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“The development of land and allotment to units by the developers is done based on the demand and market conditions. 2013 10:03 pm Related News Uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare minister Azam Khan today said curtailment of Haj pilgrims’ quota of Uttar Pradesh could lead to “law and order problem” in the state. Subbulakshmi, which was his second visit as US President to India. He said the country has seen a rapid urbanisation in the last two decades. vanilla-infused vodka (Rs 300) and Blush cocktail (Rs 400).” noted Patricia Conrod,professor at UdeM For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Washington | Updated: May 15 2017 11:55 pm The study also highlights how the amount of nutrients lost to waste compares to nutritional deficits in the typical American diet (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News About 40 per cent of food is wasted in the US say scientists who found that most of the discarded food contains important nutrients that could have helped Americans meet their daily dietary needs Scientists at the Johns Hopkins University in the US calculated the nutritional value of food wasted at the retail and consumer levels shining a light on just how much protein fiber and other important nutrients end up in the landfill in a single year These lost nutrients are important for healthy diets and some – including dietary fiber calcium potassium and vitamin D – are currently consumed below recommended levels Nutrient-dense foods like fruits vegetables seafood and dairy products are wasted at disproportionately high rates Previous research estimated that as much as 40 per cent of food is wasted nationally but it was not clear before this study how nutritious that food was “Huge quantities of nutritious foods end up in landfills instead of meeting Americans’ dietary needs” said Marie Spiker from Johns Hopkins “Our findings illustrate how food waste exists alongside inadequate intake of many nutrients” said Spiker For the study the researchers calculated the nutritional value of the retail- and consumer-level food waste of 213 commodities in 2012 The research team looking at 27 nutrients in all found that food wasted in the US food supply that year contained 1217 calories 33 grams of protein 59 grams of dietary fibre 17 microgrammes of vitamin D 286 milligrammes calcium and 880 milligrammes potassium per person per day Nutrient loss estimates provided by researchers could contribute to a baseline for measuring future progress researchers said The study also highlights how the amount of nutrients lost to waste compares to nutritional deficits in the typical American diet For example dietary fiber is important for maintaining digestive health and is found in grains vegetables and fruits Researchers estimate that in 2012 food wasted each day contained upwards of 18 billion grammes of dietary fiber which is comparable to the full recommended intake for dietary fiber for 736 million adult women American women under-consumed dietary fibre by 89 grammes per day in 2012 The study found that the daily amount of wasted dietary fibre is equivalent to the amount needed to fill this nutritional gap for as many as 2066 million adult women “While not all food that is wasted could or should be recovered it reminds us that we are dumping a great deal of high quality nutritious food that people could be enjoying” said Roni Neff an assistant professor at John Hopkins The findings were published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsUpdated: April 11 2017 4:42 pm The alarm clock goes off every day at 7 am As if on auto mode a bleary-eyed Shireen Singh hauls herself up from bed and rushes to the kitchen pulling away from the clutches of sleep She prepares breakfast for her four-year-old Labrador Retriever before taking him out for a 45-minute walk and then heads out for a two-hour-long commute to office At 36 Singh is an Assistant Vice-President for a foreign bank in Gurgaon Between the hours spent commuting to work and being boxed inside huge staid boardrooms with back-to-back client meetings the 45-minute brisk walk with Kit Kat is the only window of luxury she enjoys with the dual benefit of weight loss Weighing 87 kg Singh planned to shed 15 kg from her waistline in the next six months knowing it’s an ambitious target given her lifestyle “It’s tough managing office and my dog But it’s my responsibility to give him a good life I also realised how important my health was to me” says Singh This was six months back… After losing 4 kg Shireen complained that her weight-loss target would be unachievable at this slow pace “Walks with my dog weren’t helping me lose as much weight” admits Singh To expedite the process she signed up for Mixed Martial Arts sessions at a nearby gym followed by a host of other complicated high-intensity interval training (HIIT) over a period of five months She even changed her heavy three-course meal diet to consuming four smaller but manageable meals a day In the next three months she lost five kilos and her motivation shot up But instead of going to work energised Singh felt exhausted She tried adjusting to this fast-paced workout regime only to realise this wasn’t what she was looking for “Something had changed” says Singh “I felt drained out on most days and wasn’t enjoying all of the new things I was doing I missed taking Kit Kat out for daily walks Ease yourself into a fitness routine Over-straining yourselfl can be fatal (Photo: Thinkstock) Emotional well-being was the key to her happiness Not HIIT or an aspirational super-slim physique To achieve faster results Singh went in for an intense training plan her body wasn’t prepared to handle So she simply added running along with brisk walks with her dog coupled with a small four-course meal everyday Not only was she happier she also achieved her weight-loss target in little more than a year Despite the various studies that exist today often what we know about fitness is actually embarrassingly simple Yet we have found myriad ways to obscure some basic truths “If you’re not someone who enjoys exercising all activity weaved into your life is good The human body was born to move and the more you move the healthier you actually are This is a fact” says Shayamal Vallabhjee Puma running expert and sports scientist Jumping from a no-exercise regimen to high intensity training is counter-productive in the long run Experts suggest following these tips while starting on a fitness routine 1) If you’re not someone who exercises daily then any kind of activity will help Realising you need to exercise doesn’t mean you step right into a CrossFit session Instead find any physical activity you don’t hate doing and stick to it For instance taking your dog out for a walk counts as a calorie-burning physical activity so does cleaning the house ironing clothes giving family members a massage or even cooking “Staying active during the whole day is important even if one exercises in the gym every day There is no point lifting heavy in the gym and not having the energy to carry groceries or playing with the kids” saysExercise Science specialist and fitness expert Deckline Leitao If nothing else taking your dog out for a walk can also help you keep fit (Photo: Thinkstock) Family walks are a great way to stay fit advises Vallabhjee He suggests finding something people love that takes them outdoors: “Remember that the less you move the more illness you are inviting and you are better off trying to form these habits while you have the energy to do so” Most fitness experts agree that there’s no ‘one’ way of staying healthy People just need to find a physical activity that they can tolerate New South Wales University researchers say that regular physical activity can help prevent a range of chronic lifestyle diseases such as heart disease type 2 diabetes stroke high blood pressure and some cancers It further says that it also helps promote psychological well-being and promote social connectedness 2) Gradually increase the intensity Over-enthusiasm in exercising can be negative for the body because we tend to push it beyond its safety limit and that’s a sure-fire way to get injured and over-strained “Hard training days and weeks need to be interspersed with recovery days and weeks where you focus on stretching massage meditation etc You should remember that even professional athletes cannot train at 100 per cent all the time Use the principle of ‘Progressive Overload’ which means that we need to overload our bodies and systems gradually to get the best results in fitness” says Leitao An example of this would be to master each step at a time — walk then jog then run followed by sprinting before trying to jump high 3) Start with cardiovascular exercises — they have the lowest risk of injury and keep you fit longer Research backed by fitness experts has repeatedly emphasised that cardiovascular exercises such as walking running and swimming help increase your longevity Having a strong cardiovascular base should be the gold standard says Vallabhjee “For anyone starting off this is probably the best place to begin It also has the lowest risk of injury and the largest impact on chronic lifestyle diseases The problem is that it requires lots of time but there is no getting away from that” he says Cardiovascular exercise such as running can help increase your longevity (Photo: Thinkstock) Walking is the simplest Long walks not only help burn calories but also give an emotional boost Exercise releases a chemical called endorphins that trigger a positive feeling in the body which also diminishes perceptions of pain says Leitao adding that walking is a great first step to a full-blown exercise programme for both beginners and the elderly and even those recovering from an injury Running is also an effective way to build cardiovascular endurance and stronger legs but should always be combined with adequate strength training to prevent impact injuries and to increase running speed The upside of weight-loss according to a New South Wales research on healthy lifestyle 2013-18 is that with every kilogram of excess weight lost it brings health benefits that remain for a long time following your weight-loss Even a 5-10 per cent weight-loss significantly reduces a person’s risk of chronic disease Another benefit of cardio exercises is that they improve focus Research suggests that doing aerobic exercises betters your ability to focus akin to attention-deficit disorder medication For instance experts at the Duke University suggest that incorporating moderate-intensity cardio three times a week in your schedule would be as effective as consuming antidepressants for reducing acute depression 4) If you already exercise regularly then mix up your workouts For those who exercise regularly mixing workouts gives recovery time to overused parts of the body while activating the other under-utilised muscles which will strengthen over time Overdoing a single activity/exercise can lead to injury since ligaments muscles joints and tendons take tremendous amount of pressure through repeated activity — a common occurrence at gyms these days So it’s important to give them occasional breaks The body needs change to get better and this change should be structured into programmes in the form of distance time mileage (Photo: Thinkstock) Researchers at Australia’s University of New South Wales suggest that interval training burns three times as much fat as running twice as long at a moderate pace “To see any benefits from training you need to shock your system Most people think that this shock to the system needs to come in the form of high-intensity training” says Vallabhjee His advice: “The body needs change to get better and this change should be structured into programmes in the form of distance time mileage weight repetitions hydration carbohydrate loading etc Variable heart rate training that we see in interval training is just one of the parameters” “Interval training is a mix of high-intensity training and an equal time for slow activity For example you run at 80-90 per cent of your maximum speed for 30-60 seconds and then slow jog to recover for the same time” explains Leitao For those used to moderate exercise interval training can be a good way to expedite results Adding a few high-intensity sessions in between your cardio sessions by increasing your speed resistance etc, “Her achievements as a versatile actress coupled with her quintessential confidence are inspirational to women across the country, The 29-year-old claimed the top slot in the list of best paid models despite taking some time off from the catwalk last year to give birth to her first child, For all the latest Entertainment News.

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