Katy Hartley A Cowboys fan The Cowboys can scor

first_imgKaty Hartley (A Cowboys fan)The Cowboys can score. The Cardinals can’t. The Cowboyslove to pass the ball. The Cardinals can’t stop a solidpassing offense. Romo is a better QB than Kolb. Dallas hasa slight edge on defense. Who can spell slaughter?Final Score: Cowboys 31, Cardinals 14 Adam GreenThis used to be the game I’d circle on the schedule, asthe Cowboys would come to town and bring with them astadium full of people wearing blue and silver. Things gotfun in the latter part of the 90s when the Cardinalsseemingly always found a way to beat their NFC East foe. While Arizona has experienced success against the ‘Boys inrecent years, I just can’t see them keeping up. The Cowboys can score, either with DeMarco Murray and theground game or Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Laurent Robinson andJason Witten and the air attack, and the Cardinals won’tbe able to keep up with a rusty Kevin Kolb who will get toknow DeMarcus Ware pretty good by the end of theafternoon.Final Score: Cowboys 31, Cardinals 13 John GambadoroThis one is easy. Tony Romo in December (7-10) is a muchdifferent quarterback than Tony Romo in November (19-2). The Cowboys are playing great football right now, havingwon 5 of their last 6 and taking control of the NFC East.They are due for a letdown and here it comes. Arizona has been playing good quality defense and theywill do so again as the Cowboys bounce back to earth thisweek and Romo reminds us all why we don’t like him and whyhe is no Tom Brady. DeMarco Murray is very good so the keywill be to stop the run, and it does look like MilesAustin will miss his fourth straight game with a hamstringinjury which is a big plus for Arizona. Cardinals getthree Feeley field goals and beat Dallas.Final Score: Cardinals 23, Cowboys 20 Charlie FeinermanThe Cardinals come off a game against a struggling Ramsteam to face a Dallas Cowboys team that has won 4 games ina row without arguably two of their best weapons onoffense and defense. The Cowboys may be getting healthy,as starting corner Mike Jenkins is set to return. If Iwere Kevin Kolb I would wait another week to make mycomeback, as the thought of Levi Brown trying to blockDeMarcus Ware really scares me. If Beanie Wells hasanother great game, the Cards have a shot. It may not getugly, but the Cowboys are at full strength and havemomentum… And Levi Brown is going to be blockingDeMarcus Ware.Final Score: Cowboys 38, Cardinals 20 Dave BurnsI know, I know. The Cowboys are never any good inDecember, in particular Tony Romo. I think there issomething different about this year’s Cowboys. DeMarcoMurray adds a whole new dimension to that team. Despitethe Cardinals success at stopping the run, I think therust on Kevin Kolb will prevent the offense from keepingup.Final Score: Cowboys 24, Cardinals 13 Doug FranzThere’s just no way to predict how Kolb will perform inthis game. If Kolb gets the start he’s a strugglinginjured QB coming back for the first time in a month.However, one of the major issues for Kolb was hisknowledge of the offense. I’m sure his knowledge of theoffense has improved greatly, which could lead to betterresults.I do believe the defense has a better idea of theirindividual jobs. Dockett played much better against theRams and maybe that’s a sign he’s going to step up.The catch is I will never pick the Cards to beat a teamwith a good TE as long as Wilson is starting at SS.Dallas is in a dog fight with NYG for the division and ina tie for a wild card spot.Arizona is a better team than they were a month ago, butthey’re not as good as Dallas.Final Score: Cowboys 24, Cardinals 14 What an MLB source said about the D-backs’ trade haul for Greinke Top Stories Vince MarottaThe Cowboys are red-hot, having won their last four in arow. Tony Romo has played well, throwing 10 touchdownsduring the winning streak. He’s been nails in Novemberduring his career. But it’s not November anymore, theCardinals are playing pretty well themselves and have hadthe Cowboys number the last two times they’ve played them.I’ve got a feeling…Final Score: Cardinals 27, Cowboys 24last_img

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