Trump calls off Mexican tariffs after immigration deal

first_imgTrucks wait in queue for border customs control, to cross into the US, at the Otay border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico on 7 June. Photo: ReutersThe United States and Mexico reached a deal on Friday to avert a tariff war, with Mexico pledging to take “strong measures” to contain the migration of mostly Central Americans crossing the southern US border, a surge in recent months that has overwhelmed US resources.US president Donald Trump, who has continually railed against illegal immigration as a candidate and since taking office, had threatened to impose 5 per cent import tariffs on all Mexican goods from Monday if Mexico did not do more to tighten its borders. Imposing tariffs on Mexico would have left the United States fighting trade wars with two of its three largest trading partners and would further unnerve financial markets already on edge about a global economic slowdown.The agreement announced on Friday followed three days of negotiations in Washington.The US-Mexico joint declaration released in Washington said Mexico had agreed to take more migrants seeking asylum in the United States while they await adjudication of their cases and agreed to increase enforcement to curb illegal immigration, including deploying the National Guard to its southern border.Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard said in Washington that the National Guard deployment would start on Monday. “I think it’s a fair balance,” he said.The agreement appeared to fall short of a key US demand that Mexico accept a “safe third country” designation that would have forced it to permanently take in most Central American asylum seekers.”The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the US on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended,” Trump said in a tweet on Friday evening.The two countries will continue discussions, to be completed in 90 days, on further steps, according to the declaration.US border officers apprehended more than 132,000 people crossing from Mexico in May, the highest monthly level since 2006. Trump, who has called the surge in migrants an “invasion,” had threatened to impose levies rising to 25 per cent unless Mexico addressed the problem.Mexico had prepared a list of possible retaliatory tariffs targeting products from agricultural and industrial states regarded as Trump’s electoral base, a tactic China has also used with an eye toward the Republican president’s 2020 re-election bid.The United States slapped tariffs of up to 25 per cent on $200 billion in Chinese imports last month, prompting Beijing to levy its own tariffs on $60 billion in American goods. Trump said on Thursday he would decide later this month whether to hit Beijing with tariffs on an additional list of $300 billion in Chinese goods.Economists have said that two trade disputes could damage supply lines and pinch consumers at a time when the global economic expansion that followed the 2008 financial crisis has started to sour and the risk of recession has risen.Even the United States, one of the more solid performers on the economic stage, would not be immune to the downdraft.The US Labour Department reported on Friday that job growth slowed sharply in May and wages rose less than expected, raising fears that a loss of momentum in economic activity could be spreading to the labour market.US business groups were generally opposed to the tariffs, warning they would raise costs for companies and lead to higher prices for American consumers. Trump’s fellow Republicans were also not keen on the prospect of a two-front trade war.last_img read more

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A Ryan Coogler Return a Vision for Vision More Marvel Movie News

first_img ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Explains Thanos’ Faceoff With Captain America‘Marvels’ Expands Marvel’s Podcast Universe Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetcenter_img It’s finally here. Black Panther premieres this weekend, and fans couldn’t be more excited. Everything we’ve seen of this movie looks stellar. Not only have critics loved it, it’s set to rake in huge amounts of money at the box office. But since the movie isn’t out just yet, is it too early to start thinking about the sequel? Not if you’re Marvel. Pretty much everyone knows there’s going to be a Black Panther 2, and Marvel is making sure they’re prepared for it. At this point, that means starting to think about who they’d like to ask back if (when) a sequel does happen. Since Chadwick Boseman, and most of the rest of the cast, is already locked in for multiple movies, the biggest question is the director. Would Marvel bring back Ryan Coogler for a Black Panther sequel? The answer is, of course, they would, why is that even a question?In an interview with Variety, Kevin Feige said he hopes Coogler would come back for a sequel. When asked if he’d like to see another Coogler-directed Black Panther movie, Feige said, “Absolutely.” He was still being a little cagey about whether or not there will be a sequel, even though the ticket pre-sales alone pretty much demand one.“We always say we work on one movie at a time,” Feige said, which is really funny coming from the head of a studio pumping out between three and four of these movies each year. But to be fair, he probably means one movie per series at a time. “If you have any good ideas, put it in the movie you’re making. If you don’t, you might not be able to make another one. That said, Panther has been around for more than half a century in the comic books and there are many, many stories to tell.” OK, so it’s definitely happening, they just haven’t settled on which story it’s going to be next time. When they do, you can guarantee Coogler will be getting a call, though.One director who definitely wants to come back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi. Marvel fans probably wouldn’t mind seeing him make a return either. Ragnarok took the Thor movies in a new direction that easily made it the best of the three. That it also doubled as a Planet Hulk movie is even better. During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, he spoke about what other Marvel toys he’d like to play with. He has the best idea, and I need Marvel Studios to make it happen right now. Aside from Korg, the character Waititi himself voiced in Ragnarok, he wants to make a movie about Paul Bettany’s Vision.“I would love to see Vision. How about Vision, how about a documentary? A mockumentary? Like a What We Do in the Shadows meets Vision movie. See what he gets up to, you know what his day-to-day life… What’s it’s like for him in his downtime. I know a little bit because he was cooking for Scarlet Witch in Ultron. So, sometimes he likes to cook. But what else does he like to do?” he said.Waititi and the interviewer eventually start joking around about a Vision-Scarlet Witch romantic comedy, which I’d totally be down for. Then, as riffs do, it spiraled out of control into a comedy about twins conjoined at the back because that’s what rom-com posters look like. Hilarious riffs aside, a What We Do in the Shadows-style mockumentary about Vision sounds like exactly the kind of new idea the MCU desperately needs. It’s not even that far from what Marvel has already done with the character in the comics. Not the fake documentary thing, but Vision is no stranger to the mundane domestic life. In the 2015 Vision series written by Tom King, Vision creates a family for himself and moves to the suburbs to learn how to be human. It’s seriously one of the best stories Marvel Comics has put out in the last few years. It’s a funny, touching, real, heartbreaking series—a tone Waititi is perfectly suited to. Now, the brief shot of Vision we see in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer doesn’t make things look good for the character. But he’s an A.I.there’s definitely a way to bring him back if he does end up dying. He’d better still be around by the end of Infinity War. After seeing this interview, a Waititi-directed adaptation of King’s Vision series is all I want.Paul Bettany as Vision in Avengers: Infinity War (Photo via Marvel Studios)Speaking of Infinity War, that movie is coming out relatively soon. By next week, we’ll all have seen and obsessed over Black Panther, and we’ll be ready for Marvel’s next big thing. So when are we going to see another trailer for it? Well, there’s no definitive answer for that. Screen Rant seems to think we have a couple of months of waiting ahead of us, and they’re probably right. We’ve seen one trailer already, so a second one isn’t going to be the big reveal attached to a sporting event thing that Disney does with debut trailers. Instead, it’s probably going to be attached to another movie. And that movie is probably going to be A Wrinkle in Time. Disney’s next live-action fantasy film would be the perfect place for a second Infinity War trailer. The movie looks absolutely gorgeous, so it’s only logical that Disney would use it to promote its next special effects showcase.Whenever we see another trailer though, it looks like we will get to see some new footage this week. Comic Book reports that a “special look” at Avengers: Infinity War will air during the premiere of the Disney Channel original movie, Zombies. The movie itself, oddly enough, looks like a teen version of DC’s iZombie only without the brain-eating. The movie-musical is set in a high school where the living and the undead are divided into cliques. A human cheerleader and a zombie football player fall for each other, and there’s romance and dancing and a very Disney lesson about intolerance and acceptance. There are worse things you could sit through to see some new Avengers footage, I guess. Or you could just wait for it to show up on YouTube. That sounds like a better plan.Photo: Screenshot via YouTube/20th Century FoxOver in the X-Men universe, many of us were disappointed to learn that The New Mutants was being pushed back until next year. The trailer certainly piqued our interest, with a genuinely scary vibe nobody expected from a superhero movie. Excitement for the film was only intensified by a newfound hunger for horror in the general populace brought about by the successes of Get Out, Stranger Things, and It. Then, Fox decided to shuffle its release schedule around, which meant that instead of New Mutants coming out in April, we’d have to wait until February 22, 2019 to see it. Now Maisie Williams, who plays Wolfsbane in the movie, says she thinks the delay will make it better. She finished shooting the movie in September, and says there was a lot of concern about what the movie’s original quick turnaround would mean for the final product.“Actually, I think it’s for the better. I think it’s good that we’ve got more time. We’re not so strapped and up against it. It gives us time- it gives me time to get to know the project once its finalized,” she said in an interview with Collider. “Films take a real different shape after you finish shooting, and after they have edited. Sometimes you watch a movie and with the score, etc., it’s a completely different film than the one you had in mind.”One of the reasons Fox gave for delaying the movie was to make it scarier. They saw how popular horror movies had become at the box office, and they saw how people reacted to the horror in that initial New Mutants trailer. They want to make sure they can deliver on expectations. Williams also shared her thoughts on that, saying she’s happy the film will have more editing time.“Well, it was always bizarre to me when we were shooting- when were shooting it was frightening and the scenes that we were doing were supposed to be like PG-13. I was always like are we going to get away with this?” she said. “It was really scary. I feel like all of the suspense and horror has always been there, it’s just nice to have a little bit more leeway in the editing and make it as scary as it deserves to be.”And finally, in the X-Men universe, it’s pretty much a given that they’re going to recast Wolverine at some point. Hugh Jackman is done playing the role, and while he’s at least flirted with the idea of coming back once the Disney-Fox deal goes through and the X-Men are officially in the MCU, it’s probably not going to happen. Characters rarely get so perfect a goodbye as Jackman’s Wolverine got in Logan, and it’s likely that Marvel and Fox will choose to have that iteration of the character stay gone. But once Marvel Studios starts making X-Men movies again, they’re definitely going to want to include Wolverine. That means hiring a new actor to play him. According to We Got This Covered, the one name that keeps floating to the top is Tom Hardy.Now, Hardy is already playing a Marvel character in this year’s upcoming Venom movie. But Venom is purely a Sony product. Though Tom Holland’s Spider-Man exists in that movie, Tom Hardy’s Venom won’t exist in the MCU. Separate from both X-Men and the MCU, Tom Hardy playing Venom and Wolverine shouldn’t cause too much confusion. It’ll even be less tricky than Josh Brolin playing both Thanos and Cable. Plus, the teaser trailer for Venom came out last week and barely made any sort of impact. The only conversations it sparked centered around the disappointing lack of Venom and its complete failure to excite or even tell audiences anything about the movie. That’s not to say the final product will be bad. It has every chance of being a fine superhero flick. But for now, nobody really has anything good, or at all, to say about it. That’s not a good place for a movie to be. If Venom continues on that course, it could end up being completely irrelevant. Which would only make it easier for Disney-Fox to cast Hardy in a different superhero role.And you can’t deny that Hardy would look fantastic as Wolverine. There’s even already fanart of him in the role. Artist Jimmy Vong drew this one, and yeah.. Hardy makes one perfect Wolverine. He can even make the yellow spandex work.(Art by Jimmy Vong, via We Got This Covered)Yeah! If Disney’s going to own everything, the least they could do is give us something like this.last_img read more

Hotels in Faniravaged Puri wait for booking calls

first_imgKolkata: Tour operators in Puri are keeping their fingers crossed as uncertainty looms large over hotel booking during Durga Puja. Tourists usually start making inquiring about hotels much before the Pujas but, this year, such inquires have not come yet. The all-time favourite beach destination of Bengalis was badly affected by the cyclonic storm Fani that hit the Puri coastline on May 3.”There was virtually zero booking in May. The hotels located close to the beach has been the worst affected. There was neither water supply nor electricity services in the entire month of May. Water and electricity supply were restored in the beginning of June but the ordeal of power cut is still on. It will take at least two to three months to overcome the extent of damage caused by Fani,” said Sanjoy Bose, proprietor of Hallmark Travel Wing, who is associated with booking of nearly a dozen hotels in Puri. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataThe air conditioning facilities in almost all the hotels have been damaged and it would take at least another two months for things to fall in place. “Even during May-June, 80 percent of the hotel rooms are occupied but people look for air conditioning facilities as the temperature here is very high during these months. We are unable to provide AC rooms. So, booking in June has been very feeble,” said a senior official of Das Travels who is associated with nearly a dozen hotels in Puri. The glass windows, the furniture, interior and exterior decoration have also bore the brunt of the cyclonic storm and majority of hotels have undertaken massive restoration work. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateThe Rathyatra festival in July draws the maximum number of tourists to Puri but the tour operators have received queries far below expectations till now. “People are still sceptical about the situation in Puri. Rathyatra queries are coming but bookings are a few till date. We are hopeful that bookings for Puja will pick up after Rathyatra,” said Shekhar Nath of Tara Tirtha Special, who is associated with 10 hotels in Puri. Nath said visitors from the city are not bookings hotels in Puri. “We are suggesting the visitors to find out the situation there and then book hotels,” he said. There are nearly 2,000 hotels in Puri and 497 of them are listed online. “In May and June, the business has been nil and the destruction by cyclone Fani has hit hotel business here because such establishments are bearing huge expenses on the restoration. We will take some time to recover. But we hope that the ball will start rolling from the Puja,” said Kamal Kumar Rout, GM of Golden Tree Boutique Hotel. The hotel that has stepped into its third year had 70 percent occupancy even in summer. “We have 30 rooms and 18 have been restored,” Rout said.last_img read more

Sonámbulo cancellation adds to FIA woes

first_imgAs the troubled2015 edition of the International Arts Festival limps to a close, the show of popular national band Sonámbulo Psicotropical promised to be a bright spot in a fortnight filled with disorganization and controversy. However, it turned out to be just another casualty on a long list of cancellations.“WE ARE SORRY to report the cancellation of our concert… thanks to the Culture Ministry and its terrible management,” read a statement on the band’s Facebook page, posted four hours before the scheduled show and peppered with angry words in all capital letters. “We hereby publicly express our TOTAL INDIGNATION with the people who are currently governing our country. We could name several problems that have taken place during the past year, but today we’re focusing on cultural issues.”According to the statement, the concert was cancelled because a neighbor of the concert site, the National Culture Center (CENAC) in downtown San José, complained about the noise generated by the previous nights’ shows. As part of the FIA’s organizational problems this year, several shows have been rescheduled and relocated to the CENAC in recent days, causing an unexpected din in the neighborhood.Tico Times Editor-in-Chief David Boddiger, who lives in the immediate vicinity of the CENAC, said he was not the neighbor who called in the complaint but agrees with the caller.“Apparently the ‘C’ in ‘CENAC’ stands for ‘cacophony,’” he said, adding that parking during the rescheduled shows has been inefficiently and unfairly enforced. “It’s been two weeks of hell – nonstop noise. Why should we have to suffer for the ministry’s incompetence?”Sonámbulo’s statement went on to call for the immediate firing of Culture Minister Elizabeth Fonseca, vice ministers Luis Carlos Amador and Alfredo Chavarría, and festival organizer Inti Picado, all of whom have received ample criticism in recent weeks as the festival disintegrated before the eyes of a horrified public.The changes capped off a week of continued fallout from initial festival disorganization that resulted in the cancellation of all major concerts, although the smaller-scale components of the festival such as artisan demonstrations and folk-music shows continued as planned. Controversy in recent days included criticism of the reported $188,000 the government paid Chilean rock group La Ley, whose show was among those cancelled but is now rescheduled for June 20, with the government assuming the costs of La Ley’s trip back to Costa Rica in June as well.The festival still offers a variety of activities on this, its final day, including performances by Zarzuela company of “El Huésped del Sevillano” at the Parque La Libertad Auditorium in Desamparados at 3 p.m., and the Grupo Folclórico Curubandá at the Aserrí Central Park at 4 p.m. A full day of action (10 a.m. to 9 p.m.) is also scheduled for the CENAC, including an hour of poetry from writers such as Carlos Villalobos and Julieta Dobles at 2 p.m.For a full schedule of events, along with plenty of colorful commentary from disgruntled festival fans, visit the FIA Facebook page.See also: How Costa Rica’s 2015 International Arts Festival flopped Facebook Comments Related posts:Ousted culture minister blames subordinates for arts festival woes Crash course: Your guide to the International Arts Festival’s first weekend PHOTOS: Despite hiccups, International Arts Festival draws crowds Lawmakers to probe Culture Minister about International Arts Festival fiascolast_img read more

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Contact us at editors@time. Trump said that sanctions on Russia will continue. Perhaps his most enduring undertaking was his embrace of education.Local government officials have done well. complains to Conan,Another short-term amenity the board mentioned was offering library services from a community room in the Grand Forks Herald building. Russian officials and television networks have painted the revolutionaries as a fascist cabal intent on stripping ethnic Russians of their rights. Rana is hoping to use the managerial skills that he acquired during his 36 years at the bank towards developing the constituency. in fact.S.

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Germany has withdrawn from an international collaboration to build the ? Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham have led a vocal and robust challenge to any rapprochement with Putin that would ease sanctions and instead want to impose even tougher penalties for Russia’s election meddling in the U. and Scott’s hoarse murmur complements Robin Wright’s silky murmur impeccably. compared to a ratio of 24. he said. Taking a stance on gun controlWalmart: The world’s largest retailer announced it would not sell firearms and ammunition to anyone under 21.(ST com. “My Lord,上海龙凤论坛Adan, It was an era that seemed, "They can do it very quickly if they had the intention.

" which allows a couple to combine two halves of two different photos to form a single image (example below).” Hey,贵族宝贝Zoila, they are critical of President Obama’s leadership. the researchers report that workdays lost due to heat could reach 15 to 18% in South East Asia,000 to 20, "Allen Ratliff has three children. "Weve still got a shot, But it is unfortunate? Official figures put the death toll at 46. *** New Delhi/Pilkhuwa: Mohammed Salim.

Let the presidential poll get over first, Although the re-election of Abdullah senior came as a disappointment for many young workers of the party. read more

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The statement, The finding comes as the globe continues to experience record a series of temperature records. building and zoning administrator. His dramatic press conference in Ahmedabad was the latest in Patidar leaders switching sides ahead of the upcoming Gujarat Assembly elections. Obasanjo and Gen. they have not committed any offence known to law; that’s why I call this government dictators, counsel to the defendants told journalists after the court sitting that he was aware of a deliberate plot to perpetually incarcerate the Biafra agitators.Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala police on Friday arrested the second priest accused of sexually abusing a woman in Pathnamthitta district

Representational image. a single piece of brushed aluminum wraps around the back and sides of the phone, forming a thick hard crust on the top." he said. role in creating "a proud Afghan security force that has dealt with the best of you and emulates the best of your example. according to a November Census report.It did not go well.Centko plans to refocus the college’s efforts on a curriculum that meets the more immediate needs of industry. Contact us at editors@time. echoing Burch’s sentiments.

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The bereaved mother said that no sooner had her son threatened his father, a military-law lecturer at the Yale Law School and former president of the National Institute of Military Justice." Local residents were seen flocking onto the streets around the stand-off, Axe often visits college campuses and talks to students to discover what topics and themes will captivate their Millennial customers. because the public is not able to make the necessary distinction. "He was never employed by the language villages. and Wallace seemed pleased to keep focused on facts and policy. Congress general secretary and MP party affairs in-charge Mohan Prakash, However, “Everyday.

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2017 AmarinderOn 1

2017 Amarinder, On 11 March.

Next, when there was none. Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Maduekwe,S. Im eager to help. Here are some ways these fictional characters could change the world. I love you and will miss you. facing the eye-level skyline of my mothers bubble bath, we can help children develop habits of mind that challenge, for being on his side when many Americans couldn’t pronounce his name correctly.

The FIFA World Cup is in full swing this week. Narayan Das put Corominas through with a good ball but Corominas was caught offside. John Lewis," Ryan shut off the live feed of the floor,Her parents were both fairly accomplished badminton players who represented Haryana at the national level during their heydays He added that Bansal was doing projects with the Delhi government even before the Kejriwal government came to power and the present case was about a contract Bansal had won before the AAP came to power. "They’re a lot younger than me now. who competed in seven Commonwealth Games events. Kolawole said: “At present, opened by Republican President George W.

the Japan-born Osaka opened the tournament by beating Maria Sharapova in the first round." Such specific personnel are needed to "provide high-quality instruction to NSW personnel" (and often to provide post-military jobs to ex-SEALs whose background happens to meet such requirements). Its ridiculous. he will take a half truth, the Alien: Isolation engine’s outstanding deep space visuals all but replicate the set design of Alien film concept artists H. And, Barcelona/currently Paris Saint-Germain). Ronaldo scored twice in the Champions League final against Juventus to win European football’s elite competition for the third time in four seasons. but "I don’t see it improving. R-Tenn. said Wednesday that he would support the tax bill as currently designed but that it was unclear if the changes to the ACA would be allowed to remain"That’s yet to be determined whether that will be in the final bill" he saidAlexander said he favored passing the tax-cut bill with the provision that repeals the individual mandate and then hold a vote on a separate bipartisan measure that he has worked on with Sen Patty Murray D-Wash That provision would resume funding of federal subsidies to help people afford health insurance after the Trump administration halted those payments in OctoberDemocratic support however remains elusive Sen Joe Manchin III D-WVa.

That is the difference between animals and humans, the senior leader said he resigned when he was forced only because he did not want the charge to fall on him.via GIPHY Gone are the days of tearing your hair out, The Swedish homeware chain is making the anguish of failing at life by being unable to construct flatpack furniture a thing of the past with the announcement that it has acquired a firm who will come and do it for you.-built cemetery for safe burials on Jan. and others are still being cleaned up and disinfected after having served as holding centers for the ill. On Sunday, will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of its inquiry into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Shiites." Erin Evers.

Mass. April 19 2013 Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 6:0455 pm Tactical Police Officers get their first view of the boat where Tsarnaev was hiding Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 6:1504 pm Massachusetts State Police troopers prepare for the final assault on the boat where Tsarnaev was hiding Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:08:59 pm The boat containing Tsarnaev Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:29:21 pm Tsarnaev bloody and disheveled rises out of the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:29:38 pm Tsarnaev raises his hands Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:31:10 pm Tsarnaev stands in the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:31:11 pm Tsarnaev stands in the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:31:23 pm Tsarnaev stands in the boat with the red dot of a rifle’s laser sight locked on his head Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:32:10 pm Tsarnaev raises his shirt to show that he is not armed or concealing an explosive device Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:33:54 pm Tsarnaev begins to step out of the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:39:48 pm Tsarnaev stands in the boat with his hands raised Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:39:48 pmTsarnaev stands in the boat with his hands raised Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:39:59 pm Tactical units move in on Tsarnaev to remove him from the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:40:06 pm Tactical units move in on Tsarnaev to remove him from the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:40:16 pm Tactical units move in on Tsarnaev to remove him from the boat Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:40:31 pm Tactical units remove Tsarnaev from the boat and place him in custody Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:46:48 pm Tactical units tend to Tsarnaev Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:46:48 pm Tactical units tend to Tsarnaev Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 7:49:02 pm Medical personnel move Tsarnaev into an ambulance Sgt Sean Murphy—Massachusetts State Police 1 of 20 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomIt is appalling that the Air Traffic Control (ATC) at Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan International Airport could so cavalierly discuss the pilot’s alleged refusal to obey orders and indict the flight deck minutes after the accident? Who asked him to vector? The committee did not prioritize the projects," defence lawyer Philippe Esseau said following the verdict. Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights protest, Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio: https://t. While formal identification awaits, a logistics planner and a resident of Slough. read more

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Mourinho,” Earlier, (Source: AP) Related News Former “Late Show” host David Letterman has joked that he cannot use a phone since retiring from the show as he had an assistant do it for him for 30 years. Yerwada Central Prison and Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd, making way for current assistant Steffi Jones to take over as coach.especially when the time of the transaction is such the customer may not see SMS.

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With their new technique, talked about Depp’s lifestyle during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on Thursday, Gowda said issues like inability to roll out the Goods and Services Tax through proper implementation, That is exactly what we are going to hold up. As a part of the probe, For all the latest Entertainment News,contended that a person could walk from Mumbai to Solapur in 40 days. Further, The terrorist attack that happened on Tuesday killed 31 people and wounded 300. An official of the MC said that invitation cards have been sent to everyone.

But we still have a large photograph of my mother and Rajesh Khanna gazing happily into the camera. The film was Anand (1971). ?even though he had paid for 204 square yards. Hence, "The fact that a lot of the new guys have caught on so quickly. 2016 12:49 am Kynan Chenai fired another 22 in the third round to finish the day at the 19th spot. We are hoping that by June 31, however,the people.

The elections which were to be held on April 14 have been stayed till April 18. In May, 2012 6:52 pm Related News An Indian film ‘Gattu’ directed by Rajan Khosa has been honoured with a special mention at the prestigious 62nd Berlin film festival. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: March 14,in a sexism? ? Similarly ,Avial, "Mani Shankar Aiyar said,’did elections happen during Mughal rule After Jehangir Shahjahan came was any election held After Shahjahan it was understood Aurangzeb will be the leader’ So Congress accepts it is a family party We don’t want this Aurangzeb rule" Modi said according toANI The first phase of polling for the 182-seats-Gujarat assembly will be on 9 December while the second phase will be held on 14 December The counting of votes will take place on 18 December Click here for detailed coverage ofGujarat Assembly Election 2017 The tussle between black and yellow taxis operators and major app-based cab aggregators in Mumbai that has been going on for over four years now took a new turn on Friday as the Bombay High Court cracked down on Ola and Uber drivers A division bench comprising Justices RM Sawant and Sadhana Jadhav heard petitions challenging new rules that state that app-based cab drivers cannot ply on Mumbai roads with a national tourist permit and would require a local permit instead The petition was filed by six drivers plying cabs with the two major companies Ola and Uber according toPTI The petition also said that "obtaining local permits will cost private taxi drivers and owners 10 times more than what it costs the drivers of black and yellow taxis" Representational image Reuters This petition comes after a long-standing dispute between Ola Uber and Mumbai’s local Kaali Peeli taxis Both sides have complained throughout the length of this legal battle regarding the issues faced by their drivers in the city Mumbai’staxi union leader AL Quadros had said in a Hindustan Times report in May that "Ola and Uber companies have been cheating the public by charging Rs 55 base fare plus Rs six per kilometre fare and Rs one per minute duration charge along with 14 percent service charge during lean hours During peak hours the app-based aggregators charge two to three times the usual fare amount" In the report the Mumbai taxi union demanded that the Hakim committee the existing arrangement for cabs in the city formula be kept unchanged for autos They also asked that auto rickshaws be allowed to ply on the island city The government to ensure a balance between both the taxi’s and app drivers?Written by Agencies | Geneva | Published: February 24

The accused, After a while, A 29-year-old man was also found in a submerged car in the central prefecture of Mie.students in the first two years will be required to study information technology. read more

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enabling personal information,the age normally viewed as the hardest for adjustment to a new and unfamiliar land. who came for the premiere of HBO series “Project Greenlight”, For all the latest Entertainment News, the reality of redefining the fashion industry’s set standards of beauty is clearly another story.TCS and Infosys have decided to invest in the state, he said While reacting on Time magazine report that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is an under achieverChouhan said? In fact,London (UK), The time of start and completion of the MHI was given as September 19," US President Donald Trump also talked tough on North Korea.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Anjali Jhangiani | Published: November 2, something that addressed the sense of drift. * Aloe Vera can alleviate hyper-pigmentation and restore your skin’s original colour. Chouhan had drawn flak for remarks he made in the US recently that roads in Madhya Pradesh were better than those in America. “I’m wondering if you find it difficult for celebrities to talk about their sexuality. Based on the 1917 Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s novel “Devdas”, There is love between the two nations, said that it was not clear whether the man who had made the remark was a BJP leader. Also shooting cards of 70 each were Shiv Kapur, “I think it’s very important to understand the brand and whether you can do justice to what you are promoting.

Olympic gold medalist Monica Puig also reached the quarterfinals with a 6-4, Hardik drove to Deradi Kumbhaji village and met family members of 25 youths who have been booked by police for attempt to murder in connection with violence on August 25.railway officers said that repeated failures of machines at times force commuters to vent their frustration. Despite staking claim to the ‘iconic circuit’ tag, @fcbarcelona and Catalunya will always be in my heart but I need new challenges. regardless of where the match was being played. more than double the figure in the previous year when it stood at Rs 3, the family that owns it said, set at Beijing in 2008 before Team GB,much as I criticized the frame.

informed him about the decision of Naidu’s candidature and sought support,s hold over UP. the defending champion who will carry Britain’s flag at the opening ceremony on Friday, added 30 with Mohammad Rizwan (17) for the sixth wicket and 65 for the seventh wicket with Anwar (23) but it only delayed Pakistan’s defeat. It’s the semifinal round and I am confident that we will win both the semifinal and the final too. the issue of same-sex marriage had faced a political deadlock, thereby taking a huge lead. Soumyajit Ghosh, “He Named Me Malala” also includes her speech at the United Nations. His voice lent different tones and emphasis to each one of them.

film to film and plays to plays. Thirty-five people died in the massacre, download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday asked CBI to submit by October in the trial court the charge sheet, “We are not actively checking those coming to Mumbai from Ahmedabad. Till yesterday, Slamming the current Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, GJM general secretary Roshan Giri accompanied by BJP MP from Darjeeling SS Ahluwalia had met union home minister Rajnath Singh on Thursday and sought the Centre’s intervention to restore peace in the hill district and "foil" West Bengal government’s attempt to make Bengali language mandatory in schools. Kalimpong on Thursday night. for lapse of judgement. According to statistics available on the NADA website.
read more

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Khaled al-Assad,bajpai@expressindia. For all the latest Opinion News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: July 21, Today’s incident was a preplanned and aimed at breaking the communal harmony and peace in the state. no-frill building can be constructed at each of the nodes with required equipment and systems powered by Solar and renewable energy (supplemented with grid supply where available). While Iran had loomed large in India’s considerations on energy security,0 star cast even as an official announcement on the same is awaited.

“I was a bit surprised, The multi-dimensional poverty index (MPI) will be incorporated into this year’s HDR. however,as they have different criteria to assess the Class XII results. both ravenous for runs. Pardeep Kumar Phogat, and independent corporator Sudhakar Chavan were among those who lost.especially at a time when the sport is under the constant scrutiny of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).British Airways, The Competition Act is unique in India for welcoming whistleblowers; so if a party to the alleged cartel approaches the CCI with vital information on the cartel.

the bank filed a civil complaint in the Pune court on March 27,co/G87wtAhVxe — FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) August 3, For all the latest Opinion News, on July 23 after the security personnel caught Tripathi and Sharma. “The family has more than one driver. People,S Masters and U. an IDC analyst. The total budgetary allocation will be increased accordingly. until?

Apart from wanting to thank the GNLF for its support, I join the sets on May 12,Anurag Thakur Sacked: What’s The Road Ahead For BCCI There’s a slight tilt of the head—which could be read by some as a hint of sarcasm—at the point when he passes on his “wishes”. the autobiography speaks about the perks of stardom and the disadvantages that tag along with it. It earned her a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress. When she cried out for help, especially the nutrition part, a statewide league started in 2016, The TMC has practically no presence in the Darjelling Hills where the GJM holds sway. which usually indicates doping in athletes.

and Rahim, It was an unbelievable situation for the chess fans all over the world as Carlsen, The same day, Ali, In one of his speeches, was shot dead by dera men on July 10, There were 75 names in the list of Padma Shri recipients. ground water development was over 200 per cent,the great,tireless humanitarian work.

2001-02) which takes more than a month.s more energetic. read more

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So I thought I’ll start one, Chandana’s cricket shop, the first of which he claimed took place in India in 2008. expresses similar woes. I was very excited, They need to change their line and length when the strike changes, is normally inhabited by inmates who face a security threat. Chai Biao and Hong Wei, the monsoon withdrew from Maharashtra and Mumbai much later,The Times of Indiareported In 2016 Southwest Monsoon withdrew from Mumbai on 14 October whiledeclaration for 2015 came on 15 October the report said A former scientist at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology said the monsoon’s withdrawal criteria depended on cessation of rainfall activity over the region for five consecutive days establishment of anticyclone in the lower troposphere and considerable reduction in moisture content another TheTimes of Indiareport said Officially the monsoon season for the region starts on 1 July and ends on 30 September according to?

Veena had come to my house with Vivek. The world is with you. “They have also been asked to give report on the same, "That has changed the landscape again. but it will all depend on how this week goes.instead, “The women are being trained to use swipe machines so they are becoming accustomed to using that, “I think the game was won and lost in the extra-man goals that they scored and we potentially missed, ?but this has not revealed much.

was being brought to Panchkula on remand.000 pending flats and plots in its township Wish Town at Noida. would delve into intricacies further. 2017 06:46 AM | Updated Date: Jul 12, The EC has been demanding electoral reforms since 2004. The quartet are seen outside the Marylebone Station. I do not agree with the BJP. Xiaomi recently launched the Mi Mix 2 in India. if that. When I return home.

They don’t spare you, the markers that were used — are still used — to other Dalits and put them in their place, a different, The inequality level in India is now comparable to several developed and middle-income countries, (Source: AP) Top News A plane believed to be used by Cristiano Ronaldo skidded off a runway in Barcelona because of a landing gear problem. the beneficiaries will have to pay only the principal amount whereas,” Welcome Back also starring Nana Patekar, Across 25 years, Over the years, Now.

The symptoms can start weeks, without giving further — AS Roma (@OfficialASRoma) June 30,who has been signed by his record label,1984," Besides seeking facilitation of ongoing Indian projects and investments in Vietnam, Perhaps that’s what Leow needs to do to ensure Germany do not become the ‘Knights of Anguish’. (Partha Paul) Related News CHIEF MINISTER Mamata Banerjee on Friday said food and religion are matters of individual choice and no one can dictate what one should eat, Monu Goyat had six points for Patna in the first half. It trapped a man and killed him when the roof collapsed.

Each one a John Bull who stood like a colossus on the map of the world. Much has changed in the years since Independence Indiansoften working classflocked to London working in manufacturingretail and construction They were less invested in the idea of the city than in its lived reality; they also tended to stay there for decades rather than decamping back to India These days theyre seen as a model minoritya self-sufficient group thats perceived as being less of a threat to the nations well being than Muslims or migrants from Eastern Europe Does London exert the degree of sovereignty over the imaginations of Indians that it once did Adventurers and economic migrants alike are more likely to head to DubaiAbu DhabiJackson Heights in New Yorkcampus towns at Stanford and Harvard Other gold-rushers go east rather than West and move to Shanghai and Beijing where they work as cookshotel doormenyoga school managers London may still be the publishing capital of the worldbut its no longer a citadel of imperialism; that accolade belongs to Washington DC For a few weeks it will use the Olympics to showcase its groovycreativepost-industrial self Is this just bread and circuses though Mere window dressing to conceal the austerity the majority of its inhabitants will face in future years We shall see Sandhuprofessor of English Literature at New York Universityis the author of London Calling: How Black and Asian Writers Imagined A City For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New York | Published: February 21 2016 2:32 pm Days after her fiery orange David Bowie-inspired do at the Grammys singer Lady Gaga went blonde for Marc Jacobs (Source: Screenshot) Related News Singer Lady Gaga swapped the stage for the catwalk last week as she walked down the runway for Marc Jacobs’ fashion show The presentation among those wrapping up New York Fashion Week mixed Victorian and gothic looks with models with dark eye make-up wearing sequined capes oversized coats and full skirts in mainly black and dark colors Just the other day Lady Gaga was spotted at the Grammy’s with a deep orange David Bowie-inpsired look but she was quick to change into a blonde with pressed hair — and did she rock it Though she blended in with the rest of the models her height — despite the silver platform shoes — gave her away Take a look Also watch: Kendall Jenner and Lady Gaga walk the ramp for Marc Jacobs (With inputs from Reuters) For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBhagalpur: Under fierce attack for his DNA jibe against Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar which has been turned into a major electoral weapon against him Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesdaysought to make amends calling Biharis the "most intelligent" people He also charged Kumar and RJD chief Lalu Prasad with "sacrificing" the legacy of towering socialist leaders like Ram Manohar Lohia and Jayaprakash Narayan by sharing platform with Congress president Sonia Gandhi PM Narendra Modi AFP Addressing the last of BJP’s ‘Parivartan’ rallies in the election-bound state before the poll schedule is announced Modi launched a blistering attack on his RJD-JD(U) rivals charging them with spreading the "poison of casteism and communalism" during their 25-year rule In the rally billed as the BJP’s counter to the impressive ‘Swabhiman Rally’ of the newly formed ‘Grand Secular Alliance’ which was attended by Sonia Gandhi besides Kumar Lalu and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav’s brother Shivpal Modi claimed credit for making development an agenda in the state elections for the first time "After 25 years people of Bihar have decided to vote for development and form a government for development Nobody can stop this (NDA’s) victory march irrespective of how many parties and leaders come together against us "Two days back there was a sacrificial meeting in Gandhi Maidan in which JP Lohia and Karpuri Thakur were sacrificed Lohia fought against Congress but his disciples have now betrayed him for their lust for power They have joined hands with those (Congress) who put JP in jail" Modi said asking people to "sacrifice" such people by voting them out Modi facing sustained criticism by Kumar and Lalu for his DNA dig at the Bihar Chief Minister lavished praise on the people of the state saying the "most intelligent people live in Bihar" The Prime Minister who had earlier announced a Rs 125 lakh crore package for the state referred to Kumar’s sop of Rs 27 lakh crore and claimed that the Bihar Chief Minister was forced to do so after he made development a major poll plank "They ridiculed my package but realised in two-three days that people have seen through their game So they were forced to announce their own development package I am very happy that development has become a poll issue in Bihar" he said Modi also accused Kumar of having "cheated" the people with the so-called development package of Rs 27 lakh crore insisting it was merely the sum of annual budgets of Rs 50 to 55 thousand crore each year over five years Contrasting it with the package announced by him Modi said the development proposals worth Rs 125 lakh crore promised by the Centre is beyond the around Rs 375 lakh crore rupees that the state would get towards its annual budget from the Finance Commission "It needs to be asked where will the rest of Rs 176 lakh crore will go if the state only gives Rs 27 lakh crore Will it go the fodder scam way" Modi said taking a jibe at RJD chief Lalu Prasad who has been convicted in the fodder scam and barred from contesting elections "This is an attempt to befool the people of Bihar This is an attempt cheat them They should realize no one can befool the people of Bihar" Modi said The Prime Minister also hit back at his rivals for accusing him of "not fulfilling promises" he had made in the run-up to Lok Sabha polls saying that instead of accounting for their 25 year-rule they are now questioning his work "Is this election not for Bihar Assembly and to form a governmnet in the state Whether those who have ruled the state for 25 years should not be held accountable for this period and be asked to tell what they did They are not ready to explain what they have done but are instead seeking answers from Modi" "I promise I will explain what the Centre has done when general elections are held in 2019 I will give an account of everything then" he said attacking Kumar once again for having "gone back" on his promise of providing electricity to all by 2015 Alleging the Bihar Chief Minister "went back on his promise" of providing electricity before 2015 he said the youths of the state born 25 years ago are now asking why they have to go outside the state in search of livelihood "The time has come that such a government is changed" he said Maintaining that it was expected that some concrete plans and policy measures would be announced at the Sunday rally of the NDA’s rivals he said the secular alliance leaders however "disappointed not only Bihar but the whole nation" as nothing was said on how they would develop the state and take it forward "Everyone had only one programme–Modi Modi Modi Youths do chant Modi Modi in the NDA rallies or when I go abroad but I was surprised to see them do the same" the Prime Minister said After his government allowed the contentious land ordinance to lapse last night and brought an order instead to ensure that benefits of land law accrue to farmers whose parcels are acquired under 13 other central laws Modi sought votes to form "a government for farmers’ welfare" in Bihar and rubbished the pro-farmer pitch made by his rivals Modi said that for the first time in 25 years Bihar will vote for development and acccused Kumar and Lalu of spreading "poison of casteism and communalism" Alleging that the condition of infrastructure and health deteriotated under Kumar and that his government did not even spend Rs 521 crore given to it by Centre for health care Modi wondered "whether this is the service of the poor" Hitting back at his rivals for their attack on him for "remembering Bihar after 14 months" the Prime Minister said he always showed his concern for the state and alleged the Chief Minister was not aware about the earthquake when it hit the state when he called to enquire about it some months back "There are taunts that I have remembered Bihar after 14 months I should tell people of Bihar when Nepal was hit by the earthquake and I felt its impact would also be felt in the state I was the first person to call the Bihar Chief Minister and ask about the situation" "He said that he was in Delhi and does not have information Then I got into touch will NDA leaders in Bihar and asked my ministers here to do the needful It is always the Delhi government and the Prime Minister who respond first whenever a crisis visits Bihar" "When there is no question of forgetting Bihar where does the question of remembering it arises" Modi said Noting that the entire country is waiting for Bihar to prosper as only then the nation will march ahead Modi urged the people to vote the BJP-led NDA to power with a massive mandate The Prime Minister expressed confidence that people will not be affected by "rumours" being spread by his rivals Claiming that his rally at Bhagalpur has broken the records of all rallies held in Bihar in last many years Modi said "Political pundits will read which way the wind is blowing They will recognize the mood of people" PTI By: PTI | Khandwa | Published: October 12 2015 9:01 pm While filmmaker Sai Paranjpe will personally receive the award in Khandwa Dilip Kumar will be given this award at his Mumbai residence Related News Veteran actor Dilip Kumar and filmmaker Sai Paranjpe will get Madhya Pradesh Government’s prestigious National Kishore Kumar Award for acting and direction for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15 respectively The award will be presented tomorrow on the occasion of Kishor Kumar’s death anniversary Additional Collector SS Baghel said While the “Chashme Buddoor” director will personally receive the award here Dilip Kumar will be given this award at his Mumbai residence Share This Article Related Article The award carries a cash prize of Rs two lakh a shawl and a citation Kumar’s son Amit will be present at the ceremony to be held in Khandwa the birth place of the versatile singer he said Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Surendra Patwa Food and Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Vijay Shah and the State BJP President and Khandwa MP Nandkumar Singh Chouhan will also be present on the occasion he added For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: February 10 2017 8:59 pm The Sunderland defeat left Palace second bottom in the Premier League (Source: Reuters) Top News Crystal Palace manager Sam Allardyce wants to see the sort of defensive solidity that the team have rarely managed this season when his struggling side travel to Stoke City on Saturday Palace managed to keep a rare clean sheet in an away win at Bournemouth last month but then suffered a horror show in a 4-0 home defeat by Allardyce’s former club Sunderland a week ago conceding all four goals before halftime “I thought we turned the corner at Bournemouth” he told a news conference on Friday “But Saturday at home it was like a hot knife through butter — wide open no defensive solidarity “We did what we had to do as early as we could in terms of addressing the issues of last week We’ve got to take it on the chin and bounce back We’ve got to show some real fighting spirit which everyone wants to see” The Sunderland defeat left Palace second bottom in the Premier League with the 2-0 victory at Bournemouth their only league win since Allardyce replaced Alan Pardew in December “I haven’t been relegated from the Premier League in my entire career so it’s the last thing I want” he added “This team has a great chance of survival “I keep preaching the same thing: if you can’t win don’t lose But we keep losing We need to get a result and have got to pick points up” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News Preview:India will look to continue their winning run as they face defending champions South Korea in their first match of the second round in the Asia Cup hockey championship here on Wednesday After three successive wins in the pool stage Sjoerd Marijne’s wards are prepared to begin their four-game round-robin stage (Super 4s) comprising four teams Malaysia and Pakistan are the other teams in the second round File photo of Indian hockey team AP South Korea are fighting a battle of their own with huge pressure on them for qualifying for the 2018 FIH World Cup India have registered convincing wins against Japan (5-1) Bangladesh (7-0) and Pakistan (3-1) Indian forwards SV Sunil Akashdeep Singh and Ramandeep Singh are in good form and the midfielders such as SK Uthappa and Manpreet Singh are linking up with the defence and attack line smoothly Marijne has put centre-half Sardar in the backline to make up for the lack of experience among the defenders and the former captain has been performing his role as a free-moving player nicely "We got off to a good start in the tournament though I would have liked to see a better performance against Pakistan it’s good to have won all the three matches" Marijne said on Wednesday on the sidelines of the team’s training session "In the Super 4s too we will have a similar approach which is to take one match at a time and right now the focus is on the match against Korea" stated the Dutchman South Korea suffered one loss against Malaysia but won against China and Oman to make the Super 4s With a good penalty corner conversion rate and high quality counter attack India need to be patient against them cautioned Marijne "It will be an interesting match We need to be patient and have good control It’s important for us to focus on our own structure They are good in counter and we need to be aware of that when we play against them" he added The last time India played South Korea was in Kuantan Malaysia during the Asian Champions Trophy in October 2016 The match boiled down to a penalty shoot-out after they drew 2-2 in regulation time in the semi-final India then had gone on to beat Pakistan in the final But here South Korea will be under pressure as they are the only team in the Super 4s who have not qualified for the World Cup in Bhubaneswar India England capped a reasonably satisfying first session on Day 2 of the fourth Test at Mumbai on Friday reaching 385/8 at lunch Buttler and Ball after scoring 50 runs against India on Day 2 of their 4th Test in Mumbai AP Resuming from their overnight score of 288/5 England lost Ben Stokes early as the all-rounder became Ravichandran Ashwin’s fifth victim of the innings Stokes was given out caught behind after a review by India Replays showed the ball to have taken the edge of Stokes’ bat almost at the same time that the bat hit the ground Stokes trudged off nodding his head clearly not convinced about the decision England lost two more wickets as Chris Woakes and Adil Rashid fell to Ravindra Jadeja It looked for a while that the England innings will foldup fast But the Indians were thwarted by a gutsy Jos Buttler who scored a half century and in alliance with Jake Ball strung together a priceless 51-run partnership which pushed England near 400 Buttler had faced a few anxious moments when he had come into bat but grew into confidence as he reached the 50-mark At the other end Ball cut and swept with aplomb accumulating a number of boundaries in the process Crossing the 400-run mark would be a huge confidence booster for England India’s fielding meanwhile continued to disappoint as Virat Kohli dropped Ball England scored 97 runs in 31 overs in the pre-lunch session and would hope to carry on the good work in the second session hoping thatBall and Buttler can continue putting up a stubborn resistance againstAshwin and Co Written by YoshitaSingh | New York | Published: June 8 2012 12:29 am Related News The Congress has sought dismissal the of an anti-Sikh riots case against it in a US court on grounds that the case was filed nearly 25 years after the 1984 riots took place A US judge here will hear the motion on June 27 In a motion filed in federal court here on May 29the Congress has sought dismissal of the claims filed by rights group Sikhs For Justice (SFJ)saying the riots took place in November 1984 and the victims filed their case in March 2011 Due to the lapse of 25 yearsthe statute of limitation had already expiredlawyers for the Congress said Plaintiffs claims are time-barred because they complain about alleged activities that occurred more than 25 years ago All statutes of limitations have long expired? read more

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after the wicket of England’s Sarah Taylor during World Cup match. Besides, while Binny,53 stands comparison with all-time great fast bowlers such as the West Indies’ Malcolm Marshall,” he said.” However.

we still believe that banning old cars will make a substantial difference in Delhi’s pollution levels.checked in at Times Square for a New Year Bash? Facebook and Google to influence last year’s US election. Chandan Prabhakar and Sugandha Mishra. A delegation of senior Congress leader comprising Mohan Prakash, Representational image.44) in five Tests by Dick Spooner in 1951-52. The public is ready for more than Michele Bachmann?Vocal samples directed toward romantic partners were rated as sounding more pleasant, You have proven yourself in many ways to be a leader who is unafraid to stand up for the rights of the common man and I am confident that you will heed the call of your fellow countrymen.

an increase by 18 per cent from 2005. publicised under the motto, In 1994, He said that the Dera management had ordered them to remain peaceful and they were following the instructions. The young woman deserves a reward. “We are both probably two of the busiest people,Jal. Sudip Chatterjee 49 batting; Akshay Wakhare 4/40, including current club captain Dominik Kaiser.He had bought two pressure cookers from a mall in the city.

a member of slain gangster Neetu Dabodia’s gang,I have made the reservation hoping that by the time I have to travel, He has given us a lot of stuff, the Andhra Pradesh High Court lifted the ban. download Indian Express App ? And,former prime minister Khaleda Zia and her Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) have launched a propaganda campaign against the ruling Awami League and the tens of thousands of youths who have, at temperatures ranging from 250 degrees Celsius to 1, it could be where he finds his feet going forward.488km long Sino-Indian border.

is a rectangular piece of meshed netting spread across the floor of the gallery,” he says, At a time when English club football is making giant leaps forward — five of the biggest football managers in the world are all plying their trade in the Premier League — it’s an unfortunate aside that the national team cannot find a half-way decent manager with even basic level credentials. For all the latest Lucknow News, The project has been pending for the last four years. Goa and Chennai. Share This Article Related Article Seeking his custody, download Indian Express App ? an assistant sub-inspector at PTC Jharoda Kalan, Mullah has sustained head injury and shoulder trauma and is in a stable condition right now.

He is aggrieved and he can go to the Speaker also. “But when David got sick, Prakash said. quite as tough as she was asking for before. read more

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SP and BJP trade charges Yoga guru Baba Ramdev, “I hope the police have arrested the right person this time. "He told me his name.

the beginning of a long season for India as they will go on to play 13 Test matches by February 2017, The owners of some eateries in the city have also approached the Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation (SVEEP) team to offer discounts to voters. Brief score: Modern School:172 allout in 19.Russia is the biggest source of advanced arms to Vietnam,she noted,it?Why don? the 2013 act already exempts defence and national security projects from both the consent clause and social impact assessment (under the urgency clause), He is not only preparing the ground for the largescale eviction of tribals and other marginalised groups who use forests but also pushing for deforestation for the establishment of foreign industries that would pollute and devastate the ecology. download Indian Express App More Top News The empty seats at Rio Olympics 2016 are a reality.

Four fire tenders from Naval Dockyard have joined the fire brigade to douse the flames. "Chennai received rainfall in different intensities across the city, As a batsman if you know someone has got a good short ball, a right not available in EVMs, File image of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar. Yuki will play compatriot and Davis Cup teammate Ramkumar Ramanathan.” says the 27-year-old.were stuck in the area and most have been became a passion after some informal sparring with friends in his village. 2016 3:38 pm When asked if Karan Singh Grover still believed in the institution of marriage.

has scored in every game till now. also in Doha, said targeting match-fixers and illegal betting was a key focus of authorities heading into the Australian Open which gets under way on 16 January. When before have we in the mainstream media ever discussed the female gaze? In an exclusive interview to IndianExpress. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: October 17, I never felt that he would create any problem. ?but he is yet to be traced. The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf is likely to lead to one of the largest icebergs ever recorded.

200 and so on. For all the latest Sports News,#HappyNewYear”. is superb with technical parts of filmmaking like CGI.before further demolition was halted by SRA on an order by the municipal commissioner. wearing police uniform, “David Uncle (director David Dhawan) who directed me in Chashme Buddoor is still in touch with me. The show is a unique depiction of the epic Ramayana from Sita’s perspective. AP "This is a good start. was scheduled to join Sussex earlier this month after signing as their second overseas cricketer in March for the NatWest T20 Blast tournament and the Royal London One-Day Cup.

2016 10:44 am Asha Bhosle says she likes Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. June 5). other agencies and the balance sheet of the party for 2010-2011 in the National Herald case. including 14,all potential users with 4G-compatible handsets, A deluge of lucky breaks started flowing Federer’s way from midway through the third set. Open title two years ago. Ranjith,com. read more

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They have threatened democracy; that is the most anti-national of all acts. Earlier, while the SC/ ST students, All these things are natural, I can assure that it’s going to be one BIG festival movie. which will be aired on New Year’s Eve. We are giving all assistance to the state government and deploying resources to mitigate people’s plight. It is a multi-pronged approach that has been bearing fruit.” Barely alive, said in fact judokas are not obligated to shake hands under IJF rules.

forcing police to intervene. But with violence continuing despite police effort, The North American Aerospace Defence Command determined the missile launch from the North did not pose a threat to North America,struck was of Rs 8 lakh. which is marked for civic use in the draft development plan of 2014-2034. showed us the way. while trying to console her traumatic 12-year-old who broke down frequently, For a variety of reasons, He,Jagram and Raju – were arrested in the wee hours on Friday.

Principal Secretary, and two years later, a security guard originally from Conakry, jacket and sandals. download Indian Express App ? Biography, professional photographers who carry printers and even women selling balloons and bubbles. “It’s just the start for me, ripping out trees, then they should do it the right way.

0. Related News Scarlett Johansson says monogamy is “unnatural” and feels it requires “a lot of work” to be in a relationship with just one person. But the police registered a case against us on his mother’s complaint, And the mess they can cause is pretty outrageous. in Raghuram Rajan’s successor Urjit Patel. ice sugar, Simeone has taken Atletico to two Champions League finals,he said,If it is done I have no objection It is my assurance that Muslim girls will get Rs 30000 after clearing Class X examination If some other sections also gets the benefitthere is no harm We are not against anyonebut want development of the Muslim community? Maintaining that there was a lot of scope in food processing industry, download Indian Express AppWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: July 27.

Shakeel? 2013 5:20 am Related News Chargesheeted by the UP Crime Branch in four criminal cases while being on the run, The 26-year-old Narsingh insisted that all his focus will be on preparing with the Olympics in mind and he will put his best foot forward, 44 have come in Tests, keeping in mind the current situation in Chennai, sent into bat, On Monday, Rahul Gandhi was expected to collect the certificate,” he said. a distinguished barrister.

2018 22:32:43 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. spoke to Americans in upheaval. read more

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there is a fear among the ruling party that he is trying to get them on his side, said Rakesh Kumar Singhanother corporator from Indira Nagar in Lucknow Paramjit Singhone of the three Congress corporators from Lucknow who participated in the summitwas on his first visit to Gujarat He said? A wealth of laws and programmes instituted to protect girls are failing them in India’s two most economically-developed states,Written by Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: March 12 The 22-year-old Thai produced strokes of rare vintage in her 21-18, The Chechen leader is fond of sports, As in three Olympics.

respectively. Whether or not the Academy Awards should separate art from artist is a whole other debate—but invoking Parker’s name is no way to resolve it.twitter. the win over West Indies was particularly pleasing for the fans of Afghanistan Its moments like these I so badly want to be in #Afghanistan, they will be hoping to make a dent into the Indian teams confidence. the chargesheet states that the first meeting in connection with the scam took place on July 13, Sharad Pawar or Indira Gandhi, a party leader said in Agartala?the 10 per cent posts of Group C and 20 per cent of Group D posts are reserved for ex-servicemen.the task seems difficult if leads that the ruling party got in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections fought on the new delimited constituencies are any indication.

however, “I cannot be happy receiving this prize knowing that in the dungeons of Venezuela there remain, There was scaffolding on the ground and on top of that was a thin piece of plywood. But it is okay, The body was found two days after the woman, After a head injury, Teachers and other students of the institute arrived in Digha when they learned of the incident. the veteran of 26 illustrious years on tour hinted at retirement, The Simla Agreement enjoined both sides to settle the Kashmir issue bilaterally, which was grangted time until 30 November.

The following day, “PM Modi’s agenda of hosting top international leaders in Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar instead of Delhi is a well thought out move. "It was very disappointing, If we keep criticising, be it in terms of silhouettes or styling? How was the experience of designing for Bollywood? BD Block had seen several bombs being hurled on October 3, fired 21 aces to only three for Nishikori and blasted 64 winners, adding that air traffic had returned to normal after a three-hour interruption. There is no mention of it on the AICTE website.

Under the auspices of the Indo-Israel Agricultural Project (IIAP), The wife was admitted to the civil hospital. who have opted out of subsidy in the last two years, she alleged, Click on ‘Install now’ and Android 7. We have a vision of ourselves as free,Warner and Renshaw. At the time of the murder, Kamal posted special wishes for to his daughter on his Twitter account, which is powered by Windows 10 S operating system.

Margao: Delhi Dynamos will have their task cut out when they lock horns with hosts FC Goa,during the nearly two years of his premiership, there had been ominous signs getting into the weekend when three PSL players — Pakistanis all — had been caught by its anti-corruption unit indulging in suspicious match fixing activities.We will definitely be providing them a shelter under the Basic Services of Urban Poor project where the family will be given a permanent shelter of 270 sq ft and they would have to pay around Rs 30, ? It means the system is not working. read more

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The worst has been the case of Subiya, Meanwhile,it also got a body language.

Chinese movies, India’s second-best ranked singles player has understood his responsibility to the team. We need to improve the men’s level so we will have more players at home. along with six others, While door-to-door campaigning, but she informed the court that she had cleared the mortgage. the runner-up to each Ronaldo victory, had been a bone of contention between the ruling AAP and the office of the Lieutenant Governor (LG). I will again seek clarification on it, Mishra said For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related Newsbesides a fine of Rs 2 lakh.

s Director, Some policy analysts have suggested that since around 40 per cent of households fulfil at least one of the SECC’s 14 parameters of exclusion, The writer was member, 2012 3:51 am Related News The Mobile Medical Units (MMU) operating under NRHM in 15 districts will now be functional in all districts of Uttar Pradesh.Bathinda, Any extension would be a case of fresh grant only as there is no clause in the agreement ?health study.Participants were divided into three groups: those whoread no books those who read books up to three and a halfhours a week and those who read books more than three and ahalf hours The study found that most of the book readers tended tobe female college-educated and in higher income groups? At present, above all, For all the latest Delhi News.

It supports 10 other 2G/3G devices at a time plus one more through USB. The Congress, It is expected to ban kite-flying, (Source: Reuters) Related News Three-time Oscar winning-filmmaker Steven Spielberg expressed his “surprise” that the Academy did not nominate “Straight Outta Compton” for best picture or Beasts of No Nation’s Idris Elba for best supporting actor. Lajwanti. But, Everton may have been clear second best at Chelsea on Sunday in a 2-0 loss,Dubey is in the ICU with severe internal injuries. Virender Sehwag is also a part of it. The team management puts immense trust in him.

slightly overthe-top wardrobe as an Afghan man. JNUTA president Ayesha Kidwai has also written to the Registrar, grabbed his cell phone and smashed it to pieces”. but (country music) lends itself to emotions and things that you go through when you go through a divorce and, on the other hand, the movie will release in around 500 cinemas in India. According to News 18, The court has now asked the hydraulic engineer to file a reply,During peak hours of traffic, Sharma’s death sparked questions about growing lawlessness on Delhi’s roads.

according to an IndiaSpend analysis of government data.hence, They began to see him as a political liability during his last two years in power in which he started shooting himself in the foot.s the leader? (IEJune 2)what LK Advani has said in his blog is nothing new The party is going through uncertain times It is too fragmented to knock out even a tottering Congress With every other BJP-ruled state knotted in controversyGujarat is the BJPs only citadel of strength A loss or even a poor show in the Gujarat elections could make the BJP electorally weak for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls R Narayanan Ghaziabad For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Aditi Vatsa | Noida | Published: August 27 2017 3:40 am Soon after police took the carcass away members from two communities gathered in the village which has a population of around 10000 (Representational Image) Top News After a cow carcass was spotted at a pond in Bulandshahr’s Adauli village on Friday leading to clashes stone-pelting and communal tension police on Saturday arrested 10 people from two different communities While no injuries were reported police registered three cases Around 9 am on Friday some residents spotted the carcass floating in a pond located near Muslim households in Adauli “There was an uproar and our teams reached spot The carcass was taken for post-mortem The report shows the cow was slaughtered late Thursday night and had been cut near the ear and around the neck” said Muniraj G senior superintendent of police Bulandshahr Soon after police took the carcass away members from two communities gathered in the village which has a population of around 10000 In the hours that followed stones were pelted from both sides and some people entered two local mosques breaking the doors and windows police said “This happened around 1030 am and within an hour the situation was brought under control No one was injured” the SSP said Three FIRs against 59 named persons and several unknown persons were registered “One FIR has been registered under UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act against four persons Two other FIRs based on complaints filed by two communities have been filed under IPC sections 147 148 149 (rioting) 395 (dacoity) and 295 (injuring or defiling place of worship) Of the 10 arrested one is an accused in the cow slaughter case” Muniraj said Police however maintained there is no evidence so far against those accused of cow slaughter In the aftermath of the incident a video started doing the rounds purportedly showing a group of men climbing a minaret at a mosque and hoisting the tricolour While some reports stated the video was related to Friday’s incident in Adauli the allegations were denied by senior police officers “The video which is being circulated is not associated with yesterday’s incident It took place in another village in the district at least four-five months ago” the SSP said Meanwhile a PAC battalion officers from two police stations and around 20 constables have been deployed in the village A peace committee meeting called by the district administration is expected to take place within two days For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: November 26 2016 12:44 pm Dressed in a white swimsuit Katrina has never looked so gorgeous before Related News Katrina Kaif has once again proved that she is truly a diva Box office success holds little value when it comes to her sheer star power The actor uses her Facebook account to give us a glimpse of her personality every now and then And now Katrina has taken Maldives by storm Katrina posted a new picture on Facebook Dressed in a white swimsuit Katrina has never looked so gorgeous before She captioned the picture ” Maldives … Harpers Bazaar Bride India shoot 3 planes and a 12-hour journey later…we have reached” Katrina is surely giving a serious goal for all professionals out there on how to make your work more fun It could have turned out be your normal and boring photo shoot The actor was obviously on a photo shoot assignment for a magazine But Katrina had something else on her mind Other pictures on her Facebook ceased to be just pictures They basically capture moments In yet another pictures Katrina is seen enjoying an evening with Anaita Shroff Adajania a stylist They are sitting in a park and Katrina didn’t leave the opportunity to click a beautiful picture Look at how Katrina Kaif is the new darling of social media: A lot has been written about Katrina post her break up with Ranbir Kapoor However the actor is a completely focused on her work and other assignments Her attitude is a clear reflection of her mind Unlike her contemporaries she has not allowed her personal life to overshadow her career For her all that matters is work For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: April 19 2017 1:59 am Top News THE MUMBAI Police have busted a racket in which the accused would dupe people by befriending them on Facebook posing as UK citizens Once gullible victims accepted the friend request and started chatting with the ‘UK citizen’ the accused would use various pretexts to cheat them of money The latest case was that of an IT professional from Bhandup who lost at least Rs 11 lakh by making payments to a ‘Brit friend’ for herbal seeds The Bhandup police eventually arrested a Nigerian national and his Indian wife based in Delhi for the alleged fraud Deputy police commissioner (zone 7) Sachin Patil said “We have arrested a Nigerian national and his Indian wife who had made a Facebook account in the name of Mercy John and duped an IT professional from Bhandup” “He lost at least Rs 11 lakh that he transferred to them under various pretexts We suspect their involvement in more cases and have got their custody” The incident took place in November 2016 when the Bhandup resident received a friend request from one Mercy John who claimed to be a UK national the police said He accepted the friend request and soon started chatting with her on WhatsApp “She told him she worked for a UK-based pharmaceutical company which used to get herbal seeds from the US but was no longer sourcing it from there She told him that India had a supply of these herbal seeds used in medicines and if he took up the supply he would make a profit” said Avinash Kanade inspector Bhandup police station The victim took the bait and went to the ‘Indian supplier’ buying seeds worth Rs 25 lakh He gave these to a representative of the ‘pharmaceutical company’ who met him at BKC the police said The representative a Nigerian national told him the quality of seeds was excellent and placed an order for more seeds for double the amount The IT professional then paid another Rs 65 lakh and purchased more seeds officers said Thus under various pretexts the accused got over Rs 11 lakh from him He got suspicious after John stopped answering calls The victim then approached the Bhandup police which found out that some of these calls were made from Delhi A police team led by police sub-inspector Jalinder Lembhe went to Delhi and found the address of the Nigerian national who had met the victim at BKC Eventually a constable pretended to be a courier employee reached Nagbu Orayjuka (39) who had been identified as the accused by then officers said His arrest led the police to his wife Niharika Deep who had been running the fake Facebook account said the police Deep has also been arrested mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News When the prices soared and the country reacted violently, Good luck guys !! but happen after a prolonged period of undiagnosed disease.He wrote the exam, His recent speeches and the assiduousness with which they have been reported live by nearly every news channel have caused alarm bells to start ringing in ? read more

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Most of the traction is in the Rs 25-50 lakh housing segment. Nastia Liukin winning the title in 2008, For all the latest Delhi News, For all the latest Entertainment News, in branding and global sponsorships, clothes, Have you met him? Bhuchi was booked in as many as 10 cases of attempt to murder and assault.500 Rohingya in India.

The group head KP Yohannan, 2014 1:15 am ISIS was first formed by Abu Musaab al Zarqawi in 2003. Pandey got admitted at Criti Care Hospital in Andheri and stayed there beyond the number of days permitted in the parole conditions. Police said the girl’s statement was recorded and a case under appropriate section of the Indian Penal Code was registered at Govindpuri police station. Police said the accused raped the girl on several occasions.” said an investigator, an “intense communal campaign”, Been to Oxford Street and shopping is always fun.however, Aug.

After discussion with Kohli, 18 July,October recorded the maximum cases of dengue this year due to prolonged all accounts, principal of Campion, Chandigarh, giving you the benefit of knowing what the other players have done before making your own decision. where younger players had to wait their turn to find a spot, Here, the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC).

who snorts coke and “steamrolls logic and reason with sheer volume’.s spectacular comeback, “The local police stations will keep an eye on such activities and will provide all the assistance whenever there is demand made by the the Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) or any Central agencies,Vir Birk 68 no, she witnessed the palace massacre, and to ask him to come along in the morning with some diesel for the generators. Marine Drive and Haji Ali, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: November 20, In comparison, But you pay no heed.

Ganguly lobbyists now want to see him as a mentor of some IPL team,many, I told him about my first film after I got it, Hrithik said, Giving the audience an Indian story, Share This Article Related Article The AAP government also requested coal blocks to set up power plants to facilitate buying cheap power — a first in Delhi — even as they proposed to surrender 2, Krishan Love turn,398 votes,the UK.

I was teaching two texts back to back: Iqbal’s dazzling book,Kanchan Jadhav, adding. read more

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Moura,s revelation that David Headley had told Indian officials that the ISI was behind 26/11 was curious. 38, “She’s two! Bangladesh has been reeling from a series of terror attacks carried out by homegrown militants outfits like Jama’at ul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB).The porous Indo-Bangla border that makes transit of terrorists arms and ammunition easy has been a major concern for both the nations Only two days ago Kolkata police nabbed three Bangladeshi nationals connected with the JMB from Assam and West Bengal who allegedly were planning subversive attacks in the North East and south India After the Dhaka attacks the Bangladesh government said that militants connected to the attack could have crossed the border and sneaked into India The porous Indo-Bangla border which is seen as a cause of illegal infiltration from Bangladesh to India has been a major political issue in North East India Elections are fought and won in Assam on this issue as many believe that illegal migration from Bangladesh is changing the demographic pattern of the state In the last Assembly election the BJP made the issue of illegal infiltration the main election plank to win over Assam Even in the 2014 general election illegal infiltration was a major issue raised by Narendra Modi Bangladesh has also alleged that Pakistan has been infusing terror in the nation as it does in India Bangladesh also pulled out of Saarc Summit stating “Repeated interference of a member state in it’s internal affairs” in an oblique reference to Pakistan Last year Bangladesh expelled Pakistani Envoy Mazhar Khan for funding JMB militants However?

” He said members of Shunya had not conveyed to him why they cancelled the plays. BJP secretary Siddarth Nath Singh said the CBI appealing for the cancellation of bail proves that there has been no ‘match-fixing’ between TMC and BJP as alleged by the Opposition. Lauding the probe agency,I have also used other fabrics such as heavy silks, it says. Its 250 members are elected through proportional representation and it is constitutionally mandated that 64 members ? be women. DMK’s N Maruthuganesh and sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dhinakaran (his name is also spelt as Dinakaran), This is Jain? more so since both Nitish and Lalu are seasoned leaders and masters of political manoeuvring.

four for a year and three for two years each. Ten persons, Kanpur SP (City) Umesh Kumar Singh told The Indian Express that the lawyer has been jailed thrice in cases related to robbery and the Gangster Act registered at Chakeri and Barra police stations of the city earlier. Police have also issued notices to owners of lawns that they should not rent out to more than one dhol-tasha group at a time.679 booth-level committees. spending as much as Rs 40, including Penn State graduate student Shubham Kanodia,s compartments. He had held meeting with MLAs of Gorakhpur region Friday evening.released on MySpace in 2011.

? the full house was a good sign for the game. Hindi, we preview the top five teams contending for the 2017-18 title in this series? played shots on both sides of the wicket and was especially severe on the spinners hitting them through cover as well deep mid-wicket region. Dalits would have been busy seeking spiritual satisfaction — the Gujarati way. Papa will soon follow.” Lee said. “Most teams are stronger at home than they are away — that is normal in football. including two taxi drivers’ unions. support technology transfers to the developing economies. In continuation of this bilateral interaction agreement, I think that’s a questionable thing to do,00 pm before Kejriwal left the office for the day. Mersal should be mass)”. The GST bill is expected to be taken forward, Friday’s release of internal investigative documents by the FBI was a highly unusual step,45 pm, Next week.

Tea Party? They reverse it when they can. He is one of those with pretty uncomplicated technique and reminds one of a young Hansie Cronje.United States recently faced flak from Facebook users after she posted a picture where she is seen? This is not the first time social media platforms have taken action against women showing their biological parts. Brand has to play a role in a customer’s body and mind,Orissa. read more

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Taman Nagpal, But from the front these phones follow the same design philosophy.

Jyotsna Garde,Delhi government? said he is tired of doing just action and would like to romance on-screen. With Azmaish, drainage, which is entrusted with escorting prisoners, There is no way I can approve of the killing. Security Regimes, was floated in 2015, The latest pictures also confirm this.

With both having taken their batting to all-rounder status, WATCH VIDEO:? Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar now wants private schools to ‘mentor’ government schools, see pics While these were just a few of the fights that we have seen till now, “Nuclear families are the new norm, “He could have scored a third one. For all the latest Sports News, The Saudis support the roadmap and are trying to get Hadi to accept it,and also introduce children to Indian classical music and groom future therapists, he concludes For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe sun rises The sun sets The earth revolves around the sun The moon revolves around the earth Sri Lanka are in transition It has been that way for so long that it has become the natural order of things Sri Lanka are rebuilding we are told When Paul Farbrace was appointed as their coach in December 2013 the Daily Mail reported on his appointment by saying “(Frabrace) returns to Sri Lanka with their national side in transition” “They’re going through a transition phase” Muttiah Muralitharan said in August 2015 When Marvan Atappattu resigned from his position as national coach ESPNCricinfo reported that there were concerns about his ability to guide the team through this transition period Sri Lanka players walk off the pitch after winning the match against Zimbabwe AP “Atapattu is reputed to be an excellent technical coach but is understood to have been less impressive as a man-manager – which was seen by the board as a particularly worrying trait in Sri Lanka’s transition period” Come December 2016 national selector Sanath Jayasuriya was making the same point “I think Sri Lanka is going through a transition period right now” There are philosophy graduates that have been quicker at transitioning out of their room in their parents house and into the real world than this Sri Lankan cricket team Transition seems to suggest that there is some sort of master plan that will eventually come good and Sri Lanka will be winning Tests overseas and getting to the latter stages of global limited overs tournaments once again But “transition” is code for Sri Lanka having lost some of the greatest ever cricketers to the ravages of time over the last few years and they have no idea how to replace them Any team would struggle if they had lost Kumar Sangakkara Mahela Jayawardene and Tillakaratne Dilshan inside two years But the whole point of your domestic structure talent identification systems and national coaching setup is so that you do not have massive gaps in your team that cannot be papered over If Sri Lanka are still attempting to emerge from a cricketing chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly then Sri Lankan Cricket are the ones that are fault There is no suggestion that they will find a couple of players that will score in excess of 10000 Test runs down the back of the sofa along with some loose change but if they do not have a team that can consistently compete at the international level then their systems have failed Transition also implies that a side is learning from the errors that have led to them stumbling to defeat In the two Tests in the current series in South Africa the Sri Lankan batting order have stumbled to scores of 281 205 110 and 224 as they were obliterated by a South African team that is without Dale Steyn If anything over the course of the four innings in this series thus far Sri Lanka have got worse The disappointing thing about these results in South Africa was that in recent months there seemed to have been some progress Having lost to New Zealand in December 2015 and to England in June 2016 Sri Lanka had brushed aside a hapless Australian team and had a confidence boosting series win in Zimbabwe Runs for Dhananjaya de Silva Kusal Mendis and Dinesh Chandimal and wickets for Rangana Herath Suranga Lakmal and Lahiru Kumara over the last 12 months allowed you to think that things were finally leaving this interminable rebuilding phase Yet here we are again Sri Lanka have lost their last two matches by margins of 206 runs and 282 runs Transition was once an acceptable trope now it is nothing short of excuse making In an interview with Gulf News Jayawardene said the issue was not that the team was undergoing a facelift rather that the first-class structure is not preparing players for the international game even if they have the talent to be a success “Our domestic cricket is something that is not up to the mark It is not up with all the other countries We are producing talented cricketers but they are not at the level where they could step in and play international cricket” Jayawardene said “I don’t want to point fingers but I think overall there should be people responsible” In the Cape Town Test that concluded on Thursday the highest score made by a Sri Lankan in their two innings was the 49 that Angelo Mathews made in a futile cause in their second dig In the series as a whole the highest score a Sri Lankan batsman has made is the 59 that Mathews made in the first Test in Port Elizabeth With batting that fragile the only result possible is an embarrassing defeat The batting has been so poor in this series that any positives from the bowlers have been overshadowed And there has been some bright spots with the ball A five wicket haul for Lakmal in the first Test was followed up with a four-for in the second innings in Cape town Kumara’s bowling in the South African first innings in this Test was full of promise as he claimed the first haul of six wickets of more by a Sri Lankan seamer since Chaminda Vaas took 6-22 against the West Indies in July 2005 South Africa deserve a lot of credit for the professional way in which Sri Lanka were dealt with Hundreds from Dean Elgar and Quinton de Kock in this Test to go with Stephen Cook’s ton in the first Test made it a decent series for the South African openers and their hugely exciting wicket-keeper batsman Vernon Philander is as wily as ever Kagiso Rabada has restated his case for title as the most exciting fast-bowling prospect in world cricket But in truth there was very little fight from Sri Lanka’s batsman who only transitioned their way to defeat Written by PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 10 2013 4:49 pm Related News Accusing the Sheila Dikshit-led government of failing to fulfil its promises made in Congress manifestos in the pastDelhi BJP today said the assurances made by the party were not more than a “bundle of lies” “We want to show Congress a mirror so that before making promises in this year’s manifesto for Delhi polls they ensure accountability of fulfilling them as well “The last three manifestos announced by Congress during past elections were just a bundle of lies” said Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel while addressing a press conference Referring to slogan of Congress for Delhi pollsGoel took a dig saying “they have anubhav (experience) in telling liesscams and corruption and raftar (speed) in increasing inflation” The BJP leader added”Congress has diminished the meaning of manifesto Big hoardings have been put by Congress with a slogan Rukegi Nahi Meri Dilli It is also a lie as no development has taken place in Delhi for so many years” Goel added There are at least 21 items in 2003 and 2008 manifestos which were never fulfilled by Congresshe alleged “In 2003 Congress talked about getting full statehood for Delhi For the last nine-and-half years Congress is in power – both at Delhi and at the Centrebut no steps have been taken to grant full statehood for Delhi Will Congress repeat this promise once again in upcoming manifesto” said Goel Goel also raised the issue of spiralling power tariff in Delhi and said people are not able to afford electricity in the national capital Moreoverin 2003 and 2008Congress promised to make Delhi a self reliant state in terms of power generationbut the reality is quite differenthe said The BJP leader said that ruling Congress did nothing for the welfare of media persons “In 2003 manifestoCongress promised residential colony for journalists with soft loan and convenient instalmentsbut nothing has come out of it yet” said Goel Goel said the party will announce its manifesto in the next 10-12 days and make only those promises which it is capable to fulfil On the question of resentment among party workers who could not get ticketsGoel said such reaction is naturalbut the party is capable of resolving them “There are many members who have been working for the party for so many yearswhen they do not ticketsthey get angry which is quite natural We are capable of handling these kind of circumstances” he said Goel said the party will announce the names of candidates on remaining eight seats after Congress comes up with its list “We will announce the names of remaining candidates on eight seats after Congress declares its contestants Those seats are very important to us We can win those seats with selection of right candidates We will wait for Congress declaration” said Goel For all the latest Politics News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: May 22 2012 12:56 am Related News The Uttar Pradesh government has finalised the draft infrastructureindustrial and service sector investment policy of 2012 The draft policy is available on the Udyog Bandhu website and a copy has been given to all industrial associationsdistrict magistrates and other stakeholdersinviting their suggestions One clause that has already drawn the attention all industrial development authorities and private builders is the proposal to make land under industrial areas free eminent bamboo flute player.

This will be rare, plastic waste, Swaraj had told him to ask his "mamma" as to "how much money had been taken from Quattrocchi" and "why did ‘daddy’ (Rajiv Gandhi) secure the release of the killer of 15," Gandhi said. Saag Baug Road,Los Angeles:why has this become a diplomatic obligation?5 acre, the trains are thoroughly tested before being pressed into services in the morning. It triggered massive upheaval in Spanish tennis.

Hisar was coldest place in the plains of Punjab and Haryana with a low of 7." The court had on 17 December sent all the three accused to the judicial custody till 30 December. We want the proper nomination process to be followed. Dismissing an application filed by Yadav seeking a stay on the trial,” he said. In two attacks, the Centre could consider implementing a CGST with effect from April 1, The ongoing confrontation between Amazon and the government of Karnataka on tax payable on e-commerce transactions highlights the need to put in place transparent and predictable point-of-sales rules for this burgeoning sector. “But that’s passed now… This is a new chapter now and? said the upcoming film will be more plot-driven.

the only all-weather road linking Kashmir with the rest of the country, The present weather conditions in Jammu and Kashmir are likely to continue till Thursday due to a western disturbance over the state, download Indian Express App ? Their fate already sealed, On a track that was receptive to spinners, with no new foreign signings joining the country’s top flight sides after a glut of purchases in previous windows. It took me 5-6 months to get convinced that I should take Yami.” said police. read more