Kvarner family concept as a signpost in which direction family accommodation should be developed

first_imgWhat is happening with private accommodation in 2019 – is an issue that is constantly highlighted in the media and social networks these days. “This means that all our efforts and tasks have succeeded. We encouraged and pointed out to our landlords the importance of increasing the quality of accommodation, and thus increase the quality of the overall offer of Kvarner. Because quality accommodation requires quality offer and facilities in the destination ”  points out the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Irena Peršić Živadinov “From all this, it can be concluded that there have been large disparities between quality and price in the field. Therefore, we need to pursue a quality pricing policy to achieve guest arrivals at last year’s level. What was our goal, is to attract better quality guests, but this can only be done by investing in the offer and not by unjustified price increases without new investments. With today’s online booking tools, guests can easily compare the quality of the offer and the price, and bypass what they think does not offer “value for money”Concludes Peršić Živadinov. The following figures show that such initiatives are welcome but also well accepted among Kvarner landlords: “Most of all, we are pleased with the fact that we managed to increase the occupancy and attendance of the region outside the main season. Total overnight stays in the pre-season in all types of accommodation have increased by as much as 63% over the last 8 years! While this increase in overnight stays in family accommodation is much higher than the average, and amounts to a high 193%,”Says the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board and adds that all indicators said that the progress of the tourism business is possible only with raising the quality. We simply have a surplus of supply and less demand. The market has done its thing, and of course the quality in every segment always stands out. The initiative, which was preceded by a series of professional lectures aimed at landlords through the Kvarner Family project, first yielded great interest, and later very active involvement in this process. The renters used the credit potential of HRK 5 million over 3 years, from building a swimming pool, through additional landscaping, purchasing new devices or adapting their facilities to obtain additional labels such as Pet, Bike or Hike Friendly, said Peršić Živadinov, Director of the Kvarner Tourist Board and adds that for tangible results it was necessary to wait a year or two, and get feedback from the field. In addition, it should be emphasized that the higher the number of stars, the better it is possible to get a better price, which in the end brings renters and higher earnings. Landlords in Kvarner have recognized that investments in quality pay off and that the results are long-term and more than useful. And they see this best on days of occupancy, ie on their account, which is much thicker than other renters who did not go through the quality improvement. Although the whole thing around private accommodation is much more complex, ultimately the market happened. After years of expansion, we have reached a point where supply is greater than demand. There is no room for panic, all this was planned in accordance with global tourist trends this year, but few renters followed and heeded all warnings all these years. “Although here we primarily look at raising the quality of family accommodation, I must point out that we have started the same thing in the field of gastronomy, outdoor activities, cultural heritage, health tourism, etc. Thanks to everything, we see that increasing the quality of accommodation and offer was generally one of the most important prerequisites for achieving more nights and arrival, and this is an indicator of how the direction is right for us ” emphasizes Peršić-Živadinov. It is not disputed that we need to raise quality accommodation and offers, but mostly destinations, encourage family accommodation and hosts, not real estate business, and it is also not disputed that we need more hotels, especially small family and boutiq hotels. But everyone forgets that the motive for coming is not accommodation, but a tourist destination. Of course, again, this is not just about accommodation, but about the destination. For example, with Pet friendly accommodation, the destination has a veterinary station, “Pet Friendly” agency, dog grooming salon, “Dog Friendly” restaurant and cafe, beaches, etc.… because the motive for arrival is not accommodation, but a tourist destination. Kvarner family concept as a signpost in which direction family accommodation should be developed Great motive for someone to join the Kvarner family quality label. And to that you just need to add even more motives, from free professional photography of accommodation, education, free branded towels for guests, special promotion, fairs… the more market motives the better. Namely, the results of the analysis in Kvarner indicate one positive trend: The higher the number of stars in the accommodation, the higher and longer its occupancy. Thus, family accommodation is an advantage and a positive story in Kvarner. An example of how it develops and how family accommodation should be developed throughout Croatia. Participation in major world tourism fairs not only contributes to better visibility and promotion of the destination, but also places where tourism professionals have the opportunity, thanks to a series of lectures but also meetings with partners and other tourism professionals from around the world, learn and gain knowledge and experience about new trends and future tourist expectations, points out the director of the Kvarner Tourist Board, Ph.D. Irena Peršić Živadinov adds that it is precisely because of these experiences, but also because of the knowledge of the situation at home, that the Kvarner Family loan program. So, not everything is black and white. There are a lot of questions, to which we have to give an answer in order to connect and network everything into a tourist mosaic. Tourism is much more complex, for just one answer and comment. In the first six months of this year, 34% of all overnight stays in the Kvarner area were realized in family accommodation. But interestingly, on the example of Kvarner, this is an advantage and proof of the thesis that it is important to raise the quality of family accommodation and that someone must strategically deal with the same, ie the process of developing family accommodation. On the other hand, according to the analysis, the occupancy of family accommodation from 01.07. to 17.07. 2019, which records 9% fewer overnight stays, with family accommodation with 5 * it is evident that this type of accommodation achieves as much as 32% more overnight stays, and the one with 3 * (which has the most in Kvarner) by 11% less. Family accommodation in Kvarner has always accounted for almost 50% of all accommodation capacities. For many years, thanks to detailed statistics, it has been established that a large part of these figures were 3-star facilities. That is why the Kvarner Tourist Board started branding family accommodation through the launch of the Kvarner Family project back in 2011, in order to encourage and educate landlords to constantly work and monitor what the modern guest is looking for and needs. The competition is growing day by day and it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out with just one ad on booking.com, and on the other hand, tourists have a choice. Logically, those accommodation that is not of better quality will be the last to be filled. A matter of market competition. This year there are more beds in total, and fewer (or the same) guests, and pure mathematics says that some will remain empty, ie will be less filled, which was announced this year, and has been warned for years. Growth in 2017 compared to the year before was an incredible 44% in realized overnight stays, and last year in 2018 the increase was 27%. Also, according to research conducted by the Kvarner Tourist Board, it can be seen that household facilities with the Kvarner Family quality label are better filled than household facilities without the label for a total of 30%. For example, the apartments in the Kvarner Family system with 5 * located on the Opatija Riviera had the best occupancy – 105 givea., while the same quality in the same area outside the Kvarner Family system only 57 days. Kvarner Tourist Board Irena Peršić Živadinov / Photo by Luigi Opatija But let’s get back to private accommodation. First, we need to make a clear distinction hosts in family accommodation, private renters te real estate agents (those who bought a plot and erected a building with ten or more apartments). But, again, the fact is that the good majority unfortunately did not raise the quality, that you can find everything on the market, (we have a selection, reviews, pictures and prices on booking portals and they are the best proof of categorization, ie stars have replaced reviews) the market has played its part and it is great for the day-to-day development of tourism. The situation is similar with holiday homes where 3 * recorded a minus of 81%, which is largely caused by a large increase in prices of this accommodation without additional investment compared to previous years, while holiday homes with 5 * recorded more overnight stays by as much as 36%. We have the best example in Kvarner, where a quality label has been developed Kvarner family. The just mentioned concept shows how they managed to raise the quality in family accommodation, and the market rewards them with a longer season and better earnings from tourism. The message is clear – do not lower prices, but raise quality The continuation of the story was an additional specialization through the branding of accommodation with the labels Pet, Bike or Hike Friendly, and later they included restaurants under the label Kvarner Gourmet and Food. For the Kvarner Gourmet quality label it is necessary to satisfy everything, and for the Kvarner Food quality label at least 75% of the defined conditionscenter_img It is constantly said that we need more hotels. That this is not is not at all obvious, but is private accommodation a competition to hotels? If so, then hotels have a big problem with themselves. It’s about a different profile of tourists, so it’s out of place to talk about it at all. But the real question is why do we not have more investments in hotels in Croatia? And especially in greenfield investments? Who prevents hotels from working all year round? The reason for this is certainly not private accommodation, but the destination, market and economic, legal frameworks, etc.… Pet, Bike or Hike Friendly But let’s go in order… Thus, the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, three commercial banks and the Kvarner Tourist Board launched a line of loans within the Kvarner Family project to help renters involved in the project raise the quality or specialize their facilities to accommodate “specific” guests: eg guests traveling with their pets, cyclists, guests hiking or hiking… On the one hand, I have quality accommodation, say 4 *, and the destination is late and at a much lower level. We have a problem again. I emphasize again as a parrot – the motive for coming is the destination, not the accommodation. Personally, I consider and see family accommodation as our advantage, at least it should be. Because the hosts in the family accommodation, welcome the guest, talk to them, socialize and just give the best references to our guests. THESE are the ambassadors of our tourism. It is a relationship that is much more than just handing over the keys to the accommodation. Family accommodation should be branded, quality should be raised and small family hotels should be encouraged to open. Family accommodation is our tradition and should be our advantage. But someone has to lead those processes. Unfortunately, other quality labels in family accommodation in Croatia are lagging behind and are developing too slowly, dealing more with form than content. In the market and global competition, those who want and engage in market development succeed. So this success story in our backyard is a great example of how to develop family accommodation in Croatia, and not to stifle it, destroy it and blame it for all the problems of our tourism. Kvarner Family: Hospitality with a guarantee – it is a message and a promise and a slogan of the whole concept that has the trust of the guests and to which the guests return. Precisely because of the host, the color quality and added value. That’s the way to go. The story about renters, ie private accommodation in Croatia, is much more complex and cannot be viewed from only one angle, and that is why the current media “chase” towards it is ridiculous to me. Yes, there is everything in the offer of accommodation, especially in the past few years, but the main problems of our tourism are not in private accommodation. If only it were that simple. The main problems are in our heads, destinations that have not developed infrastructure, a dysfunctional system as a whole, poor supply and content, brand and most importantly values ​​for money etc.… In 2018, just 2 years later, the situation was already significantly different: 2.700 facilities with 16.500 beds in 4-star family accommodation, and as many as 322 facilities and 2.150 beds rated with 5 stars. According to these data, it is clear that the 4-star capacities recorded an increase of more than 50%, and those from the 5-star category a fascinating 130% The Kvarner family concept is the best proof of how to accommodate family accommodation. And here we are talking about market development, not inertia.  Don’t lower prices, raise quality – the main message for years. In 2016, there were 1.800 facilities with 11 beds in 4-star family accommodation and only 143 facilities or 5 beds with the highest XNUMX stars; The “Pet Friendly” label is a welcome sign for pets, and Bike and Hike object labels are tailored to the needs of lovers of active holidays and carry the label, which means that they are adapted for accommodation and meet the specific needs of cyclists and hikers. Also, through the project, about 30 travel agencies are included, which in their offer emphasize the promotion and filling of capacities with the labels “Kvarner Family”. The market is the alpha and omega, the law – and it is precisely market, strategic and sustainable tourism that we must deal with, not that tourism happens to us by inertia. That is why we are where we are, because we have been developing tourism by inertia for years and no one has watched what will happen tomorrow, let alone followed global trends and trends. Strategy, brand, vision, synergy, sustainability are still foreign concepts in our tourism, honoring a couple of positive examples. Everyone is guilty because we are ultimately hypocritical. Everyone would change, but not to concern them. Our biggest problem is precisely in the strategic development of tourist tourism and destinations, ie the chaos in destinations. Tourism is complex and complex because it is not one industry, but it connects various other industries vertically and horizontally. On the other hand, guests are not stupid, value for money is the main currency, and accommodation stars have replaced reviews on booking portals. On the other hand, private accommodation is not represented, managed, strategically and smartly developed by anyone, except in one part of ZOS HGK, and yet it all started with him and is the largest share of accommodation capacity. When there is no smart leadership, then there is anarchy and chaos, and that is exactly what has happened to us these years, and now everything is paying off. Tourism, as well as family accommodation, should be dealt with and developed, and not allowed to develop spontaneously and uncontrollably. So, it is quite clear that the chaos in the market is not the result of poor private accommodation, but that we are not dealing with strategic and sustainable development. We do not deal with market development. It is not questionable that there is any kind of accommodation, but who controls it and gives the categorization? Who allowed one building to be taller, another wider, one blue, another red, etc.… where there is the same architecture and visual identity of the destination throughout the story. Why does our sewer go to the sea? Why is the shore concrete? Just look at Vodice and Makarska, which destroyed their space due to unplanned “development”. Interestingly, on the other side of the coast, there is no chaos in Tuscany and everything is the same architecture, color and building material. How’s that? How’s that? This was confirmed by a recent statistical review in 2019, which shows that family accommodation in the Kvarner area has continued the excellent trend of a significant increase in the number of nights in family accommodation with 4 or 5 stars. Also, I don’t know if you know, in 2013 it was passed National program for the improvement of family accommodation. But the story is somewhere in the drawer. This is just one small part of the story, and in response to a ridiculous chase on private accommodation as the main culprit. Not to defend the same, as I said, there is everything on the market, but the problems of our tourism are much bigger. If only it were that simple. For years, the story of raising quality in private accommodation has been taken care of, hundreds of trainings have been held, but still some have not taken all the announcements seriously and have not invested in raising quality, promotion, professional photography and raising their overall performance. In the 3 years that the loan program has been open, more than 60 loans worth HRK 5 million have been approved. It is important to emphasize that these loans have aroused great interest due to subsidized interest rates – for example, renters from the area of ​​Gorski Kotar and more remote Kvarner islands (Union, Mala and Vela Srakane) interest rate on the loan was only 1%, while the interest rate for all other landlords was maximum 2%, and the remaining 4% interest was co-financed by the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. After all, the market will clearly show, as shown this year, without effort, investment in promotion, quality, etc.… there will be no success. And finally, the example of the Kvarner family concept clearly says everything – development strategy, brand and quality. Every destination could have followed this positive example, but it didn’t. So no whining now. As with voting in elections, if you did not vote, you have no right to whine. We all know everything, everything is available, but we are hypocritical. But the market does not ask or care. The market rewards those involved in market development, those who are proactive, creative and innovative… who go forward .. last_img read more

How Chelsea chief Marina Granovskaia played a key role in Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer deal

first_imgMichy Batshuayi enjoyed a productive loan spell at Borussia Dortmund, temporarily replacing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Picture: Getty) Advertisement Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang joined Arsenal from Borussia Dortmund in a club-record £56million deal (Picture: Getty)Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s club-record £56million move from Borussia Dortmund to Arsenal would never have happened without the co-operation of Chelsea chief Marina Granovskaia, according to Dick Law.Concerned at the prospect of missing out on Champions League qualification, Arsenal smashed their transfer record for the second time in the space of seven months having already paid Lyon £52m to acquire the services of Alexandre Lacazette.Arsenal’s former head of recruitment Sven Mislintat played a key role, using his Dortmund contacts, in convincing Aubameyang to join the Gunners but it was Law who ensured a complex three-way deal which also involved Olivier Giroud and Michy Batshuayi got over the line.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘The Aubameyang deal was crazy because Giroud wanted out,’ Law told Goal.ADVERTISEMENTMore: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 13 Jul 2019 9:34 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.3kShares Olivier Giroud scored for Chelsea against his old club Arsenal in last season’s Europa League final (Picture: Getty)‘Chelsea were loaning Michy Batshuayi to Dortmund and Aubameyang was coming to us. It was the three-way deal.‘Dortmund said if we don’t get the player from Chelsea, then Aubameyang doesn’t leave and, of course, if we didn’t get Aubameyang, we weren’t going to let Giroud go.‘In football, we don’t end up talking to our counterparts on a personal basis very much, but we were at such loggerheads during that three-way move that I called Marina [Granovskaia] and said everything was going to live or die on the three of us trusting each other.I’ve got so much respect for Marina, she’s always been a straight shooter. And she said if we get Giroud, we will loan our player to Dortmund and then you guys can sort yourselves out with them. And that’s what happened.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenalcenter_img Advertisement Comment How Chelsea chief Marina Granovskaia played a key role in Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang transfer deallast_img read more

Laurent Koscielny breaks silence over his Arsenal exit after completing Bordeaux move

first_img Read More Rio Ferdinand tells Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop struggling Read More Laurent Koscielny says his Arsenal exit was planned for ‘months’ (Bordeaux)Laurent Koscielny claims he his ‘thankful’ for his time at Arsenal despite going on strike in order to force through his move to Bordeaux.The 33-year-old officially completed his return to Ligue 1 on Tuesday having refused to travel with Unai Emery’s squad for their pre-season tour of the United States.Koscielny, who was subsequently stripped of the captaincy before his departure, angered Arsenal in his Bordeaux announcement video by removing the Gunners shirt to unveil the French club’s kit.But the defender is adamant that he discussed his intention to leave Arsenal ‘months’ before he finally ended his time at the club.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENT Koscielny went on strike to force his Arsenal departure (Getty Images)More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man City‘However I hope you understand, and in any case I cannot be thankful enough for these years past at Arsenal.‘I am aware of everything that the club and you supporters have brought to me.‘But it is time for me to go home so today my will is to join the Bordeaux.‘This is a new challenge that I count on taking with determination.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal Top articles Advertisement Advertisement Manchester United captain Harry Maguire Full Screen by Metro Visit Advertiser website GO TO PAGE Coming Next Read More PLAY Read Morecenter_img Laurent Koscielny breaks silence over his Arsenal exit after completing Bordeaux move 1 min. story Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 7 Aug 2019 8:10 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link864Shares Comment SPONSORED Skip ‘I have spent wonderful years with this club, nine years during which I learned, evolved, grew up.‘This experience made me the player I am today. My decision to leave has been discussed for months with my club, my teammates, my coach, and it has been a well thought decision.‘I see this departure like a new turning point in my life as a player but also in in my life as a man and a family man. Video Settings About Connatix V67539 ‘As you know I engaged with Bordeaux. After nine years spent at Arsenal, I took the decision to leave,’ Koscielny posted on Instagram.Nouveau joueur, nouveau maillot, retrouvez-le dès maintenant ici ➡ https://t.co/6Jb2BRKbIo pic.twitter.com/eCfsGaSUYS— FC Girondins de Bordeaux (@girondins) August 6, 2019 Read More Skip Ad 1/1 / last_img read more

Coast clear for first German pure DC plans from 2018

first_imgThe German Pensionskasse for the financial industry, the €26.6bn BVV, will offer pension plans without guarantees for its members from 2018, it said.The announcement came shortly after the smaller chamber of the German parliament, the Bundesrat, passed the country’s pension reform law – “Betriebsrentenstärkungsgesetz” (BRSG) – on Friday. This was the final step in the legislative process.Its passage means that Germany might see its first pure defined contribution plans in the second pillar in 2018, when the law comes into effect. The law makes it possible to set up occupational pension plans without guarantees as part of collective bargaining agreements. The BVV noted it “is prepared” for the new legal framework and confirmed in a press release it will be offering pension plans without guarantees from next year when the law comes into effect. “With the new law the legislator makes organisations like the BVV, which are run collectively by employer- and employee representatives, the centre of occupational pensions,” said Helmut Aden, board member at the BVV.The new defined contribution pension plans will only be available for companies having signed on to collective bargaining agreements. The same applies to some other provisions in the new legal framework, such as subsidies for smaller companies and lower earners, and the right to auto-enrol members if they are given an opting-out option.  Before the vote in the Bundesrat the minister for the province of Baden-Württemberg, Manfred Lucha, had noted he would vote in favour of the law but criticized it for not going far enough.He said he doubted it will reach as many companies as planned because many small and medium-sized companies have not joined a collective bargaining agreement.Lucha proposed a review of the law at a later point and possible adjustments, which could include making it mandatory for companies to offer occupational pension plans.In a first reaction to the passing of the law on Friday, Reiner Schwinger, head of northern Europe for Willis Towers Watson Germany, noted it might take some time to truly come into effect.“We might only see the first collective bargaining agreements containing pure defined contributions plans in a year’s time.”He added: “Many companies will now carefully assess their occupational pension offerings and this might lead to a run on guarantee products in the short term.”In a survey among insurance-based Pensionskassen, Willis Towers Watson had found only limited interest in the new product without guarantees.last_img read more

The houses on Santa’s wishlist

first_imgRay White New Farm agent Christine Rudolf may or may not know who is on the nice list …A grand colonial on a 933sq m block, the house was built in the late 1800s, and still has many of its original features including traditional pressed metal ceilings, stained glass windows. … but she has confirmed that this house is Santa suitable …One key feature is the original open fire place located in the formal lounge room. There is even a blackboard proclaiming that its the most “wonderful time of the year”. With summer in full swing in Queensland, it will be safe for Santa to shimmy down that stack.There is even plenty of lawn to park the reindeer, and a few mango trees for Rudolph to snack on. In Clayfield, Ray White New Farm agent Christine Rudolph, who may or may not have the inside scoop on all things jingle bells, is marketing 74 Adelaide Street, Clayfield.More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus15 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market15 hours ago … with the current owners also in the Christmas spirit.The property is scheduled to go to auction at 6pm on Monday, December 3.Another house to add to your wishlist is 26 Armstrong Terrace at Paddington, which is a recently renovated house with a huge, brick, open fire place. center_img HO, ho, ho. The countdown to Christmas has officially started, so in honour of the jolly red man, here are three Santa-friendly properties currently on the market.Each one boasts a large fireplace capable of accommodating Ol’ Saint Nick’s girth, and additional features to delight his reindeer.Brisbane West Real Estate agent Mike Fulcher has 1187 Mount Crosby Road at Karana Downs – a five bedroom, two-storey brick home that surely makes the nice list.And with Queensland expecting a scorcher of a summer, the elves tell us the only thing they will be on will be the airconditioner. At Paddington, this house has a suitable entry point for Santa, and again, the only thing that will be running in the AC.It is on the market for offers over $1.049 million and is listed with Urban Property Agents Paddington.last_img read more

Report: Impact of Deep-Sea Mining Can Last Decades

first_imgA new study shows that the impacts of seabed mining on deep-sea ecosystems can persist for decades.Scientists at the National Oceanography Centre (NOC) revisited a site exposed to simulated deep-sea mining activity nearly 30 years previously to assess seabed and ecosystem recovery. They used a robot submarine to map and photograph much of the seafloor in the disturbed area in unprecedented detail. The images were combined into a seafloor photo-mosaic completely covering 11 hectares of seabed, the largest ever photo-mosaic obtained in the abyssal ocean. Tracks on the seafloor caused by the simulated mining were still clearly visible, and the impacts on marine life initially observed in 1989 persist.The study, recently published in Scientific Reports, was able to pinpoint individual animals over a wide area and relate their abundance and distribution to the tracks. While mobile species, such as sea cucumbers and sea stars, were able to recolonise impacted areas, many animals, such as sponges and sea anemones, live attached to the seafloor and remain virtually absent from directly disturbed seabed, instead being restricted to undisturbed areas. Given the important role of these animals in abyssal ecosystems, the results of the study suggest that impacts of large-scale commercial mining could potentially lead to an irreversible loss of key ecosystem functions.The impacts of mining may be further exacerbated by removing the home for many animals. The target of this type of deep-sea mining is polymetallic nodules, potato-shaped rocks rich in copper and manganese. These nodules provide a stable anchoring point for the development of anemones, soft corals, and sponges, and promote the development of surprisingly diverse communities on otherwise muddy seabed. The nodules take millions of years to form. Removal or burial of nodules from mining activities will remove the home of many of these filter-feeding animals, constraining their capacity to recolonise impacted zones and further delaying ecosystem recovery processes.The site investigated is known as the “DISturbance and reCOLonization experiment” (DISCOL), and lies in the deep Pacific Ocean off Peru at around 4000 metres water depth. It was disturbed as an experiment in 1989 by a team of German researchers. This is still to date the largest disturbance experiment carried out in an abyssal environment. With mining activities potentially on the horizon, long-term experiments such as this are critical to providing the body of knowledge needed to improve the sustainability of the developing deep-sea mining industry.NOC scientist, Dr Erik Simon-Lledo, the lead author of the study, said: “The clear lack of recovery that we observed in the DISCOL site should be taken as a warning of the real disturbance potential of commercial mining in the deep ocean, which we are still far from fully understanding. Further experiments are urgently needed to generate the baseline knowledge that is required for efficient regulation of deep-sea mining activities.”The study is the result of a collaboration between the NOC and the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research institute in Kiel (Germany) funded by the European Union Joint Programming Initiative (JPI-Oceans), an international project aiming to assess the ecological aspects of deep-sea mining. The National Oceanography Centre is working with UK Government and the International Seabed Authority through provision of up-to-date scientific data and information to inform developing regulations regarding deep-sea mining.Source: NOClast_img read more

Ross University to hold Career Fair this week

first_img Share Photo credit: Sand box advisors.comRoss University School of Medicine will be hosting a Career Fair at the Fort Young Hotel on Friday, April 8, under the theme – Ross University – Your Employer of Choice.  Persons interested in pursuing a career with the University are invited to drop in anytime between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.Leandra Belle-Charles, Human Resource Generalist at the University, said, “We want to create the widest possible pool available from which to recruit persons for career opportunities.  The Fair is not necessarily meant to recruit individuals for open positions but it’s about giving everyone a chance if and when a vacancy arises.”Prospective candidates are encouraged to bring their résumés with them as a hard copy or, preferably, on a flash drive in order to be able to upload it directly to the Ross database. They will also be able to have one-on-one discussions with staff from various departments to find out more about the benefits of a career at Ross.  Departments being showcased include Audio Visual and Information Technology, Administration, Safety & Security, Library, Facilities & Operations, Auxiliary Services such as skilled tradesmen – electricians, air-conditioning technicians, grounds staff and housekeeping, Finance, Housing, Supply Chain, among others.The Roseau Career Fair is the second in a series of similar events being held on the island.  The University held a very successful Career Fair in Portsmouth on March 18 with over 100 persons visiting the various booths and the organizing team is looking forward to an even greater turnout in Roseau.Dominica Vibes News Share 36 Views   no discussions Tweetcenter_img LocalNews Ross University to hold Career Fair this week by: – April 6, 2011 Sharing is caring! Sharelast_img read more

Over 400 arrested during state of emergency in Trinidad

first_img Sharing is caring! Share NewsRegional Over 400 arrested during state of emergency in Trinidad by: – August 27, 2011 Share 37 Views   no discussionscenter_img Tweet Share Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — The total number of people arrested to date in Trinidad and Tobago under the recently declared state of emergency is 462, of whom 190 are said to be members of gangs.The announcement was made by Commissioner of Police Dwayne Gibbs on Friday at the daily national security press conference in Port of Spain.Others in attendance were Attorney General Anand Ramlogan; Minister of National Security John Sandy and Chief of Defence Staff Brigadier Kenrick Maharaj.Highlights of the press conference were:• Between 8 am August 25 to 8 am August 26: 147 people arrested of which 75 are related to gangs; 8 suspects in homicides; 21 for drugs offences; 4 for breach of curfew; one firearm related offence; 19 for serious crime; 4 outstanding warrants and seizure of 150 rounds of ammunition;• 462 people arrested so far under the State of Emergency, 190 of whom are related to gangs;• Defence Force has made 26 arrests over the last 24 hours, including the seizure of 15 rounds of 9 mm ammunition and magazines and three rounds of .38 ammunition;• Defence Force stop and searches were conducted both on persons and vehicles in Beetham; Morvant; Cocorite; Laventille; St Augustine; Chaguanas and Marabella;• One cell phone seized with ‘useable data’;• Persons who are copying curfew permits are at risk of being arrested;• Regarding reports of solider brutality in the Forres Park, Claxton Bay area, officials at present do not have any information; but confirmed an operation was conducted in the area with the target being someone under surveillance for the last two months;• Members of the protective services are operating under strict guidelines and highest level of professionalism and will those found to be in breach will be dealt with;• Media should be aware of ‘tricksters’ who are claiming to be brutalized by the protective services;• The State will put together a high powered legal team to defend itself against those detained;• A police officer was accidentally shot by a colleague in San Fernando; the injured officer is resting comfortably at hospital and his life is not under threat;• 172 police constables to be promoted on Friday afternoon to corporalsCaribbean News Nowlast_img read more

NCAA coaching staff members implicated in fraud probe, former Pacer Chuck Person named

first_imgNew York, NY. — Four Division I college basketball coaches, including former Indiana Pacer Chuck Person have been arrested in a federal fraud probe. Business partners, associates and representatives of major apparel brands were also arrested.The coaches include Chuck Person from Auburn University, Lamont Evans from Oklahoma State, Emanuel Richardson from Arizona and Tony Bland of USC have been charged in New York federal court.The criminal complaint contains more than 120 pages of documents.The documents allege numerous cases of illegal payments and gifts to college and high school players around the country.More details are expected to be released soon.last_img

Torres raring to go

first_img He added: “Some of us are behind, but we are trying to get fit as soon as possible. “It is difficult for us guys from the Confederations Cup to fit into the team now because the other guys have had 22 days more than us. In pre-season that’s a huge difference and you can see they are much fitter than us, so we have to work even harder to fit in because the season is right there, in two weeks’ time. “We have to be ready for that and we know how important it is to start well.” Chelsea have confirmed Brazil defender Luiz would not feature against Madrid, and it has been reported Barcelona have made an official bid for the centre-back. Mourinho has always stressed Luiz remains part of his plans, and expects the Brazilian to feature in the final warm-up match against Porto in Washington, if he recovers from a hamstring problem. Adding on the club’s official website, the Portuguese coach said: “‘We won’t risk David Luiz [against Madrid], but Roma is the last match of pre-season before the season starts, so I think he needs to play against Roma, but if he’s not able to he’s not able to.” Press Association Fernando Torres has warned Chelsea’s rivals both he and the rest of Jose Mourinho’s new-look squad are ready to hit the ground running when the Barclays Premier League campaign kicks off again later this month. Spain forward Torres has joined up again with the Blues having had some extra time off following the Confederations Cup in Brazil, where he finished as the tournament’s Golden Boot winner. The 29-year-old has shown only glimpses of his goalscoring form since a £50million move from Liverpool in January 2011. However, new manager Mourinho is confident he can be the man to get the best out of the former Atletico Madrid frontman once again. Chelsea continue their pre-season build-up against Real Madrid at the Guinness International Champions Cup final in Miami on Wednesday, and Torres cannot wait for the competitive action to get under way when newly-promoted Hull come to Stamford Bridge on August 18. “I don’t remember the last time I had four weeks off in a summer, so it was great and now I am fully prepared for the season, which should be a good one for all of us,” Torres told the club’s official website, chelseafc.com. “Everyone is giving everything to be in the manager’s plans. “From the first day until now training has been great, high intensity, very fun, and so you are working hard, but using the ball in every exercise, so it’s very good. “It is good everyone is involved together, and the manager and his assistants do small things to make you enjoy the sessions. “From this you can see everyone is giving everything. Everyone wants play in the first 11, so people are working even harder than even in the middle of the season when they know if they are playing regularly or not. “Everyone is playing well, the manager is mixing everybody well, making everyone sharp for competition. We only have two more games until the first Premier League game, and so far everyone is looking great.” Torres may admit to having “pain everywhere” being “a nice feeling” as he sharpens up his match fitness, but the Spain international accepts those who have been given some extra time off – Juan Mata, David Luiz, Cesar Azpilicueta, Oscar and John Obi Mikel – are playing catch-up. last_img read more