Thousands of humanwildlife conflicts reported across BC in 2017

first_imgVICTORIA – British Columbians love nature, but that draw to be in the wilderness is part of the reason the province has seen thousands of conflicts between humans and wild animals this year, a wildlife expert says.Many B.C. communities have wilderness at their doorstep and that mixture can create problems, said Adam Ford, a biology professor at the University of B.C. Okanagan.“We don’t expect to see a lot of bear conflicts in downtown Vancouver, because that’s a lot of country for a bear to get across, but it’s on the edges that we see these problems,” Ford said.People also want to get up close and personal with wildlife, which can be dangerous for both humans and animals, he added.One place the problem has grown is the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.Some of the conflicts are because people are really excited to have this magical experience with a wolf on Long Beach, Ford said.“And they do things they’re not supposed to, like ‘Here’s some food, wolf’ and then wolves become conditioned. They get used to people and handouts and that’s where things go wrong.”Chris Doyle, deputy chief with the B.C. Conservation Officers Service, said there have been more than 20,000 reports of human-wildlife conflicts so far this year, ranging from cougar sightings to bear attacks.More than 14,000 of the complaints were about black bears, while another 1,500 involved cougars and 430 were about grizzly bears, Doyle said.Nearly 500 bears have been destroyed after encounters with humans, including 469 black bears and 27 grizzlies, said Mike Badry, wildlife conflict manager with ministry of environment.Another seven grizzlies were moved, nine were “hazed” to deter them from interacting with humans, and one cub was sent to a rehabilitation facility.Those numbers are “disturbing,” Ford said.“This is a very large-scale problem, when you’re thinking of that many conflicts over the entire province of B.C. That’s not one little isolated incident of someone leaving garbage out.”In August, the province said complaints about bears in communities skyrocketed, nearly doubling the figure from the same period last year.Badry said the numbers have levelled out since then and are now “pretty average” compared with previous years.“The spring and early summer was a very busy year for bear conflicts, the highest we’d seen in quite some time. But fortunately, the late summer and fall has actually been relatively quiet,” he said.An abundance of natural food sources, such as berries and fish, across much of the province is likely the reason for the drop, he added.But this time of year is rife for conflict between bears and humans, Badry said, because the animals are trying to fatten up before they begin hibernating for the winter — even if that means rummaging through trash cans.“These bears are trying to put on weight for denning throughout the winter, so they are highly motivated to find food,” Badry said.There have been a number of violent encounters between people and wildlife this year, including a pair of recent attacks on hunters.Doyle said in one case, a grizzly attacked a hunter near the B.C.-Yukon boundary, injuring the man’s head and face.He said the bear was shot and killed by the man’s hunting partner, and officers found the animal was emaciated.Last weekend, a Cranbrook resident was hunting elk in southeast B.C. when he and his son ran into a female bear and her cub.Doyle said the hunter sustained minor injuries before the bear moved off. Officers determined the animal had attacked defensively trying to protect her cub and a food source, so officers did not try to capture the bear, he added.— By Gemma Karstens-Smith in Vancouver.last_img read more

Government moves endangered caribou off island where they were hunted by wolves

first_imgThe Ontario government has launched an operation to relocate an endangered herd of caribou off the remote island on which they have been systematically hunted down by recently arrived wolves.The operation, which began on Saturday and is described by government officials as a “delicate dance”, involves rounding up the remaining caribou off Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior and transporting them by helicopter to the nearby Slate Islands.Officials with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry said they hope the relocation will allow the herd a chance to rebuild, adding the desire is to see the animals one day return to Michipicoten.No one can seem to agree on the extent of the damage to the caribou population, with community members, government officials and ministry researchers all offering different estimates about the size of the remaining herd. All agreed, however, that intervention was necessary.Michipicoten First Nation Chief Patricia Tangie, who has argued that the government waited too long to take action, also called on intangible forces in order to protect the animals she feels are vital to the community.“We request assistance from the spirit world for the protection of the caribou and the longevity of those relatives so that future generations can see them,” she said, adding she and other residents performed a pipe ceremony the day before the move in order to seek the animals’ permission for the relocation.Trouble began for the Michipicoten caribou in late 2013 or early 2014 when the waters around the island froze over, creating a rarely formed ice bridge to the mainland. Four wolves took advantage of the conditions and trekked 15 kilometres to the island, where they found a thriving herd of nearly 700 caribou.Today, government officials estimate the herd has dwindled to about 100, a figure disputed by Tangie who pegs the number between 20 and 30.Ministry officials have visited the island to collar wolves and study their interaction with the caribou, an approach that Tangie criticized as she pushed for more direct action to save the herd.The long-sought government move, which will take place over the next few days, is a complex affair involving four helicopters and several ministry officials and researchers.One “capture” helicopter will hover metres above the ground to herd and target caribou, according to a protocol for the move obtained by The Canadian Press. Officials will focus on rounding up healthy, mostly female animals, but hope to include at least one bull.One of the members of the capture crew will lean out of the chopper with a specialized “net gun” and fire a basket at the caribou with the hopes that the netting hits the back of the animal.“If placed correctly, the animal’s legs will rapidly tangle in the net,” the protocol reads.A small team including a veterinarian and handler will tie the caribou’s legs together, put on earplugs and place a blindfold over its eyes in a bid to keep it calm.“A blindfold really calms them down. It’s like having a puppy, they’ll put their head in your lap,” said Art Rodgers, a research scientist working with the ministry on the move.The veterinarian will examine the caribou and if it’s healthy, take hair, blood and fecal samples and then fit it with a tracking collar. Caribou will be placed in bags with just their heads sticking out and then sedated.Two caribou at a time will then be moved inside a transport helicopter for the trip to the Slate Islands, which should take from 45 minutes to an hour.On the other end, the veterinarian will reverse the sedation and monitor the caribou as it recovers.The animals will then be left to roam in an area free from predators, where it is hoped they will mate with other caribou on the Slate Islands and repopulate the herd.The move is not without controversy among those who pushed hardest for it. The ministry rejected a request to allow an observer from the First Nation to ride along during the relocation, citing health and safety for both humans and caribou.“We are limiting the number of people on the flights … to reduce stresses on the animals, to leave room if transportation needs change for the animals, to limit weight and fuel consumption,” said ministry spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski. “The only people allowed on the flights are those with a direct role in the operation.”last_img read more

Teen pregnancy a tough road to travel

first_imgAPTN National NewsAn Alberta non-profit organization that supports teen parents has wrapped up their third-annual diaper drive.The Edmonton group hopes to receive donations of 150,000 diapers.But the real story is the teen ambassadors who help with the drive and share some of the life lessons they’ve learned as young mothers with their fellow teens.APTN National News reporter Noemi LoPinto has this story.last_img

Idle No More round dance takes Dundas Square

first_imgAPTN National NewsAs part of Friday’s Global Day of Action, Toronto’s Dundas Square was the scene of an Idle No more demonstration.Armed with signs in support of the Idle No More movement and despite the damp weather, people sang and round danced in a peaceful demonstrationPeople at the rally say they want to keep the Idle No More momentum going.But as for the meeting in Ottawa, many felt very little, if anything would come out of it.last_img

Gunmen kill Egypt antiterror officer ministry

first_imgCAIRO – Gunmen shot dead an Egyptian officer in charge of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood file at the interior ministry’s national security agency, the ministry said on Monday.The officer was gunned down while in his car outside his home late on Sunday, it said.Security officials named the dead man as Mohamed Mabruk and said his work had focused on Islamist groups that have escalated their attacks since the July 3 overthrow of president Mohamed Morsi. One security official said Mabruk had been involved in drafting the charges against Morsi and Brotherhood chief Mohammed Badie that led to trials for both of them.Mabruk had been due to testify this week against the Islamist Morsi who is accused of working with groups such as Palestinian Hamas and Lebanese Hezbollah to escape from prison during the popular 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak.Police said Mabruk was hit by seven bullets fired by three gunmen in the Cairo neighbourhood of Nasr City.A security official said the attack rattled the interior ministry and that it “will be investigated at the highest levels”.In a statement, prime minister Hazem al-Belawi condemned Mabruk’s “assassination by treacherous hands”.“The government will not tolerate criminal and terrorist groups who raise their arms to terrorise security officials,” Beblawi said.He said the authorities are “able to cleanse the country of all criminal hands, returning security and safety to all corners of Egypt”.No one has yet admitted responsiblity for Sunday’s attack.  Al-Qaeda-inspired groups have claimed previous attacks in the capital, including a September bombing that targeted interior minister Mohammed Ibrahim’s convoy.He survived the bombing.The attack on Ibrahim was seen as a precedent by Sinai militant groups that had previously limited their operations to the restive peninsula.Unrest has spiked in Egypt since the military overthrew Morsi more than four months ago.A subsequent crackdown against supporters of the Islamist leader and his Muslim Brotherhood has left more than 1,000 people dead and upwards of 2,000 behind bars.The army has also sent tanks and aircraft to north Sinai to battle Islamist militants who have killed more than 100 police and soldiers since Morsi’s overthrow.last_img read more

Climate change poses challenges offers economic opportunities says Ban

“The good news is that we can tackle both at once, as solutions to the climate crisis can catalyze the green growth that is the foundation of long-term economic prosperity,” Mr. Ban, who has deemed 2009 the “year of climate change,” wrote in the Korean Herald.If countries must implement green stimulus packages to pull themselves out of economic turmoil and nations reach agreement on a new global climate change agreement at this December’s UN conference in Copenhagen, “the world has its best chance in decades to make serious progress on both the climate and economic fronts,” he added.According to scientists, the pace of global warming is accelerating, with the window for action on climate change closing ever faster, the Secretary-General pointed out. Experts have noted that high rates of greenhouse gas emissions are resulting in the world reaching the high end of case scenarios delineated in the 2007 report by the Nobel Prize-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the definitive standard for climate science.“Unfortunately, time is not on our side,” he cautioned. “The clock is ticking and cannot be turned back.”In his piece, Mr. Ban pressed nations to do their utmost to ensure that the upcoming climate talks in Denmark, which he said will be a “watershed moment in history,” are given top priority so that negotiations on a success pact to the Kyoto Protocol, whose commitment period ends in 2012, can be concluded.The agreement reached “must be ambitious, fair and effective in reducing emissions while assisting countries as they adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change,” he said.The first round of negotiations for 2009 wrapped up last week in Bonn, Germany.To ensure that all nations are on board, the Secretary-General said that five key political issues must first be resolved: industrialized nations must set ambitious emissions reduction targets; major developing countries must identify what mitigation steps they plan to pursue in the future; solving the issue of finance; an accountable means to distribute these funds must be set up; and vulnerable countries must be supported in protecting lives and livelihoods.“By sealing a deal, we can power green growth today and protect our planet for our children and their children to come,” he said.Mr. Ban said he disagreed with the view held by some that the global economic downturn is a reason to curtail efforts to tackle climate change.“To the contrary, it represents an unprecedented opportunity to redirect government stimulus packages into green energy options and to fundamentally retool our global economy so that long-run, sustainable growth is accessible for all,” he stated.His native Republic of Korea (ROK) has blazed a trail to a greener, lower-carbon future, he said, with investments in mass transit, energy conservation, forest restoration and water resource management, among others.The country is also an example for others on actions necessary to reduce emissions, the Secretary-General said. “As a power emerging economy, the Republic of Korea can serve as a bridge between industrialized and developing countries by setting ambitious emission reduction goals for itself.” 15 April 2009The twin financial and climate catastrophes have been cause for nervousness worldwide, but Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stressed that the challenges also open the door for new economic opportunities in the face of the global recession. read more

Global pact on explosive remnants of war deserves universal support says Ban

22 November 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the critical role that the global pact on explosive remnants of war plays in eliminating these deadly weapons, and urged all States that have not jointed the treaty to do so as soon as possible. “Explosive remnants of war that are left behind as a direct consequence of armed conflict continue to kill and maim for years to come,” Mr. Ban told the meeting of States parties to Protocol V on Explosive Remnants of War to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons.The Convention aims to protect military troops from inhumane injuries and prevent non-combatants from accidentally being wounded or killed by certain types of arms. Protocol V focuses specifically on unexploded and abandoned ordnance which include artillery shells, grenades and gravity bombs. They pose severe threats to civilians because they can explode without cause or accidentally be triggered to detonate. In a message delivered in Geneva by Jarmo Sareva, Director of the Conference on Disarmament Secretariat and Conference Support Branch, Mr. Ban noted that the Protocol has a critical role to play in eliminating explosive remnants of war. He called on participants to build on last year’s conference, during which they took important decisions aimed at strengthening the Protocol’s implementation, and “solidify those commitments and map out a way forward.”He also urged them to build further on the culture of information sharing they have established, and continue efforts to find ways to take generic preventive measures aimed at minimizing the impact of incidents involving these deadly weapons. Over the past year, eight more countries have become parties to Protocol V, bringing the total number to 69.The Secretary-General called on those States that have not yet done so to ratify Protocol V without delay, especially in regions affected by landmines and explosive remnants of war. read more

Enbridge expands US renewables push with US200M investment in Texas wind power

CALGARY — Enbridge Inc. has announced a deal to invest US$200 million in a 110-megawatt wind project in Texas.The Keechi Wind Project is being built with Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc., a Colorado-based firm that has worked with Enbridge on three other wind projects.Construction for Keechi Wind began last month and is expected to reach completion in early 2015.Once it begins commercial operations, insurance company MetLife Inc. will provide tax equity financing for the projectPower from Keechi Wind will be fed into the Electric Reliability Council of Texas under a 20-year power purchase agreement with Microsoft Corp.“As the nation’s leader in wind energy — both in installed capacity and number of turbines — Texas represents a natural extension for Enbridge’s growing U.S. renewable energy portfolio,” said Don Thompson, Enbridge’s vice president of green power and transmission.With the latest investment, Enbridge — which has also invested in geothermal and solar projects — has more than 1,800 megawatts of green electricity capacity in its portfolio. That’s enough to supply more than 590,000 homes.Enbridge, better known as a major North American crude oil shipper, says it has made a “neutral footprint” commitment to generate a kilowatt of renewable energy for every kilowatt of conventional electricity its liquids pipeline operations consume. Its shares fell about one per cent, or 50 cents, to $45.59 Monday on the Toronto Stock Exchange.Last week, another major Canadian pipeline giant, TransCanada Corp. (TSX:TRP) acquired the Mississippi Mills solar project in eastern Ontario. read more

UN SecretaryGeneral welcomes repatriation of Moroccan POWs

“The Secretary-General hopes that the Frente POLISARIO will expeditiously release all remaining prisoners, in accordance with the relevant Security Council resolutions and in compliance with international humanitarian law,” spokesman Fred Eckhard told the daily news briefing.”He also urges the parties to continue to cooperate with the ICRC to resolve the fate of all those unaccounted for since the beginning of the conflict.”A peace plan formulated by Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, James Baker, is being considered by all parties involved, including Morocco, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Rio de Oro (POLISARIO Front), Algeria and Mauritania.

Foreign investment in Canadian securities rose in September StatsCan

Foreign investment in Canadian securities rose in September: StatsCan AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email OTTAWA – Statistics Canada says foreign investment in Canadian securities strengthened to $8.4 billion in September and was focused on stocks.It says Canadian investors reduced their holdings of foreign securities in the month by $1.5 billion, including both debt and equity securities.Foreign acquisitions of Canadian equities reached $10.8 billion in September, the largest such investment since September 2009.This followed a divestment of $2.2 billion in August and came as the Canadian stock market rose for a third straight month to close at its highest level since February.Non-resident investors cut their holdings of Canadian bonds by $2.8 billion in September.They acquired $400 million worth of Canadian money market instruments, a sixth straight month of investment. by The Canadian Press Posted Nov 18, 2013 6:49 am MDT read more

Health services especially vaccines must reach the unreached stress UN agencies

“Every contact with the health system must be seen as an opportunity to immunize,” stressed WHO’s Director of Immunization, Dr. Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, noting that most of those who remained un-immunized were also the same as the ones missed by health systems.“These children most likely have also not received any of the other basic health services. If we are to raise the bar on global immunization coverage, health services must reach the unreached,” he added.According to WHO and UNICEF estimates, 6.6 million children received their first dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP) vaccines but did not complete the full, three dose DTP immunization regimen (DTP3).Full completion of the vaccination series doses is critical to ensure the highest level of protection against those diseases.Furthermore, according to the UN agencies, since 2010, the percentage of children who received their full course of routine immunizations has stalled at 86 per cent (116.5 million infants).If we are to raise the bar on global immunization coverage, health services must reach the unreached – Jean-Marie Okwo-Bele, WHO Director of ImmunizationOf the estimated 10 million children, in 64 countries out of 194 WHO member States which have not achieved this target, 7.3 million live in fragile situations or in humanitarian emergencies, including countries affected by conflict. Four million of them also live in just three countries – Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan – where access to routine immunization services is critical to achieving and sustaining eradication of diseases such as polio.Similarly, Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria and Ukraine recorded less than 50 per cent coverage for DTP3, last year.In the battle against measles, 85 per cent of children globally received the first dose by their first birthday but only 64 per cent received the second dose.Additionally, concerted effort is required in the progress against rubella (which can cause hearing impairment, congenital heart defects and blindness and other life-long disabilities), which has seen global coverage increase from 35 per cent in 2010 to 47 per cent last year.Furthermore, global coverage of more recently-recommended vaccines are yet to reach half the world’s children. These include vaccines against major killers of children such as rotavirus, a disease that causes severe childhood diarrhoea, and pneumonia. Vaccination against both these diseases has the potential to substantially reduce deaths of children under five years of age, a key target of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).Inequities in immunization coverageAccording to WHO-UNICEF data, many middle-income countries still lag behind in the introduction of newer and more expensive vaccines and disparities persist within countries, implying the need for more work to reduce inequalities related to household economic status, mother’s education as well as those living in rural and urban areas in many countries.Stressing the importance of immunization as one of the most “pro-equity” interventions currently available, Robin Nandy, Chief of Immunizations at UNICEF, stated: “Bringing life-saving vaccines to the poorest communities, women and children must be considered a top priority in all contexts.”Immunization currently prevents between 2-3 million deaths every year, from diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough and measles. It is one of the most successful and cost-effective public health interventions. read more

Japans Terra Drone invests in underground aerial robotics startup Inkonova

first_imgTerra Drone, a leading global commercial drone technology company, has acquired a significant stake in Inkonova AB, a Swedish startup developing aerial robotics for underground mining.The deal, comprised of a cash injection, will see changes to the management team, as well as technical, business development, and operational collaborations, Inkonova said.Terra Drone’s UAV inspection, survey, and other service provisions cover various industries globally including mining, which just happens to be Inkonova’s main market.Ahmed AlNomany, Inkonova AB Co-Founder and CEO, said: “Terra Drone’s global network of clients, post-processing domain, service-based business model, customer experience, technical personnel, and human and financial resources, will help us dramatically ramp up our business development and commercial-readiness efforts, taking our technology to the next level.”Under the deal, Inkonova will supply Terra Drone with its UAV core technology, including anti-dust and waterproof platforms (as in the TILT Ranger, pictured) and infrastructure-denied autonomous navigation (as in the Batonomous technology), while Terra Drone – apart from providing finance – will employ its global clients, local offices, pilots, post-processing capacity, and broader commercial and technical domain expertise.Toru Tokushige, Founder and CEO of Terra Motors Corp and Terra Drone Corp, who will be appointed as an Inkonova board member, said the company had been looking to partner with other companies in the mining field in order to expand.“Underground mining still has huge issues. According to the statistics from The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the number of lost-time injuries in 2015 was 4,517 in America, and those of other developing counties were incomparably high.“So, I hope the cooperation between Terra Drone, with its broad network and innovative technologies, and Inkonova, the eminent company for mining drone services, contributes to the rapid and further technical improvements for underground safety and productivity.”In line with the partnership, Inkonova’s products will undergo rebranding to streamline with Terra Drone products, details of which will be announced later this month.Inkonova’s products include aerial platforms, and aerial autonomous navigation/mapping solutions customised to the constraints of underground mines, and subterranean or constricted industrial spaces.Earlier this year, Inkonova demoed the Batonomous navigation system for its TILT Ranger and TILT Scout underground drones in Gällivare with LKAB. It has since also worked with Barrick Gold on the Golden Sunlight mine in Nevada.last_img read more

German Cup F4 SG Flensburg and SC Magdeburg for the trophy

SC MagdeburgSG Flensburg Two great matches have been seen in the sold-out O2 Arena in Hamburg, where REWE DHB CUP F4 taking place in front of 13.300 fans. SG Flensburg and SC Magdeburg will play for the trophy.SG Flensburg left back Jim Gottfridsson scored the decisive goal for SG Flensburg big win over Rhein Neckar Lowen 24:23 (10:10).Rhein-Neckar Löwen – SG Flensburg-Handewitt 23:24 (10:10)Rhein-Neckar Löwen: Landin (12/2 saves), Rutschmann (58.) – Schmid (3), Gensheimer (11/6), Myrhol (1), Groetzki (1), Guardiola (1), Ekdahl du Rietz (1), Kneer, Mensah Larsen, Reinkind (2), Petersson (3)SG Flensburg-Handewitt: Andersson (10 saves), Møller (4 saves) – Karlsson, Nenadic, Eggert (2/1), Mogensen (1), Svan (4), Wanne (2), Kaufmann, Jakobsson (7), Zachariassen (2), Gottfridsson (6), Macke, ElahmarGerman Cup trophy will get a new holder as Fuchse Berlin lost their semi-final clash against SC Magdeburg 26:27. Even nine goals of Petar Nenadic werent’ enough for Dagur Sigurdsson squad to repeat last year’s success. On the winning side, Bezjak and Natek scored five each… ← Previous Story Dragan Adzic before Final: We have to play like against Norway at EURO 2012! Next Story → No one like this team! Buducnost is the new champion. read more

Show some backbone new report harshly criticises Irelands culture of media ownership

first_img‘Show some backbone’ – new report harshly criticises Ireland’s culture of media ownership A new report commissioned by Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan for an EU grouping takes aim at both RTÉ and billionaire media mogul Denis O’Brien. The Minister and all politicians must now show the political backbone required to take on those in dominant positions.The report describes Denis O’Brien’s “litigious profligacy” in detailing the 12 lawsuits he has taken against Irish media organisations and personnel in the last six years, and describes Ireland’s defamation culture (ie that in which juries routinely make very high awards to successful plaintiffs) as being “wholly out of kilter with the rest of Europe”.O’Brien, who was listed among the world’s top 200 billionaires last year, via his company Communicorp, owns over 40 radio stations across Europe (including Newstalk and Today FM), together with the largest shareholding in Independent News and Media.Read: Garda, whose patrol car was rammed by lorry in 2000, awarded €75,000 damages in High CourtRead: ‘Words cannot express the family’s anger’: Drunk driver who killed boy (4) has sentence cut The report also repeatedly makes reference to the publishing of a similar report in March of this year, by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), which gave Ireland a score of 0.7 (on a scale of 0 to 1.0) with regards to how concerned citizens should be regarding the state of media ownership here.In that report only Finland, Lithuania and Luxembourg were evaluated as having higher concentration levels of media ownership in the study of 19 EU member states.The new report’s conclusions include:That there are “extremely grave concerns about the high concentration of media ownership in the Irish market, and in particular regarding the position of INM (Independent News and Media) and Mr Denis O’Brien”That the Government should establish “a cross-disciplinary Commission of Inquiry” into media plurality here which should report as soon as possibleThat the argument that investigating media ownership here is a “no go area” are “flawed”That the report recognises that its field of investigation is “an extremely difficult area”Speaking at the report’s launch today in Dublin, Boylan said “it is not just media outlets that are afraid”.“Politicians seem to balk at the thought of effectively dealing with the issue,” she said.We need a media that holds those in powerful positions to account, one that seeks the truth and ensures that the public has access to the truth. By Cianan Brennan 27,610 Views 89 Comments Share1041 Tweet Email2 Source: Sinn Féin/Twitter Oct 24th 2016, 5:31 PM Sinn Féin’s @LNBDublin getting ready to launch report on the concentration of media ownership in Ireland.— Sinn Féin (@sinnfeinireland) October 24, 2016 Monday 24 Oct 2016, 5:31 PM Source: Rollingnews.ieA NEW REPORT into Irish media ownership has called for a commission of inquiry into RTÉ’s role as Ireland’s state broadcaster, together with the “chilling effect” of our defamation laws.Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan, who commissioned the report, has called on Communications Minister Denis Naughten to establish the relevant commission to investigate the Irish media landscape.The new report, which can be viewed here, was commissioned by Boylan on behalf of the European United Left / Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) group within the EU Parliament.The report describes Ireland as having “one of the most concentrated media markets of any democracy”, with the two main controlling entities being RTÉ as state broadcaster and “individual businessman Denis O’Brien”. Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Mayors convince government to lift cremation hurdles

first_imgThe mayors of Athens and Thessaloniki, Giorgos Kaminis and Yiannis Boutaris respectively welcomed a pledge by Environment Minister Yiannis Maniatis to lift obstacles to the creation of crematoria in Greece.Maniatis said he would tag the amendment on to a bill overhauling zoning laws which is due to go to Parliament. Earlier the mayors had issued a statement calling on authorities to defy “invisible forces” that they said were stopping Greece from “adapting to international standards and respecting every citizen’s right of choice.”The amendment would allow Greece to “make up for years of procrastinating and to gain credibility in major issues relating to rights,” a subsequent statement said.A law allowing cremation in Greece was passed in 2006 – compared to 1884 in the UK and 1887 in France – but has not been enacted due to opposition from the Church of Greece, among others.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Former Newcastle defender slams owner Mike Ashley

first_imgFor Warren Barton, the absence of the team’s owner from the club’s matches has been terrible and he should be more responsible for his squadNewcastle United is on 19th place in the English Premier League standings with only two points.The team is one of three squads which haven’t win a single match this season.The Magpies have only drawn twice and lost six games so far.And for former defender Warren Barton, the team’s owner Mike Ashley should take better care of his club.“He has done a lot of harm by being away and hiding and not being in his seat when the fans are upset,” Barton told the Coming Home Newcastle podcast as echoed by The Chronicle Live.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“Show that you do care, show that you are going to be there. I went through a time where my performances were bad and the fans were booing but I never hid and they respected me for that.”“If you are having a bad time, don’t hop on the train to London or on the plane to Marbella and face the music,” he added.“But if you are going to do that, give Rafa some leeway and some money and be proactive.”“The fans may not like you at the end of the day but they will respect you for doing that,” Barton continued.“But what they won’t respect is that when times are hard you go and sit on your big yacht.”last_img read more

Portland mayor says demonstrations must evolve

first_imgPORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — With two parks outside his office cleared of Occupy Portland demonstrators for the first time in more than five weeks, Mayor Sam Adams has a message for the protesters: Evolve.The Occupy movement is “bigger than camps,” Adams tweeted this week, shortly after officers enforced his eviction order on one of the nation’s largest Occupy encampments. He says he’s deeply distressed to watch the demonstrators be forced to talk more about portable toilets and freedom of speech than their original messages of income inequality, alleged Wall Street cronyism and economic injustice.“I feel frustrated because it really finally has sunk in for me the opportunity that’s about to be lost if this movement doesn’t evolve,” Adams told The Associated Press. “And I know the day after an enforcement of an eviction that I’m probably one of the worst messengers to deliver this message.”Adams ordered police to clear out the Occupy Portland camp because it had become, in his view, unsanitary, unsafe and a haven for people not associated with the movement.But Adams is a staunch supporter of the Occupy message. So his decision to close the camp was made with a great deal of deliberation, and with some sadness.last_img read more

Ross Dress for Less to open 3rd Clark County store

first_imgPreviously: Ross Dress for Less operates at locations near Westfield Vancouver mall and at the Hazel Dell Crossing retail center.What’s new: A third Clark County store is planned at the former Best Buy location in the Columbia Crossing retail complex at Columbia Tech Center.What’s next: Construction is expected to start in spring for a 2014 store opening.An east Vancouver building that formerly housed a Best Buy store will soon be transformed into a Ross Dress for Less.The Pleasanton, Calif.-based discount clothier will begin this spring to refurbish the roughly 30,000-square-foot space within the Columbia Crossing retail center at Southeast 164th Avenue and Mill Plain Boulevard. Ross’s signed lease fills up the last large-store vacancy in the center, said Peter Bechen, president and chief executive officer of Portland-based PacTrust, which owns and manages the Columbia Crossing as part of the larger Columbia Tech Center development.With its third Vancouver store, Ross Dress for Less will take over a space that was a Best Buy store until it closed in 2012 as part of a companywide move that shuttered 50 underperforming sites across the United States.Best Buy once had two big-box stores in Clark County. The electronics retailer’s Hazel Dell Towne Center store closed in 2008.The chain operates stores at nearby Portland malls — Jantzen Beach Supercenter and Cascade Station in sales-tax-free Oregon.But unlike Best Buy, which stands to sell more of its big-ticket items in a sales-tax-free environment, Ross Dress for Less features “off prices.”That means the store’s discounted women’s, men’s and children’s brand-name apparel, shoes and home accessories are generally priced 20 to 60 percent lower than at department stores.last_img read more

EXCLUSIVE Learn to embrace agility at Employee Benefits Connect 2019

first_imgEXCLUSIVE: Delegates at Employee Benefits Connect 2019 will be able to learn about the practicalities, realities and benefits of agile working in the modern world.Nebel Crowhurst (pictured), head of people experience at high street fashion brand River Island, will present a session titled ‘Reimagining the workplace: Designing people teams that deliver agile and future-focused results’, as part of the technology conference stream on Wednesday 27 February 2019.The session will demonstrate how the principles of agility can become a practical and real aspect of an organisation’s approach to HR, encouraging delegates to create a culture that supports curiosity and challenges traditional mindsets. Crowhurst will also discuss the practical results, benefits and potential obstacles surrounding agile working, drawing on her own experiences and River Island’s journey.Crowhurst said: “[I will be] bringing some real life stories around some of the experiences we’ve had. I’ll be able to give some examples of where we’ve used the principles [of agile working], what’s worked, what some of the successes are, what perhaps some of the pitfalls are.”Crowhurst aims to challenge delegates’ thinking around traditional working structures, provoking innovation and change for the better by questioning the assumption that the systems in place are naturally the most effective.“A lot of people talk about agile working within the world of HR, but it’s about challenging people’s views on what that actually means,” she explained. “It’s taking that thread, being thought provoking and encouraging people to explore the concept.”Another goal of the session is to promote and foster connections and experience sharing among delegates, signposting to relevant information and allowing them to explore what elements of agile work might be effective within their own organisations.“You come to these things to network, learn new ideas and find things that are going to help you to think differently,” Crowhurst said. “Sometimes it reinforces what you’re doing and gives you a sense of confidence, and sometimes it causes you to think ‘I never considered it that way’ and it gets you thinking differently.”Speaking more broadly on the direction of the reward industry for 2019 and beyond, Crowhurst emphasised the importance of recognition as part of an organisation’s core reward strategy. Citing the success of River Island’s own recently implemented peer-to-peer recognition programme, she noted the importance of employers finding a system that works for them.This is a topic that will also be explored at Employee Benefits Connect 2019, with the session run by Jamie King, director, global rewards at Xexec, entitled ‘Why is employee recognition more relevant than ever?’For Crowhurst, the increasing importance of technology as an enabler across many people management and HR functions is another key trend for 2019, alongside the need to review and question rigid structures around the world of work.Employee Benefits Connect 2019 will take place on Wednesday 27 February 2019 at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge.Click here for more information or to book your place.last_img read more

Sukumar offers apology to Mahesh Babu for announcing project with Allu Arjun

first_imgMahesh Babu with Sukumar on 1: Nenokkadine setFacebookMythri Movie Makers have forced director Sukumar to offer an apology to superstar Mahesh Babu for announcing his future project with stylish star Allu Arjun before preparing a final script for Prince’s film.The rumours about the second combo film of Mahesh Babu and Sukumar had started doing rounds in April 2018. The actor had also announced this project on the birthday of the director in January. But when the director could not prepare the script, Prince decided to do a quick film with Anil Ravipudi.When Sukumar got to know about Mahesh Babu’s plans, he had tried to exert pressure on him. He approached Jr NTR with the same offer, but he rejected it. Later, he was successful in convincing Allu Arjun and making him sign this project. Before he announced it, Mahesh called off the film with the director quoting creative differences as the reason.Mythri Movie Makers hogged the limelight with Mahesh Babu’s Srimanthudu, which marked the entry of the production house into the film industry. The banner is now bankrolling Sukumar’s film with Allu Arjun. Its bosses were said to be upset with the differences between the actor and director.The bosses of Mythri Movie Makers reportedly put Sukumar under pressure and made him meet Mahesh Babu in person. In the meeting, Sukumar apologised to the actor for the misunderstanding and said that he would come up with a solid script very soon. But the latter has not given any assurance of working with him.Mahesh Babu is currently busy with the shooting of Maharshi. After wrapping it up, he will take up Anil Ravipudi. On the other hand, Allu Arjun is yet to start shooting for Trivikram Srinivas’ project. Once he will complete it, the stylish star will take up the movie. Sukumar has to wait for a year to start his project.last_img read more