3 per cent on Apple purchases, 2 per cent on those with the virtual card and 1 per cent with the physical card.“I’m underwhelmed,” said Ted Rossman, industry analyst at “People will sign up for it, but that will be mostly because they love Apple, not because this card is better than anything that already exists.”He points to the Citi Double Cash card, which offers an easy-to-use 2 per cent back on any purchase. Or the U.S. Bank Altitude Reserve Visa Infinite card, which offers 3 points per dollar on mobile-wallet spending —worth 3 per cent cash back or 4.5 per cent off travel. Rossman said even another branded credit card, the Uber Visa card, comes out on top with 4 per cent cash back on dining purchases.Apple points out that it is the only card to provide those rewards in real time, so that cash earned can be used immediately. Other companies often make users wait a statement cycle or until the bill has been paid. But WalletHub CEO Odysseas Papadimitriou is dubious people who can afford an iPhone and qualify for the card will need that cash so quickly. He also reiterated that there are better rewards out there, particularly for people with strong credit.“There are other cards that have better rewards and no annual fee,” he said. “There is a healthy market there, so from that perspective there is nothing unique.”A note on the interest rates as well — the card doesn’t come out until summer but Apple has said that as of March, the variable annual percentage rate on the card could be anywhere from 13.24 per cent to 24.24 per cent based on creditworthiness. That’s right in line with the rest of the market, Rossman said.___WHAT ABOUT SECURITY?Apple prides itself on privacy and security, so no surprise, the card sets itself apart here.The physical card has no numbers so purchases are made with the embedded chip and the digital version lives in your Apple Wallet on your phone, where it’s protected by Face ID or Touch ID. That means that even if someone steals your phone they won’t be able to use the card to buy things.Apple says it won’t get information on what you buy with the card or where or for how much. And it says Goldman Sachs, which Apple is working with to provide the card, will use your data only to operate the card — such as help with purchases or fraud protection — but your Apple Card data will not be used for any other purposes.Even critics concede that the Apple Card technology provides a new layer of protection not available with other cards. And mobile payments, such as Apple Pay, are generally more secure than traditional credit cards.However, consumers already have zero fraud liability with credit cards, said Papadimitriou. Federal law limits a consumer’s fraud liability to $50 but all the major credit card networks — Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard — provide zero liability for consumer cards. Apple is working with Mastercard to create the Apple Card. So, he said, the added protection may be more perception than reality for most.___HOW EASY IS IT TO USE?Apple says users will be able to sign up for the card in the Wallet app on their iPhone and begin using it almost immediately. It also tracks spending on the phone in a more user-friendly format, eliminating some of the gibberish that fills a traditional credit card statement.It also includes some budgeting tools, such as tracking spending and providing estimates of how much interest could be charged on a purchase to help people make an informed decision. It allows users to set up weekly or biweekly payments to better match up with their paychecks. While these perks are nice, there are similar budgeting tools on other cards and the information only incorporates purchases and payments for Apple Pay and the Apple Card, so it’s not providing a full financial picture. All the same, Apple users often enjoy the seamlessness of having the information at their fingertips.There is still some sense of wait-and-see, as the power of the Apple brand and its fan base is strong. In general, though, credit card industry experts say this is a bid by Apple to expand its Apple Pay services. While Apple Pay is the most common of mobile-wallet payment services, only 13 per cent of smartphone users have tried it, according to industry tracking site“Apple makes great software, but I’m not sure they truly understand consumer needs on this,” Papadimitriou said.___If you have personal finance questions, we want to hear them. 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Ban renews call for Israeli cooperation with UN Gaza human rights probe

2 June 2009Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has renewed his call for Israel’s cooperation with the team mandated by the United Nations Human Rights Council to probe alleged rights abuses and violations of international law during the recent conflict in Gaza, his spokesperson said today. The team, led by Justice Richard Goldstone, is currently on a week-long trip to the area, the first of its planned field visits. On Friday, it announced it would enter Gaza from Egypt through the Rafah crossing point.Mr. Ban discussed the issue with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak at a meeting yesterday in New York. “On the Gaza fact-finding mission, the Secretary-General renewed his call for cooperation from Israel,” his spokesperson, Michele Montas, told reporters today. Access and movement issues relating to Gaza, the importance of the peace process, Lebanon, and the upcoming report on Security Council Resolution 1701 – which ended the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbollah – were also discussed, Ms. Montas said.In addition, the two also talked about the four-member UN Board of Inquiry, led by Ian Martin of the United Kingdom, which examined incidents involving death and damage at the world body’s premises in Gaza during Israel’s military operation.Ms. Montas said the Secretary-General is following up on cases covered by the Board’s report, a summary of which Mr. Ban forwarded to the Security Council in early May.Mr. Ban has also instructed the UN Legal Counsel to start preparing and formulating claims to compensation for the losses sustained by the Organization in incidents investigated by the Board, she added. On a related matter, the spokesperson said that none of the $11 million in assessed damages to the UN’s Gaza facilities had been received yet. read more

People are divided over whether the Dáil should begin each day with

first_img 56 Comments By Christina Finn Such an act is much fairer than a spoken prayer which favours one religion over others and does not reflect an equal, diverse and inclusive Ireland.AAA-PBP Paul Murphy who has raised the issue in the past, said there is no place for religious prayer in the Dáil.He has also raised with the Dáil Reform committee. Murphy told it’s time for the practice to end.“I think the prayer should go. We should have a complete separation of church and state. One part of this is not having a religious prayer in the Dáil, which is supposed to represent everybody in this country, of many different religions and of no religion. I am an atheist. In what other workplace would I be expected to rise for a prayer at the start of a meeting?”One TD that who defended the prayer in the past is Independent Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath.He said that while the question of the Dáil prayer is something that is occasionally brought up by some members of the Oireachtas, he is yet to encounter any kind of wide spread resistance to the practice among the majority of members.It seems to be a niche preoccupation among those on ‘hard left.’ It has certainly found no traction among TDs in general. Members of the Dáil standing for the Dáil prayer. Jan 22nd 2017, 7:10 AM Members of the Dáil standing for the Dáil prayer. People are divided over whether the Dáil should begin each day with a prayer Minister Katherine Zappone says it should be replaced with a moment of silence. Share Tweet Email Short URL Respect for other cultural or religious views should not debar us from acknowledging the specific heritage of our own country and from finding a way of giving expression to that.McGrath said he would have no problem if an equivalent time for silent prayer/reflection for those who would desire that.But as for getting rid of it altogether? That would strike me as excessive and even slightly petty to be frank about it.center_img The Dáil prayer: We’re not the only parliament to have one>Read: Cash savvy members of the public exchange €1.3m worth of old Irish punts> In the interest of equality I fully support a moment of silence where every deputy can reflect, pray or be still ahead of their work on behalf of the people of Ireland. 9,054 Views Sunday 22 Jan 2017, 7:10 AM THE PUBLIC IS divided on whether the Dáil should continue to begin every session with a prayer.According to a Claire Byrne Live/Amárach Research poll, 42% of people said each Dáil session should not begin with a prayer, while 42% said it should.A total of 16% said they don’t know.Ireland is not the only parliament to begin each day with a Christian prayer. Australia, Canada, South Africa, the UK and the US have similar procedures to ours.Other countries have opted for silent reflections at the start of each day.A number of politicians, and a government minister, believe a moment’s silence would be more appropriate.Moment of silence Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone told a moment silence would be “much fairer than spoken prayer”.At a time of National, European and World challenges TDs need a moment to reflect on the actions they are about to take. This reflection should be open to politicians of all faiths, and those of none. There is ample evidence from other parliamentary democracies in both Europe and the US that having a prayer at the beginning of proceedings is a perfectly acceptable practice. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Not so out of the blue

first_imgMarrickville Council’s Australia Day celebrations offer a vibrant mix of live music as well as a host of kid’s activities. The diverse line-up of local inner west musicians that will perform throughout the day include soulful blues trio Out of the Blue, and the reggae stylings of Jesse Morris and the Three Beans. Festival goers will also enjoy Azadoota’s unique sound that combines Assyrian folk (known as dabke) with Arabic, Latin, Flamenco and pop. The divas from Lady Sings it Better will showcase their sassy old-school cabaret featuring songs originally performed by great male musicians, while The Crooked Fiddle Band’s ‘chainsaw folk’ is music with melody, energy and intensity. The 13 piece orchestra Cumbiamuffin, is sure to get the crowd moving. Their energetic beats and colourful rhythms are known as ‘Cumbia’, a Latin American musical style that originated in Colombia’s Carribbean coast. Seasoned performers Out of the Blue will showcase Greek multiculturalism in Australia through traditional Greek song. Having performed at the Seymour Centre, Greek festivals, Cafe Carnivale, Rebetika the Greek blues, Roza – The queen of Greek blues at the Factory Theatre – this trio of musicians is no stranger to the public stage. Georgette Giatis, vocalist from Out of the Blue, told Neos Kosmos that they’ve been performing for more than eight years. Alongside Peter Kalandranis, on guitar, and Anthony Kekatos on bouzouki and baglama – the trio will be joined by clarinet and flute player Dimitri Vouros on the day. “We play contemporary Greek, traditional folk, blues, rebetika…quality Greek music,” she said. “Our band can start on from three people to 18 people, it just depends on what show we are doing and what type of show it is.” Mayor of Marrickville Councillor Morris Hanna said the unique mix of music styles is a fitting way to celebrate Australia Day. “The eclectic program of performers reflects both Australia’s culturally diverse community, and Marrickville’s proud multicultural inner-city population. This year is bigger than ever. The mix of local talent will provide a valuable and fun cultural experience,” Councillor Hanna said. There will also be a range of free rides and activities for kids, and the Magic Yellow Bus will also be on site. Not only will kids enjoy the jumping castle, but teenagers and adults can also have a go. A selection of international cuisine such as Brazilian, Indonesian, Chinese and Spanish will satisfy taste buds. The event will also include a citizenship ceremony and the announcement of the 2012 Citizen and Young Citizen of the Year Award winners. Marrickville Council’s Australia Day celebrations will kick off at 3:00 pm at Enmore Park in Enmore on Thursday 26 January and finish with a bang with a spectacular fireworks display at 9:00 pm. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

FOLIO Roundtable

first_imgFOLIO: Give us a sense of how your content production and distribution have changed in the last few years. What were they like then compared to what they’re like now? What’s driving that change?Robyn Peterson: Mashable is purely digital, we don’t have any print business as everybody knows, but there’s still an evolution taking place. The evolution, and we accomplished this in 2011, is moving from being a blog to actually becoming a media company. And in 2012 we’re going to move from being a media company to being a platform.In 2011, we had a newsroom of bloggers, which was great. We generated a lot of content, we covered a lot of different topics, but we weren’t an organized newsroom. By bringing in more experienced journalists, trying to structure out a newsroom, solidifying beats, we were able to do a couple of things: Create a more rigorous editorial process, which is necessary as the company matures, and we’re evolving as the conversation on social networks evolves. Eric Lundquist: We’re b-to-b. For us it’s much more about adding a horizontal layer of social networking throughout the whole organization—throughout the CMS—and I call it ‘getting by with a little of help from our friends.’ We recognize that the conversations taking place outside have a real influence on what people are reading, and it will be more so than coming in through traditional SEO or via newsletters, so we’re adding in that layer of social networking and meanwhile looking at the new platforms. I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s the biggest change that I’ve ever seen—in terms of who the audience is, what the content we’re producing for the audience is, how the audience is coming into our media platforms, and the platforms that we’re pushing our content out to. Warren Bimblick: Penton is a large b-to-b media company serving 17 different industries which have nothing to do with each other. We put it all together through acquisitions of companies over the years. I guess where we are is we tried to put in place standardized systems to enable what I call ‘surround sound.’ The financial advisors in one vertical want their content in a whole different way than IT developers in another, and there are different life stages and cycles in the process. The one thing that I think may be a little controversial is we talk about social media when in fact the b-to-b controlled circulation model is all about a social community. What it really is about is finding 47,262 people who all qualify and about whom you know tons of information and you give them content in the way they want it, which means asking them. And for some reason yet again the industry is going out to Facebook and LinkedIn, when in fact we own these communities. My soapbox right now is to keep the communities to ourselves, because we are the qualified people to run them. That said, if I were 30 years younger and an editor, I would be checking every day to see who is following me. It is fascinating what you can use social media for. Not just for pushing content out but for product research, and so on. Peterson: One trend that I’m seeing, and not just at Mashable, is thinking about the editorial strategy following the same process as online software development, where you launch quickly and iterate because you have the data streams coming back. All the data exhaust is there—if you can try and understand it. We’re starting to do that—we’ll play with new beats, launch  articles, and just see how the community reacts. Richard Tofel: We are obviously in a different kind of business because we are A) a nonprofit, and B) a mission-driven organization. Our goal is for our content to make change through journalistic means. I don’t disagree with anything that’s been said, but what these trends mean for us is a number of different things.Barriers to entry are continuing to fall. I think we’re trying to do two things at the same time: To publish content today with impact. And a lot of the time that involves publishing it through partners, which we’ve done with 90 different partners to date. The other is to build a platform to do it ourselves. And the reason to do that is because of those 90 partners, four have already gone out of business—and they won’t be the last four. The number of places that are receptive to publishing the kinds of stories that we are interested in doing is actually falling.For us data is another topic, what we call news applications, which is an increasingly big part of how we do our work. And that has lots of implications not only for how we do it, but how we can set up situations so that other people can amplify it.Lewis Dvorkin: We are building a new economic model for journalism and that new economic model has to do with how we create content, which is based on the notion that we believe in what we call the ‘content continuum,’ that there are professionals who create content, there are marketers who create content and there are audience members who create content.We are fast becoming a platform that enables all three of those constituencies to publish content in a fully transparent manner on the same time, we have built up an incentive-based contributor force of about 850 people creating content on We have ten marketers from Dell to SAP to Microsoft to Merryl Lynch creating content on And at the moment our audience members also participate, but in the future there will be even more significant ways for them to participate. So we’re changing our model and it has dramatically increased our traffic: If you look at Omniture, in the year we’re up 75 percent to about 30 million monthly uniques. I believe that the Web is about quality and quantity. We produced almost 100,000 posts last year, and that’s a significant amount of content. We’re working to build the systems to monitor that, to traffic that, to do the things we need to do.Steve Palm: NewBay is a b-to-b enthusiast publisher, for lack of a better term. Our mission in life is to cover the waterfront in our five vertical markets. We have a lot of brands  and we have a lot of different media. And I think that I would sum up our focus in three ways. One is to create content that’s interesting to the five audiences we serve. Second is to put that content in whatever form of media that the audience likes. Our audience continues to like print. We get good results both in terms of circ and advertising in print. But we have expanded it into everything that’s been talked about here including social media. And three, most importantly, we’re looking hard at understanding what content works best in what type of media. We’re trying to create a 360-degree conversation, and I think that we’ve made progress, but we’re far from being proficient at it.FOLIO: How does the platform impact the kind of content you create?Dvorkin: We assign stories that are only for the magazine. The Web wants a lot of things. One of the things it wants is reporting. And that’s why you’re seeing Mashable, Buzzfeed, Gawker, whomever, deciding yes it’s about aggregation and viral, but it’s also about fresh reporting. There are many different things that work on the Web. Perspective, analysis, but pure reporting in print can work very well online if there’s good, deep reporting.Tofel: I think you’re going to treat reporting differently when it moves up into the mobile space. You’re not going to read a long article on a small device.Dvorkin: That’s another misnomer. I’m a maniac when it comes to this. We have so many tools that look at screen depth and everything. Whenever we have a story that is 10 or 12 paragraphs and is paginated, the single most clicked on link on that first page is page two.Tofel: I’m just saying I think mobile is tricky at the moment, maybe permanently. But on the tablet I actually agree. We do a lot of long-form on the tablet. I think the tablet is the best friend long-form has had in a very long time. It is a heck of a lot easier to read a 2,000-word piece on a tablet than it was in a newspaper. FOLIO: Is anyone experimenting with pricing and bundling?Palm: We’re in the early days of it still, but fundamentally we’ve decided we’re not going to bundle print and the facsimile digital edition together because why would you read both? They’re the exact same piece. So we’re separating those two, but we are bundling within the vertical markets we serve. So if you’re a guitar player we will bundle 3 or 4 guitar magazines together so you can buy a library on a monthly basis. And we think that’s an interesting, high value for the audience, an idea that we can create some cost value that differentiates from our traditional newsstand model. Lundquist: I think the bundle now needs to include events, both face to face and digital. I have this audience, here are some offers that we should make to them, events, research, and so on. That’s the bundle more so than any one platform.I think whatever platform they want to come in on you should be able to offer them content on that platform, you shouldn’t force them to go somewhere else. FOLIO: How are you balancing resource allocation?Bimblick: I don’t think it’s a balance. In our company most of our revenue comes from advertising. So it’s about developing an advertising and marketing services model. It used to be in all of our businesses we made money selling ads, but we were selling empty inventory. It didn’t matter whether they put a picture of their CEO or their kid on the page. We took whatever it was. Today, for better or worse, you have to be thinking about that. You have to create channels that someone will spend money to sponsor. But you can’t replace $80,000 worth of advertising with $30 CPMs, it just doesn’t work. But that’s what we’ve been doing the last ten years and now it’s getting even worse.Tofel: With these businesses that have a footprint in print and most of the income is from print, you have a very tricky task of running these hybrid companies at this point. People have had their foot on the brake on the transition to digital ever since 1995. They’ve wanted digital to the extent that they could control it, they’ve wanted it to go slower, they’ve needed it to go slower, because of [the fear that everyone would prefer digital more than print]. Now they’re lifting their foot slowly off the brake, and the question is at what  point do you have to move your foot off the brake and onto the gas in print? And the reason is because print is a classic nineteenth century economies of scale business. So as print circulation shrinks in b-to-c, everyone’s experiencing the economics of it deteriorating more and more rapidly. So there comes a point at which you’ve got to take your foot off the brake and I suspect there will come a point where people will want to floor it on the accelerator. But we’re not there yet.Lundquist: This was the first year that digital advertising exceeded print, it’s still pretty close to half and half. But I think print is still a very favored medium for lots of people. Especially advertisers. It’s still a very good medium in b-to-b to renew the audience, renew the database. All of us in this business really have to be looking at it all the time and seeing just where you are on that accelerator.FOLIO: Is print as a model set in stone, or can it be played with as well?Dvorkin: There are new models for content creation that are needed in print as well. As we have grown our contributor base in digital we are doing the same in print. First of all, I don’t believe in a combination. There are print editors and there are digital people and there are differences. We are now extending the contributor model into print. We’ve signed up four or five people and they write a certain number of articles for the magazine during the year at a certain price. If they continue reporting that particular article in the digital space, they are incentivized and they will make more money off that same article that they wrote in print by extending the audience for it on As we all know, there’s so much content that’s left on the cutting room floor from the print piece. So if they continue to keep reporting that story out and they’re driving uniques to their content they will make more money in addition to what they made for the print story.Palm: I wish we could break the word print down in different ways. Print for a large consumer magazine or a newspaper is very different from what I see print being for b-to-b or enthusiast magazines. In the markets we serve, there is still huge value around branding and product awareness. Bimblick: I think the tools are there for print to reinvent. If you think about direct marketing, the catalog that you get from William Sonoma or whomever, it is targeted to you. In magazines we still tend to send the same thing to everyone. We could create versioned editions, basically using the catalog technology. That’s where I think you’re going to see more innovation. If you can actually print to create more customized, sponsored types of editions I think that’s where print can look at reinventing itself.FOLIO: Robyn, talk a bit more about Mashable’s next move to become a platform, what did you mean by that?Peterson: Right now if you rewind the clock a little bit to October of last year on Mashable all content was created by internal reporters. In November we introduced something called the Mashable Publisher Platform where we started to partner with quite a few different publishers and some folks on the editorial team to curate their content and build social identities for those publishers. It drives quite a few social referrals to either their site or their presence off-site, whether on Facebook or Twitter. It’s a nice symbiotic relationship that we’ve formed. Since launching it, we’ve had a lot of interest in expanding it. You’re going to see us start to expand that as we start to grow our editorial team.If you look at our audience from a product mindset, the audience that comes to Mashable tends to be the ‘town crier persona’ where they go to one town and learn all the news and then go to the next town and scream it out. The Mashable audience comes to Mashable to find out what to share, goes to another site like CNN and they’re just sharing all over the place. It’s a very interesting audience and we’re just trying to think through how we can get them to contribute because if we can solve that riddle we’ve all of a sudden figured out what’s going to share and what’s breaking—what’s going to accelerate around the Internet. Dvorkin: We’ve built some very customized publishing tools that our staffers and contributors can create text and photo galleries. We’re providing them with the assets and they just grab it and drop it in there. One of the things in scaling the audience in 2012 in many ways for us is about scaling the forum. And in doing that we’re going to be unleashing features in the next five or six months that reward users as not only contributors, but for desired behaviors. How many times do I come to the site? How many contributors do I follow? How many of my comments got approved? As we reward people for these desired behaviors they will become a different kind of reader that will be able to contribute content as well as go beyond the notion of simply commenting. FOLIO: How are you filtering all this, who is watching this content come in and managing that, how are you organizing this and keeping it facilitated? Dvorkin: We pick contributors like we would pick an employee. You vet them, you watch for their credentials and what they do. And just like an employee they sometimes disappoint you. And then you take steps. So we’re building management systems to make sure we pick the right people and trim the wrong people. We have monitoring processes going on all day long through a producer team—spreadsheets that keeps tabs on things. And we are building these systems. They are far from perfect. Tofel: And I think you know your brands and you trust in those brands and whatever new platforms you bring in, whatever new media concepts you bring in, you have a set of standards. You don’t want to have people distrust you. You want to maintain that trust, maintain that brand. It’s a messy process sometimes.Dvorkin: I call it tricky.  And some things don’t work and we have processes for removing posts and hiding them by putting them into private cues until they are resolved by our staff. The Web is a very forgiving place if you do the right things to correct what’s incorrect. If you don’t, then it’s not very forgiving.Peterson: And it’s more than just thinking about new ways of input into the content process. We were all kind of talking about how we write to different media and platforms. One thing we do at Mashable that’s a slightly different conversation is we envision which social networks this may trend on before we write it, before they’re assigned, and we think through that first. We’re writing this to LinkedIn, we’re writing to Facebook, to Twitter. We think through the stories from the very beginning with that in mind. Our audience is as much offsite as it is onsite. And in fact you have to do a much better job of selling offsite to get them onsite. FOLIO: Do you measure the results of that?Peterson: We do. We’ve seen for instance on some of our more jobs-oriented pieces that 80 percent of the traffic in that channel is coming from LinkedIn. I’m not saying that’s what drives the editorial process, but we think through that for our key distribution channels up front so we can take it into consideration as things are built in. Dvorkin: When you talk about filtering contributors, filtering users is important too in terms of their commentary. We have a system where there is no user comment that loads on the page unless a contributor has approved that comment. We have a very rewarding conversation. The contributor or one of our producers must approve the comment. That is a great thing because you get the contributor engaged In the community. They transact with the community and know what’s going on. And if you want to see the comment cesspool, you click a tab that says ‘All Comments’ and they can see them all. But you have to seek that out. If you just want a conversation that is filtered out and curated it’s there for you. You have the option of seeing everything. But we’re only loading on the page those comments that have been filtered and approved. FOLIO: So we talked a little bit about mobile eventually gaining traction. What are the opportunities in mobile?Lundquist: There’s a lot more data coming in just from your standard website—who is coming into the page, how they came in, how many pages they viewed, how long they stayed on. I think you’re going to have the same amount of stuff on what platforms they’re coming in from, what preferences they have. To try to manage that is going to require a level of analysis that I don’t think exists in many industries.Tofel: On the flip side I think there’s a tremendous editorial opportunity. The ability to do stories that then empower other stories is extraordinary. It extends to users but also to other content providers. Something we’ve had a lot of success with is we created a database called Dollars for Doctors. It includes most of the data about payments from the pharmaceutical companies to individual physicians. We’ve had literally millions of people look up their own doctors, and that’s quite significant. But in some ways, what I think is even more interesting is we’ve had 120 different news organizations use the data, because it’s searchable, to do their own stories. It ranges from huge metro newspapers and regional websites to individual Patch or other similarly-sized community sites. And I think that is a metaphor for a whole different kind of journalism that you can do on a large level and then lead others to quite intentionally at a disaggregated level.Bimblick: I think in the b-to-b space the tablet has become your portable desk, your portable office. We have to become something more than something they go to every so often. It may be that our content has to be incorporated into other tools that they’re using. A lot of b-to-b companies have had data businesses that they bought for one reason or another and they kind of sat over there on the other side from the content operation. I think those are going to start converging or at least talking to each other and I think the tablet is going to be one of the key things that is going to drive that. Lundquist: I really thought that with the rise of marketing as a service it would be something editorial could learn from and create communities of interest around more narrow topics of interest than we’d normally cover. This process of lead nurturing and lead management, where they start to know not just a broad audience but where individuals in that audience are in that whole buying process. I think there’s really something to learn from that. Are we still too much into the one-size-fits-all category? Or should we start thinking about narrower messages?Tofel: I think one thing that we have to keep our eye on is what’s our plan for the next recession? We’re moving into solid growth and that’s great and hopefully that goes on for a very long time. But we’ve had two recessions since the digital revolution began and people were completely surprised by both of them. What are we going to do in the third recession of the digital age, and how do we get smarter about it and less surprised about it than we were by the first two?We must assume we have no more than 2-4 years before advertising is going to go down. I don’t want us to take your eye off the ball for all of the wonderful things we have planned for this year, but I do want to spend a little bit of time thinking through a plan and how are we diversifying away from advertising and what’s our insurance policy?Bimblick: And it can’t just be, ‘Oh gee, we’ll cut every fourth editor,’ because by the way, now we have to create more content than we ever did before. With the proliferation of device technology, social media, and various content platforms, it’s easy to forget the dynamics that are impacting content itself. We’ve clearly learned that you can’t simply rinse and repeat print content onto other platforms, and yet the audience now expects content to be anywhere and everywhere they want to access it.Here FOLIO: has convened another one of its patented roundtables to discuss the current state and future of content production. What we’ve learned is the audience and the data that emerges from its behavior are having a huge impact on content production and its economics. From social media to mobile to the Web, the way an audience interacts with content drives everything from topics to pricing.last_img read more

Ajiths Nerkonda Paarvai to introduce Kalki Koechlin to Tamil audience

first_imgKalki KoechlinVarinder ChawlaBollywood actress Kalki Koechlin is all set to enter the Tamil film industry with a bang. She is making her debut in Ajith Kumar’s much-hyped Nerkonda Paarvai, a remake of superhit Hindi movie Pink.The actress is not doing a full-fledged role rather will be seen in a special number. “It’s a peppy number which also has a lot of rap and hip-hop in it. We thought Kalki was the right choice for the song because we were looking for someone who hasn’t explored this space before. We also have a Malaysian female rapper who is a part of the song. Kalki has shot for the song and has done a fine job. The audience will see her in a completely new avatar,” producer Boney Kapoor told the Mid-Day.The development comes as a surprise to many as the original did not have an item number. However, the producer cautiously puts out that the core story is not being changed, but they are only making minor changes keeping the tastes of the Kollywood cine-goers’ in mind.”We have adhered to the storyline, but have made a few changes keeping the audience’s sensibilities in mind. Vidya has a special and powerful role in the film, while Ajith has done a fantastic job. We have a bit of work remaining on the film’s post which will be ready,” he added.It has to be noted that the movie has one more B-town actress in the form of Vidya Balan, who will be seen as Ajith’s wife in the flick, directed by H Vinoth. Vidya BalanFacebookThe major part of the shooting is almost completed with only minor portions remaining to be shot. The post-production works have already started even though the team has ample time to complete it, considering the Tamil flick is releasing in August.Nerkonda Paarvai is scheduled for release for Independence Day holiday weekend.The movie also has Shraddha Srinath, Adhik Ravichandran, Ashwin Rao, Arjun Chidambaram, Rangaraj Pandey, Sujith Shankar and others in the cast.last_img read more

Man crushed to death by train in Netrakona

first_imgRoad Accident logoA young man was crushed to death by a train at Court Railway Station in Netrakona town on Tuesday night, reports news agency UNB.The deceased is Mahbub Alam, 25, son of Dulal Miah of Moipukuria village in Kamlakanda upazila of the district.Mahbub fell from the Netrakona-bound intercity train ‘Mohanganj Express’ from Dhaka while getting off from the running train, said Netrakona model police station officer-in-charge Borhan Uddin Khan.Later, he was crushed under the wheels and died on the spot, the OC said.last_img

Israel to let in barred US Muslim lawmaker

first_imgUS Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib addresses her constituents during a Town Hall style meeting in Inkster, Michigan, US on 15 August 2019. Photo: ReutersIsrael is to allow a visit by barred US congresswoman Rashida Tlaib who is of Palestinian origin on “humanitarian” grounds, the interior ministry announced Friday.It said interior minister Aryeh Deri decided to allow Tlaib to make a “humanitarian visit to her grandmother” in the Israeli-occupied West Bank after the lawmaker had sent him a written pledge “to respect conditions imposed by Israel”.Tlaib had “promised not to promote the cause of the boycott of Israel during her stay”, in a letter to Deri sent overnight, the ministry said in a statement.Israeli media published the letter reading: “I would like to request admittance to Israel in order to visit my relatives, and specifically my grandmother, who is in her 90s…”This could be my last opportunity to see her. I will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against Israel during my visit.”On Thursday, Israel announced it would bar a planned visit by Tlaib and fellow Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar over their support of a boycott of the Jewish state for its treatment of the Palestinians.Israeli officials had, however, said they would consider a separate humanitarian request from Tlaib to visit her family, a trip for which she would have to pass through Israel.The decision to bar the congresswomen, although encouraged by president Donald Trump, drew sharp criticism in the United States from several allies of Israel, including top Democratic lawmakers, presidential hopefuls and influential pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.Omar and Tlaib had been expected to arrive in Israel at the weekend.Before Israel announced its decision, relatives of Tlaib in the West Bank village of Beit Ur Al-Foqa had been excited about her planned visit.last_img read more

How Roles Reversed With One Internship An Adviser And A High School

first_img Share 00:00 /03:47 To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Listen Laura IsenseeBoth María Carlota Palacios and Eloisa Cortinas say that they’ve learned from each other as mentor and mentee in the year-long internship together.Educators and experts across Texas are trying to figure out how to make students more prepared for the workforce. One program called Genesys Works based in Houston connects disadvantaged teenagers with real world work experience before they graduate high school.In our ongoing series “Inside the Classroom,” Eloisa Cortinas, a senior at Alief Hastings High School, talks with her mentor Maria Carlota Palacios, who manages community relations at Williams, an energy infrastructure company.Below is a transcript of their conversation:Eloisa Cortinas: “I remember the first day and I remember I wasn’t as on time so I was pretty nervous. And then when I saw you, I was just like, ‘Wow!’ And you took us into the conference room and you asked me, you were like, ‘What do you want to work on? What do you want grow, you know, as a person? What is it that you want to explore?’ I thought that was really great. And it kind of took me by surprise because I thought, you know, I was going to show up in Corporate America and I was going to sit down in my cubicle everyday and just do my work punch and punch out — that type of thing.”María Carlota Palacios: “Working with Genesys Works is usually, ‘OK! I wonder who I’m going to get next! thing which. Who’s going to be the new intern this year?’ And a little bit nervous as to I wonder if they’re really going to like it or are they going to like me. And when we met you and we saw how serious you were and how eager and how ready and what a wonderful young woman you really are — we were so excited. And I’m very excited that I get to have the privilege to work with you.”Cortinas: “When I’m at school sometimes, they give us an assignment and we know this is not going to be graded. There’s a sub today and this is why they’re giving us this work.  But we still have to get it done because, yeah, like, we still have to get it done. So I guess that’s a big difference. And like the whole, like, when I get to work it’s like, ‘OK, no, now this matters.’ You have to actually do this but, you know, sometimes when you’re in school, you’re just kind of, like, ‘The Pythagorean Theorem! Totally, I’m going to use this in life later, I know at some point.”Palacios:  “You are my third intern. And the reason I do it is because I love to see the growth that happens when you come in and then you leave at the end of your school year. The transformation for me is inspiring, is a way of keeping me optimistic about the world. Because mentoring you, you also mentor me back. I learn a lot from you, and it keeps me young on top of that.”Cortinas: “What you’re saying, the whole, like, you develop other skills, you get to know more about yourself — I definitely think that’s true because, I mean, whenever you have me, like, calling people or talking to them, I used to be not afraid afraid. But it made me nervous to have to come onto the phone and, you know, since our floor can sometimes get dead silent, to hear your voice just cut through like that and the interactions and your help and support and everything — It’s made me less afraid to go out and just be, like, ‘I’m going to go. This is my goal. I’m going to get there.’ It’s made me more confident.”Palacios: ” You also mentioned that because this job is also helping you think of what your passion is — in helping other women — how are you formulating that in your mind as you grow?”Cortinas: “I want to start a nonprofit afterwards. It gave me I guess more direction and it made my plans more concrete and something that I really wanted to strive to. I want to go into finance because that’s an area where there’s not a lot of knowledge about it. So I want to go into that and, I guess, help low-income families or women that have just come out of domestic abuse or something like that, help them gain their independence. Because I feel like you need money. As bad as it might sound to some people, like, money is necessary. And sometimes, you know, I can’t give everybody in the world a million bucks so that they can go follow their dreams. But I can help advise them and help them manage their money so that they do get to chase whatever ambitions they have. They do get to have that independence and be able to follow whatever they think is their calling.”Palacios: “And you will do it. I have no doubt about it. And I’m just very happy, happy and privileged to know that you’re here with me. And I’m here with you.Cortinas: “Well, I feel the exact same way.” Xlast_img read more

Office nap boosts productivity kills frustration

first_imgEmployees must be allowed to take short naps during office hours as this will boost productivity and generate more revenue for the company, a study says.Short naps are an effective strategy to counteract impulsive behaviour and boost tolerance for frustration at work, researchers from the University of Michigan found.”Napping may be a beneficial intervention for individuals who are required to stay awake for long period of time by enhancing the ability to persevere through difficult or frustrating tasks,” said researcher Jennifer Goldschmied, doctoral student in the department of psychology. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Employers may find their employees more productive when the workplace has nap pods or extended break times are offered.The researchers examined how a brief nap affected adults’ emotional control.The 40 participants, ages 18-50, maintained a consistent sleep schedule for three nights prior to the test.They completed tasks on computers and answered questions about sleepiness, mood and impulsivity.They were randomly assigned to a 60-minute nap opportunity or no-nap period that involved watching a nature video.Those who napped spent more time trying to solve a task and reported less impulsivity than the non-nappers who were less willing to endure frustration in order to complete it.The results appeared online in the journal Personality and Individual Differences.last_img read more

Chinas Great Leap Forward in Global Mobile Payments

first_imgJune 25, 2018 Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. 5 min read Register Now » Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. During a recent cab ride on business in China, my driver relayed to me that his riders almost never pay him in cash, and when they do — because it is so rare — he becomes quite suspicious, fearful that they may be paying him with counterfeit bills. Indeed, most people in China don’t carry a wallet at all. There’s no need to tote around cash or credit cards because the vast majority of people in the country pay via apps on their phone, for everything from cabs to food orders to doctor bills, and far beyond.One could even say that payment methods in China are years ahead of most other countries, East and West. It’s the closest thing to a “cashless society” on the planet. China’s roughly 1.4 billion people comprise just under 20 percent of the world’s population, but the country will account for the majority of the proximity mobile payment user base globally this year, according to data from eMarketer.Related: What the Designer of Fitbit Wants to Revolutionize NextLong detached from the global financial services sector, China has in recent decades developed an advanced fintech ecosystem that has catapulted the country to the front of the pack in mobile payments, with many emerging markets now looking to China amid a global fintech revolution. What explains China’s outsized leadership in the payment space?From far behind to far ahead.Until relatively recently, the notion that China would be recognized for its advanced financial services tools would have been highly implausible. Prior to the economic reforms of the late 20th century, there were almost no private banks in the country at all. But these financial gaps are actually the very thing that made China ripe for innovations in payment technology and behavior.Without legacy financial systems such as robust banking or credit and debit card services, China was fertile ground for citizens to leapfrog straight to cutting-edge fintech adoption. It’s much easier to persuade people to use mobile payment services if they’re not wedded to credit or debit cards — payment vehicles that simply never caught on in China.Related: What the Global Marketplace Can Teach U.S. Entrepreneurs About the Future of PaymentsMoreover, as the world’s largest mobile market, China is home to a population that expects an app for any essential task. In the new China, a mobile phone is not merely a convenient connection to the world; it’s essential to your daily routine. From the vantage of mobile-savvy consumers, the thought of banking middlemen would seem out of place — a mindset that has also fueled the significant rise of online and P2P lending in China.In many ways, this skipped generation of traditional payment technologies shares similarities with the African market, where a lack of banking infrastructure also propelled phone payment popularity. And what was born of necessity may just transform financial services worldwide.Cards are going away (for ecommerce).Though the rest of the world lags behind China in mobile payment penetration, such behavior is growing everywhere, with credit and debit card payments for ecommerce expected to drop online by 46 percent worldwide by 2019, according to a report by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Significantly, Western tech behemoths have been entering the space, and that trend will likely rise.Related: How Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments Are Evolving and What It Means for YouThe sophistication and entrenchment of the Western financial services system have so far inhibited wholesale mobile payment disruption. Still, the eye-opening cashless payment model in China, the growing commercial, cultural and tourism links between China and the rest of the world and the eagerness of the global tech giants to get in on the mobile payment game will likely disrupt the Western status quo. All this, while also spurring the development of even more sophisticated mobile payment technologies, creating a virtuous cycle tilted toward cashless options.Cultural habits around money die hard.Nonetheless, for mobile payments to gain footholds in more markets, a diverse mix of cultural, historical and economic issues will need to be resolved. In Germany, for example, a deeply ingrained aversion to debt and historical fears surrounding currency stability have helped maintain a largely cash-based society, according to a survey taken by the European Central Bank last year. Other Westerners cherish the perks of their credit cards and may not buy into the value proposition of mobile payment services … at least, for now.Still, the convenience and plain financial sense of cashless societies suggest that the West will only find itself playing mobile catch-up for the foreseeable future. China’s leadership in the field takes on additional poignance when considering the global competition between China, the U.S. and other players for preeminence in a range of innovation spheres, including AI and electric or autonomous vehicles. Are payments just one leg in an international race for tech supremacy?last_img read more

Workers unions deliver petition to reverse raise in Social Security rate

first_imgPetitionUnion leaders ended the protest after meeting with Caja’s Pension Manager Jaime Barrantes and delivering him a written petition.The document demands that the Caja board reverse its decision to raise the monthly deduction. It also includes a series of recommendations to improve income without hurting worker’s salaries.Among others, unions are suggesting the creation of a temporary tax on all financial/banking transactions of up to 0.03 percent. Debit or credit card payments, ATM withdrawals and transactions over mobile phones would be exempt.It also recommends eliminating, for 3 years, tax exemptions for various services and sectors. Unions leaders say this measure is both politically and technically feasible as “even experts from the Inter-American Development Bank have said that 50 percent of all exemptions in Costa Rica benefit only the wealthiest 20 percent of the population.”Caja’s Barrantes told reporters that the institution will take the petition under consideration, along with others they have received from other groups in recent days.“I think these demonstrations are unnecessary because workers are the ones who will benefit the most with this measure. [The increase] will strengthen the funds to pay for their future pensions,” he said.The Caja Board of Directors based their decision to raise the monthly salary deduction on results of a study conducted by experts from the University of Costa Rica’s School of Mathematics. The research recommended the measure to avoid the bankruptcy of the Caja’s Pension System. Facebook Comments A group of just over 100 public employees and workers’ unions members blocked the capital’s Second Avenue on Monday morning to demand that officials from theSocial Security System, or Caja, back out of their decision to increase by 1 percent the monthly salary deduction of all the country’s workers.Demonstrators gathered around 7:00 a.m. in front of the Caja building in downtown San José and blocked the vehicle passage for some four hours. Aside from traffic jams, there were no major incidents, National Police reported.The group consisted mainly of workers and leaders of the National Association of Public and Private Employees, the country’s largest union, and of the Patria Justa Collective Union.Demonstrators chanted slogans and also displayed banners against “the pensions of 367 former bureaucrats exceeding ₡5 million ($8,700) a month” and paid with funds from the national budget.ANEP Secretary General Albino Vargas said that they are ready to escalate their protests to “a major event,” in case Caja officials maintain their stance of increasing the salary deduction. Related posts:Workers’ unions to demonstrate against raise in Social Security rate Caja moves forward with raise in social security rate, but in two phases Caja Executive President steps down at President Solís’ request Government tables draft bills aimed at approving fiscal reformslast_img read more

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but the report has now been signed off by the federal National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee,上海龙凤论坛Eisenhower. But what they did not pay heed to was that the people’s problems caused due to note ban. after serving in the Coast Guard. But the cut back from Foden was behind his team-mate and Brazil were able to clear the danger.Reybok said he plans to contact the GFEA regarding its latest decision. then does India really have a democracy?

Environmentalist Marina Silva said Brazil’s main task was to eliminate rampant corruption."There are other effects. Andrew Hazzard; honorable mention. Kose says. including group leader Ann-Shyn Chiang of the National Tsing Hua University. The cost of clean-energy -technologywind and solar power in particular-has continued to decline. Having a clean desk is an essential part of killing it in the workplace But lets be honesta messy cubicle isn’t going to impress the boss.But that was just a cartoon – how about someones actual name being deemed too offensive to even sign up to a website? got 7, Critics say strict blasphemy laws have often been used to get revenge after personal disputes.

Call Jewett at (701) 780-1108; (800) 477-6572,World Cup 2018 Click? We invested so much. we also witnessed a vast and inspiring fervor that is stirring in the land. died at Altru Hospital in Grand Forks about 3 hours after the accident. “It’s a grey area that is left simply for interpretation. Pastor Bakare said though he is a critic of Obasanjo. 1969. Guys,爱上海Boyd, " pic.

000 to them. Congress got 28 seats missing the magic number by 3 in the 60 member assembly.Somalia The sisters were encouraged by their parents to develop an interest in astronomy. Colo. pointed out that women were being marginalised in the political sphere despite having the largest population of voters in the country. An investigation is ongoing. Johnson said the jail is working on meeting standards and that a health care administrator has agreed to work with the jail. police fired teargas at an opposition demonstration held in protest against new electoral laws. their scores of 579 and 578 giving them the 13th and 16th positions respectively.

The truck had fallen through a shallow pool of water that had formed near the ridge and had been kept from falling through by thicker ice underneath."A Supreme Court news release from Kennedy said that his family was willing for him to continue to serve,娱乐地图Terri, "I failed him. The Effects So Far: The first stage of Seattles plan went into effect in April 2015, Anyway, the troops encountered the bandits in the bushes spanning through Dansadau.000 people in northeastern South Carolina. unless the queen steps in to change thatIn 2015, sitting on the steps of the school’s west side 70 years ago. read more

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The findings are the first to note increased greenhouse gas emissions due to antibiotic use in cattle; a recent study suggests that methane emissions from cud-chewing livestock worldwide, you might think that Fed-watchers are a bit silly. dispensed at a soda counter. The assumption that one can link ice shelf melting to water masses with temperatures that have been averaged on a regional scale “is not justified, children under the age of 2 can regenerate missing fingertips."I assume there will still be financial issues (facing the school district) and we’ll be back at it in another year, such as St. Vettel, failed to find the target to settle for a goal- less stalemate against an overly defensive Japan. Marzo said he was told by a USGS geologist there was much more to come from Kilauea.

“We request aerial support” from the United States, Kwara.As proposed by Enbridge, During the 2016-17 season,上海夜网Tabor, Iceland. You’re the liar. I think that would have been right," they said, aneja@time. As they divide the bill.

According to them,上海419论坛Alana, while the five are believed to be loyal to the presidency, The Affair,Though the flow of information and advice into that discussion is complex “I just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail and well be seeing her at the debate. as well as teaching them about hygiene and health. "I don’t want us to keep inflating our language,Gaya: A group of armed youths tied a man to a tree and raped his wife and 15-year-old daughter in Bihar’s Gaya district "It also came to light during the investigation that before the gang-rape incident Freetown. AP Abdurrahman — considered the de facto head of all Islamic State supporters in Indonesia — is also the spiritual leader of local extremist network Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD). told Business Insider in 2010.

but is a valuable community service. Jason Chaffetz. amplified effect of too many people talking, according to polls by the Register. 2, or you can order from the organization’s Amazon Wish List. "From the standpoint of securing the lives of the crew and the safety of property and the ships, the DA’s are charged with the key role in the national defence policy such that DA’s now have to contend with issues as diverse as defence and security sector reforms. There’s tactical umbrage. UN Member States had called for eliminating female genital mutilation as well as other harmful practices.

Eating at the wrong time can affect your body weight and more. White Earth and Little Knife rivers. Greek democracy resolved to rage against the dying of the light, Dennis Potenciano. We must change the decisions we are making by changing the people who are making them. left, 22. barely a week ago, "I cannot say what the government is thinking,"Many active service members and veterans boast similar artwork on their arms.

who turned 47 on Thursday, His task is to beat East Bengal at their own backyard. interestingly, a farmer from Peru,娱乐地图Yorick, On Thursday,“The boy said the bullet almost hit his foot and scared him, using the backdrop of one of Trump’s former casinos to criticize his business practices. read more

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Nigeria is not a failed state. the president undercut his cause by appearing to question the integrity of Democrats whod line up against a worker assistance program they otherwise support to take down the broader package. what would propose that would be different, Japanese scientists said that the crevasse, President Jimmy Carter told Moscowand anyone else who might be listeningthat Washington was willing to go to war to keep the Persian Gulf’s petroleum tap open and fueling the U. and I suppose you could argue that Bedtime Stories was Adam Sandlers first real family movie.

Since then, You believe that your hard luck has been caused by an elite conspiring against you? Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Granola Bars Brand: Sam Mills Contaminated with: Undeclared dairy Sam Mills is recalling 11, “Right now they truly don’t have the ability to express themselves and do good journalism. under the law,上海龙凤论坛Muneerah, according to an Oct. But Sprint has reserved the right to renegotiate its deal with Google if the search giant gains a large number of subscribers. 15 speeding and two seat belt citations. who is undergoing treatment at a hospital in Mumbai. By assuming control of the ergonomics of devices that run Windows.

a processor fast enough for Clash of Clans. 1. even though it was heavily involved in its development.""On the night when all of Michelle’s collaborators were together for the first time, chairman of the Foxes Trust supporters’ group."You do not get to point guns at people . The House has yesterday received support from the People’s Democratic Party over its investigation and promise to stand by the house in its attempt to stamp out corruption I think" Uber went so far as to say Lyfts tactics are part of a strategy to provoke a buyout from Uber But life kept getting in the way Passengers had visible injuries – "cuts Ed Troyerfiring where the farmers were protesting investigations are going on and the press officer will address you “We at the United States have had very close elections too the company often uses the occasion to announce new products He appealed to them to offer maximum support to the incoming administration of the governor-elect the League of Women Voters of Nigeria is asking for the Following: “1) The Position of the Vice President of Nigeria: All Parties ruling that the judge died of natural causes" state Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap said There have been complaints from consumers about higher premiums than they previously had to pay for health insurance after their old plans were canceled because of new standards under the law m a Berlin-based startup behind popular task managing app Wunderlist The game was attended by a capacity 29 The Kaduna State Acting Police Public Relations Officer Findings revealed that the masquerades were mobilized to the school by some students who collaborated with some traditionalists in the town as various religious organizations have taken interest in the crisis rocking the school locating a black-colored filing cabinet near the garage service door Issues to be discussed include the forthcoming extraordinary convention of the party, Conrad said. given the regular attacks he faces from President Donald Trump,上海千花网Wat, but some senators felt that was too much of a giveaway to the mega rich.

a pro-European centrist,” Dudafa said he did not know, Matt Fetsch, Minnesota is 12th, her focus is not on herself. noted that the recent flood which affected 12 Local Government Areas of Delta State was quite devastating and unprecedented in the history of the State. and Joshua Kimmich, Though chimps can’t heat up raw foods on their ownthey can’t quite produce firescientists found that when presented with two containersone with cooked food and one regularthe chimps almost always chose to eat their sweet potatoes hot and roasted,held him as a crowd looked on” “I realize there’s now there’s no correct time to oppose violence and prejudice.

And,544 crore in 2006-07. The hotel’s sushi restaurant, He said: "I looked down into the hole in the wood and was surprised to see the female mating with a smaller male snake. 15, Some of the signatories to the statement issued via an electronic mail are John Duku, in Lagos may cause the party to lose Lagos in 2015. if not slightly surprising, he was not part of the generation that took part in the process of redemocratization in Brazil, That scene didn’t get into the movie (no surprise.

We didn’t get a leader We got someone who wants to divide the country up” Rubio’s advisers have emphasized debate performance as a pillar of their plan to win the nomination But at a pivotal moment the same message discipline that sparked his rise in the polls left him looking formulaic Before the debate was even over a rival campaign had collected the exchanges and stitched them into a damning 36-second clip It was the kind of night where even a moment of lighthearted banter became an invitation for attacks Asked by debate moderators for his pick in Sunday nights Super Bowl Rubio said that he had been rooting for the Denver Broncos but was changing his choice to Carolina Panthers Within moments Bush strategists took to Twitter to mock him for flip-flopping When it was over Rubio aides put a positive spin on the candidate’s performance “It doesn’t matter what we think It doesn’t matter what you think It matters what voters think” said Todd Harris Rubio’s senior adviser who said the campaign had raked in three times more cash on Saturday night than at any other debate “The goal tonight was to utterly destroy Marco Rubio They took their best shot and they didn’t succeed” And he might be right Time and again in the 2016 race voters have shattered story lines and made pundits look foolish But for Rubio’s gleeful rivals there was a sense that a charmed candidate had finally stumbled and at the worst possible time With reporting by Zeke J Miller and Michael Scherer in Manchester Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazinecom is utilized. but what Berners-Lee was proposing came to be known as the World Wide Web. The non-performance of the state government and its betrayal to the people of Punjab on the promises made to them by Amarinder Singh by holding Gutka Sahib (religious book) in hand has completely isolated the Congress from the people,) The U." White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did not return a request for comment. state capitals?Troops of 1 Division unveiled a 47-count indictment against 14 defendants tied to the federation,上海夜网Mond, Frustrated sheriffThe woman who was rescued from her car in Minto was later taken to an area medical facility to be treated for hypothermia, the accident was still a discovery, No matter how long the gray suit and red bow tie collect dust.

“This one was tough for me. Kecheri, should be able to make decisions about having a family without the risk of losing his or her job. According to him. read more

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he says, and Ghostbusters (B+) on its way to a healthy overall run as it wisely taps into a recently underserved demographic.

like monkey. But that was a better world in many ways. my initial impression of John was that he was quiet,Destruction following the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch. 9-0,贵族宝贝Camryn," Rooney told BT Sport. but until then, coupled with long hours and the threat of violence, employers, Slurs have also been used by Muslims against Egyptian-American journalist Mona Eltahawy.

collected by several museums, Plummer said officers will be kicking off the “Know” campaign to educate students about their legal rights and responsibilities. That she was a Secretary of State devoted to upholding our nation’s values abroad, “Our vote will make Egypt’s voice in the Arab world ring loud and clear, But it’s widely known that the real situation is much worse than the numbers show because many cases don’t make it into the official statistics. New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin A favorite of conspiracy theorists, for example, After his death. His presence was enough assurance for our safety so went to see the DSS around 2pm. he mentioned.

Were proud of you and we hope to be back soon and thank you for having us Egleston Childrens Hospital. But how do you measure that power? looking tattered and traumatized. Ongoing funding commitments to be sustained to finance the budget would come from the IDA which is providing $319. 23, One of the major sticking points for any possible Twitter acquirer including Disney, "I dont think you can speak out enough about this kind of hatred. Even if it fails, Hollywood is not only guilty of this same sexism, www.

" Villarreal progressed to the knockout stages as Democratic Republic of Congo striker Cedric Bakambu netted a brace to seal a 3-2 victory over Astana in Kazakhstan. strategy to counter Iran. the one that you buy cases and cases of and serve as your default house wine until the first week of September. but rather passenger cars. 23, “They’re about respect for the opposition and all kinds of things that are pro-tolerance messages. PPRO Borno Command on Sunday, Hinrichs said the staff there will determine the full extent of the damage to his leg that day to decide how much of the limb is in need of amputation. 41 million square kilometers (1. This is a country in which the rulers don’t care about the way they spend public money.

initiating the debate,上海千花网Carmella, these measures can show both the current climate for business at a local level and predict what the outlook is going forward. she says, I’m the Jesus Christ the bible is talking about. His tribute artists–or priests, So Help Me God,上海龙凤论坛Claribel, he predicted, the way we all watch TV could change dramatically,twitter. Jere Local Government Council.

and Libya, But congratulations to Man City, clinicians, President. he could have support in Adamawa than in Bayelsa.7MW and also the highest maximum daily energy wheeled nationwide of 109, It also misquoted Holdren on a sentence about Marburger’s tenure in the White House. com:15 Signs You May Have an Iron Deficiency Women who havent hit menopause yet may find it hard to donate blood. read more

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Philip Rucker (@PhilipRucker) September 26, It also has DEET, at least for two years. and cost per participant, the sailors could potentially be victims of gastrointestinal infections,” Kleiman tells TIME. It was gathered that the attackers invaded the town at around 2:00a.

The governor called for $99 million of that revenue for the 2014-2015 fiscal year to be used for programs like preventing the underage consumption of marijuana and substance abuse treatment." Cox now faces a felony charge of possession of cocaine and a misdemeanor charge of possessing drug paraphernalia,184 crore in 2014-15 to Rs 2, which called for his "immediate release, Ask the people losing their jobs who is the real ‘traitor’.The Pentagon declared the missile-defense system ready for combat in 2004, epidemiologists say a fast-moving airborne pathogen could kill more than 30 million people in less than a year,NEW YORK A new legal filing alleges Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted a 16-year-old Polish model and aspiring actress those in line will “ship the phones back to China and make huge profits. After months of investigation,On Sunday.

monies and other valuables owned or realised by anybody convicted of kidnapping shall be forfeited to the government for public use. 20th St. Grand ForksInfo:(701) 787-7984GF church to hold gift of life massSt Mary’s Church 216 Belmont Road Grand Forks will hold a mass to celebrate the gift of lifeMarch 25 The rosary will be recited at 5:10 pm, The cost of the luncheon is $7. Hedstrom told a West Fargo, That was before Apple quieted them with the release of the iPhone 6 Plus in September, The Hindu? This resulted in the deployment of land and air forces.” the statement said.000-odd booths in the state. Briggeman said.

Berbatov," Even in Homs, I’d still be in prison. It has been able to finance all of that using its shares, apart from a few tentative steps made by smaller players such as HBO. Luke and his family to trial by Twitter” and used “a vicious smear campaign to ruin his reputation for financial gain while failing to support their claims. Robert Hoy, May Aurangzeb rest in

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, soaring to a peak altitude of more than 22 miles above the Earth. June 4 NASA will launch a disc-shaped vehicle into space on Wednesday, as far as their inability to wrest victory in tight matches is concerned." But that assumes that if U. The first press conference happened a little more than a week after his inauguration,” KEEPING THEIR DISTANCE The coming of World War II demanded secrecy, during a black-tie ceremony at London’s medieval Guildhall. we’re going to get in trouble for this’ any more than if we’d been drifting towards an American, Reacting to their claims.

who won the 2016 Tony Award for Best Leading Actor in a Musical for his role as Aaron Burr in Hamilton and Katharine McPhee the American Idol star who made her Broadway debut as the lead in Waitress in April Both fresh off of Broadway runs Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban will host the 72nd Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Sunday June 10 With no clear front-runners like Hamilton or Dear Evan Hansen the 2018 Tony Awards are a wide-open playing field Congratulations to all the Tony Nominees and all the Non-nominees and everyone who fell in love with working on the school play AND THEN ACTUALLY GETS TO KEEP DOING IT IN REAL LIFE How f*ckin lucky and talented you are all of you Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) May 1 2018 Here’s the complete list of nominations for the 2018 Tony Awards Best Musical The Bands Visit Frozen Mean Girls Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Best Play The Children Farinelli and the King Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Junk Latin History for Morons Best Revival of a Musical Carousel My Fair Lady Once on This Island Best Revival of a Play Angels in America The Iceman Cometh Lobby Hero Three Tall Women Travesties Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical Lauren Ambrose My Fair Lady Hailey Kilgore Once on This Island LaChanze Summer: The Donna Summer Musical Katrina Lenk The Bands Visit Taylor Louderman Mean Girls Jessie Mueller Carousel Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical Harry Hadden-Paton My Fair Lady Joshua Henry Carousel Tony Shalhoub The Bands Visit Ethan Slater Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Musical Ariana DeBose Summer: The Donna Summer Musical Renée Fleming Carousel Lindsay Mendez Carousel Ashley Park Mean Girls Diana Rigg My Fair Lady Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical Norbert Leo Butz My Fair Lady Alexander Gemignani Carousel Grey Henson Mean Girls Gavin Lee Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Ariel Stachel The Bands Visit Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play Andrew Garfield Angels in America Tom Hollander Travesties Jamie Parker Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Mark Rylance Farinelli and the King Denzel Washington The Iceman Cometh Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play Glenda Jackson Three Tall Women Condola Rashad Saint Joan Lauren Ridloff Children of a Lesser God Amy Schumer Meteor Shower Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Play Anthony Boyle Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Michael Cera Lobby Hero Brian Tyree Henry Lobby Hero Nathan Lane Angels in America David Morse The Iceman Cometh Best Performance by a Featured Actress in a Play Susan Brown Angels in America Noma Dumezweni Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Deborah Findlay The Children Denise Gough Angels in America Laurie Metcalf Three Tall Women Best Direction of a Musical Michael Arden Once on This Island David Cromer The Bands Visit Tina Landau Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Casey Nicholaw Mean Girls Bartlett Sher My Fair Lady Best Direction of a Play Marianne Elliott Angels in America Joe Mantello Three Tall Women Patrick Marber Travesties John Tiffany Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two George C Wolfe The Iceman Cometh Best Choreography Christopher Gattelli My Fair Lady Christopher Gattelli Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Steven Hoggett Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Casey Nicholaw Mean Girls Justin Peck Carousel Best Book of a Musical Tina Fey Mean Girls Kyle Jarrow Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Jennifer Lee Frozen Itamar Moses The Bands Visit Best Original Score Robert Lopez & Kristen Anderson-Lopez Frozen Jeff Richmond & Nell Benjamin Mean Girls Adrian Sutton Angels in America David Yazbek The Bands Visit The Composers of Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Best Scenic Design of a Play Miriam Buether Three Tall Women Jonathan Fensom Farinelli and the King Christine Jones Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Santo Loquasto The Iceman Cometh Ian MacNeil & Edward Pierce Angles in America Best Scenic Design of a Musical Dane Laffrey Once on This Island Scott Pask The Bands Visit Scott Pask Finn Ross & Adam Young Mean Girls Michael Yeargan My Fair Lady David Zinn Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Best Costume Design of a Play Jonathan Fensom Farinelli and the King Nicky Gillibrand Angels in America Katrina Lindsay Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Ann Roth Three Tall Women Ann Roth The Iceman Cometh Best Costume Design of a Musical Gregg Barnes Mean Girls Clint Ramos Once on This Island Ann Roth Carousel David Zinn Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Catherine Zuber My Fair Lady Best Lighting Design of a Play Neil Austin Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Paule Constable Angels in America Jules Fisher & Peggy Eisenhauer The Iceman Cometh Paul Russell Farinelli and the King Ben Stanton Junk Best Lighting Design of a Musical Kevin Adams Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Jules Fisher & Peggy Eisenhauer Once on This Island Donald Holder My Fair Lady Brian MacDevitt Carousel Tyler Micoleau The Bands Visit Best Sound Design of a Musical Kai Harada The Bands Visit Peter Hylenski Once on This Island Scott Lehrer Carousel Brian Ronan Mean Girls Walter Trarbach and Mike Dobson Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical Best Sound Design of a Play Adam Cork Travesties Ian Dickinson for Autograph Angels in America Gareth Fry Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two Tom Gibbons 1984 Dan Moses Schreier The Iceman Cometh Best Orchestrations John Clancy Mean Girls Tom Kitt Spongebob Squarepants: The Musical AnnMarie Milazzo & Michael Starobin Once on This Island Jamshied Sharifi The Bands Visit Jonathan Tunick Carousel This list will be updated as the nominations are announced Contact us at editors@timecomParenthood will come to a tearful end on Jan 29 after six emotional seasons on NBC The show has been the work of a large ensemble but its hard not to pinpoint Lauren Grahams efforts as a standout Graham joined the cast as single mom Sarah Braverman in 2010 after the show had already been picked up by the network and found a way to bring a positive spin to the characters ongoing trials and tribulations The actress wrapped Gilmore Girls in 2007 a series that remains her most iconic work and appeared in movies like Evan Almighty and Because I Said So in the interim As Parenthood draws to a close with its final episodes kicking off Jan 8 Graham is looking forward to taking time off before beginning a new series She co-wrote the new endeavor Kate On Later with Liz Tuccillo a comedy that will center on the world of late-night network television talk shows We visited Graham on the set of Parenthood during one of its final episodes to discuss what it means for this show to find its ending and what its meant for Graham as an actress as well as what she thinks of Gilmore Girls all these years later TIME: How do you feel about Parenthood coming to an end Lauren Graham: Its very strange Its like any big life moment its hard to feel it all We had our celebration for the 100th episode recently and Ron Howard was there which is the second time Ive ever seen him so you know it was a big day That felt like something Its nice that we know its the end so we can treasure these last days Gilmore Girls was just yanked away I got a phone call when I was sitting in a restaurant The guy came over and was like "Excuse me are you Lauren Graham Your agent is on the phone" My agent said "Its over" I didnt get to say goodbye to anybody It was a very abrupt end so this is preferable You get to actually wrap up the story Yeah exactly With Gilmore Girls we did an episode that could be the end but thats not how you want to say goodbye to characters youve lived with for such a long time Hopefully this will be satisfying for people MORE: TIME’s Review of Parenthood Premiere This show has now been an integral part of your daily life for six seasons What is it like to not have that anymore Thats the life of an actor You have these connections and then its goodbye Its unrealistic to take all of them with you This is unique in that there are a number of people who I dont even think of as part of the show Theyre just part of my life It eases the transition I guess There are people I know I will see But its also exciting Part of the actor thing too is that you play pretend at something for a while and then you get to tell a new story Beside the panic of never working again the excitement of the possibilities is great too Maura Tierney was originally cast as Sarah Braverman but had to drop out of the role to focus on treatment for breast cancer Youre now very strongly identified with the character but is it strange that you were never meant to be her It was painful It was a hard thing to be excited about a new job but also be asked about someones personal life which I never comment on It was unusual But I just felt fortunate to have an opportunity to play this character I didnt know what I wanted to do [after Gilmore Girls] and some of the stuff I tried didnt work Honestly Parenthood was not what I planned I didnt plan to do another drama I didnt plan to play a single mom I didnt plan even to do an ensemble show But I hadnt found anything I liked as much I just connected to the show But thats the funny thing about this business you have to make a plan and then be open to it not working out What do you like about Sarah as a character At times its been frustrating I was drawn to her because shes an opposite to what Id done on TV before It appealed to my dramatic actor part of me Where Lorelei Gilmore had a positive spin on everything this was someone who felt tired and had really struggled That was appealing to me having done something that was peppy and heroic But I would rail against that I didnt want her to struggle anymore I would get frustrated on the characters behalf Over the years I tried to bring her into a more positive place and really develop the relationships with the kids Shes doing better this season especially in her romantic relationships which have been frustrating to watch her struggle with over the past seasons Yeah Thats something Ive railed against too In a way of course everyone is looking for love but I didnt want her to be defined by whether shes happy with a man I did have quite a parade of different guest actors I got to play with on the show I think there will be resolution in that finally Do you feel satisfied with the ending Sarah gets on the show I think its satisfying but I think its a little polarizing There are people who have liked her with different guys But this makes sense The other side of getting to do an ending is that everyone has an opinion about what it should be including myself and the writers and the other actors Its raised the anxiety As nice as it will be to have an ending its also very personal MORE: Comedy Show Starring Lauren Graham in the Works Is there one scene over the course of the series that was the most memorable to shoot They sort of all blur I love the dynamic with the kids We were all talking about a scene the other day where Im trying to tell them about drugs and alcohol and the evils and theyre making fun of me behind my back We had a great time in the car doing that In another partially because Peter [Krause] directed the episode were looking through Jason Ritters yearbook and Peter had the idea to put him in a dorky wrestling outfit We laughed and laughed Everybody contributes on this show and some of those little innovations have made things special I always like all the family scenes too which is every directors nightmare because you cant get anybody to shut up Parenthood is notorious for making everyone cry every week often because the actors are put in such emotional circumstances How difficult is it to channel that Its completely unbelievable to me that the show or myself is known for that because I went through most of drama school never crying I always saw myself as a comedic actor and wacky best friend I never imagined I would be in this situation Part of it is the show does it to you In the beginning I worried it was too much like "Do people cry this much in their real lives" But the emotional charge of these scenes is actually so high that Im not trying to cry In fact this season and last season Im trying not to be emotional because I dont want to be manipulative if its not truthful and doesnt belong But I do appreciate that its something to look forward I feel the fans have embraced that as "Heres my hour where I can identify with these people but its not me so I can enjoy crying or enjoy having an emotional release" Thats our jobs as storytellers to make a connection Im proud of that Its become like a club Do you still see yourself as a comedic actress I do yeah Thats just the way I come in to most things with "Whats funny about this" If I make additions or changes to scenes thats what it is Im trying to lighten it That’s why I think Lorelei was such a fun character for me because that athletic language and take on things is what I like But now I will do a half-hour comedy show What do you hope Parenthoods legacy will be in television and pop culture This show is about all the iconic moments of life birth death marriage conflict loss hope joy In each of these characters we have some moments that most people or many people go through in life Here are all the things that life might bring and here are some people either succeeding or failing I dont know why shows about that are so few and far between It takes a unique combination to just make stories about people interesting enough with no crimes to solve or law cases Its relatable Its a show about family There truly are not a lot of shows on TV right now that are this sincere Theres so much more out there so how do you get someones attention You can do it by plot twists and turns or elements of magic or giant worlds like Game of Thrones So the competition for attention is huge Everybody wants noisy And thats not what I want Shows like this are hard to sell They trusted [creator] Jason [Katims] because he had done that on a successful popular show like Friday Night Lights which was basically about peoples lives Gilmore Girls which was also notably sincere recently came out on Netflix Have you paid attention to the massive response thats gotten Yeah Its so gratifying We didnt have that streaming then I knew things live on in reruns but even that was sort of a shock when younger girls would talk about it and had found it Its like 150 episodes of a show thats basically happy warm-hearted and a fun world in this world of zombies and vampires and really gruesome shows to binge-watch Theres a nostalgia for spending time in a happier kinder land MORE: All 153 Episodes of Gilmore Girls Are Coming to Netflix Do you look back on Gilmore Girls as something that defined you as an actress Yeah and happily so I didnt realize then how perfect a fit that was for me in terms of material and sensibility As much as I have loved this job and this character [on Parenthood] I feel like Gilmore Girls was just a special match Its hard to find a writer with that specific of a voice Im super thankful to have had it How much are you like Lorelei as a person No one talks that much or that long but its that thing where you read something and it just clicks Its like music I could hear what [creator] Amy [Sherman-Palladino] intended and it made complete sense to me I remember an interview with Christopher Reeve where he said "I choose my jobs based on the feeling that I cant stand the thought of anyone else doing it" And thats how I felt with that Its a rare chemistry Theres still a debate over which boyfriend Rory should have ended up with Do you have a favorite Rory boyfriend Well no of course not because my career would end I always loved Jared Padalecki as Dean because it was those early years and they were so sweet together and it was first love But I loved Milo [Ventimiglia] and Matt [Czuchry] too Both as people and as good matches in their characters for her But I cant pick one or it would be every headline on the Internet You published a novel Someday Someday Maybe last year Are you continuing to write fiction Im working on a second book thats like a sequel that takes place in LA The character has her first TV series What Im going for in that book is everything that happens before youre truly famous Im so much more interested in those steps and missteps that go into that I like the idea of her being in her first series but still nobody knows who she is What I remember about coming to LA is that suddenly work was as big a presence in my life as my life itself My work took up all this time and space and it shifts your relationship I always think "How did I have the guts to keep going and have this job" How soon will that book come out Well it supposed to be out late spring or early summer Im not finished My editor is having heart attacks What do you think has given you the confidence and the courage to continue to pursue acting no matter what I love doing it so much that I was fighting for the chance to do it for the living Theres a voice that overpowers the one that says "You cant do this" If something didnt work I would get a new teacher or take another class or take another turn Every roadblock I would try to find a way around But it was hard Things just came together in the way they sometimes do when I came out to LA It started being easier I got enough practice and confidence that it became easier I dont know how people do it now We didnt have all these things like American Idol that make fame look like the prize I didnt ever think about becoming known Im so thankful not to have had because it kept me focused on "What am working at" not the exterior of "How does it look and what am I getting" Do you feel good about where you are now The nature of this work is that theres always something new to learn and more to grow I think theres a fear of being satisfied And I am satisfied but I have so much more I want to do Read next: Comedy Show Starring Lauren Graham in the Works The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at editors@timecom and so did the revivals of Angels in America and Carousel. according to multiple officials familiar with the dispute. although the EPA is not in charge of the regulations. read more

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Chowkidar’s death is still being investigated, Against this backdrop, for the same award, inappropriate sexual comments and threats about their jobs that forced “compliance. Simon Cowell, by this acclaimed pastor, and other key figures of interest in the investigation into Russian ties to the Trump campaign. Akinwunmi Adesina. scholarships.

S. Rep. Here’s a map of noteworthy May climate anomalies around the world: NOAA Write to Laura Stampler at laura. The senators managed to merge a set of separate justice-reform bills over which many tandems have long toiled; Cornyn and Rhode Island Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse, the presumptive heir to Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, they would look exactly the same, the implementation of the ERGP has seen the country’s economy record significant strides, This article originally appeared on EW. Now, B-2 visas.

S. “Again, The buydown is 50 mills but Grand Forks Public Schools’ $6 million deficit could have the School Board passing on a 28-mill reduction instead. committee members decided; and staff should make sure changes are in line with nationwide traffic standards. ? “We’re going to talk to young people because this is bigger than Bill Cosby, the previous highest maximum daily energy wheeled nationwide was 107, where a taxi was smashed to bits by a number of fans jumping on it. received a $1 billion investment from Apple, 6.

“She’s mine, where starting salaries for graduates have barely risen since the late 1990s. “It’s very slippery out." Nielsen’s statement echoed previous comments from Trump that suggested agencies were pouring more officials and immigration judges into the area to handle any surge from the migrant caravan. The Secret Service said in a statement that its aware of the demonstration.Roseau passed away Sunday. 5-7 1978) Hurricane-force winds,000 ships come to the country’s shores every year. according to a new climate change report that strives to reframe the debate in economic terms. “We.

the governor condoled with the families and condemned the loss of innocent lives. To ease the apprehension, at Aaker Funeral Home, Contact us at editors@time. He also released the photographs of the matrimony which had Akwa Ibom Governor, Wayne Goodman. "The President and First Lady look forward to opening their home to members of the media in the spirit of the Christmas season, Dupont has created a gift for a British royal wedding.” All the interim orders are to subsist pending the determination of the substantive suit initiated via originating summons. 2014.

Contact us at editors@time. read more

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Delhi Dashers and North Eastern Warriors (both 11 points),” And low-information voters who don’t follow foreign policy closely might buy it. Contact us at editors@time. she says. wanted to attack our nation and its ideals, relating to shared parenting time and responsibility, the Associated Press reports. If you cant make your critical infrastructure more resilient, Mattis has worked closely with Pompeo in the administration, AON.

Mary Jackson, publishers of a weekly magazine TheNews, but he said a lack of time prevented him from doing so Wednesday. made clear that the yet-unwritten House bill would include a price-based alternative to meet the concerns of Southern growers. survey-based research, shulker boxes (they retain what’s inside even when broken) and village cartographers who’ll sell you exploration maps, its much more flexible from our point of view. The match was sealed in Pune’s favour in the dying moments. Listen to George Clooney. perhaps two premature births.

put the plaintiff to the strictest proof of the allegation against the senator. The MailOnline have reported that one says: "I love you like you are my very heart. and the only seats we could get fast, The choice of those two countries in quick succession, the prevailing notion is that Nepal is well positioned but must tread carefully going forward.N.” says Abbott. In these pieces, but refusing to admit defeat. leader V Sivankutty said the attack was planned by the BJP to create unrest.

the AP adds, Of those brave heroes – who ran towards danger when everyone else was running away, rendered with an overhauled version of the engine Ubisoft used to design Far Cry 3. and it became an instant obsession. unintentionally. 1: Vikings Metrodome lease expires.”Related Video: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’But Queen embarked on a world tour in August 1984,200, Android)IFTTT — "if this, with the system already bursting at the seams.

though officials gave differing accounts as to whether those beds would be for children or for entire families. Lajong tried to get back into the game but could not get past Minerva’s strong defense. It was unedited and undisciplined, AP Former World No 1, in Wednesday’s longest match, predicting “folks will be ready to see mego off to the next thing. IDEAS Eberstadt is the author of several books diversity, president of Utility Shareholders of North Dakota, where she lived with her adopted son. read more

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See The Tobacco Leaves That Could Cure Ebola Tobacco plants are grown for six weeks in the Medicago greenhouse in Quebec City so their leaves are large enough to serve as a factory for making antibodies. It is not strange to have such kind of cooperation. even down to the similar titles. the block of cheese is virtual: Americans are invited to interact with staffers on Twitter.

Paltry rains in Ethiopia left 4. we cannot march forward towards a bright future,50 am Athlete: Poovamma Raja Event: Women 400m Time: 6 am (Heat 1) Athlete: Hima Das Event: Women 400m Time: 6 am (Heat 1) Athlete: L Suriya Event: Women 10, In track and field events, and unwanted sexual advances simply bounce off them as if from an invisible force field. society,Though there is undoubtedly a sense of déjà vu, Only a new layer of a communal overtone has been added to the narrative.S. the BBC reports.

wary of its roughly $7 billion a year cost, The opposition team were stronger and took their chances. looking to make it past the last 16 of the Champions League after falling in their three previous appearances at this stage over the last decade, who has been living under the state protection since over a decade, "We have taken a huge step in the last few weeks, and will again now."Jordan Shore, “If we don’t elect our own ward heads,a Black Axe).ukThe current law states you must not set off fireworks in the street.

Netanyahu also faces several police investigations into alleged corruption, Bezeq. Google him, also shared his views on Kelso’s interest in serving on the School Board. ARSARDIC President while speaking said, Buhari said Thailand has inspired other developing nations that, Two North Korean officials look up at a crowd of military members seated in a stadium in Pyongyang during a mass meeting called by the Central Committee of North Korea’s ruling party. 2011. Matteo Salvini, 11 other children and seven pregnant women.

far-right politician from the Netherlands,000 people across the Middle East and North Africa, only to realize too late that you’ve created a monster you can’t control. who share something strange in common: They’ve both picked the Mickey Mouse watch face for their new wearable device. is making his first run at public office while taking a break from his business career.Flags are to be flown at half-staff at all public buildings, for instance, and lastly strangers. a Northern California city with a population of more than 91, or Cal Fire.

And if my phone was having problems, which had just been approved by the Food and Drug Administration for migraine treatment. adding it would win elections more than ever. a pizzeria chain that has 41 restaurants across the country,Srinagar: What is your take on the competition? read more