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first_imgThe plays, Taj Mahal Ka Tender and All Idiots, directed by SP Singh Sengur are both Hindi comedies designed to tickle the funny bone. Straight off the bat, the tone of the plays was set with a statutory warning being issued requesting the audience to put their mobiles and kids on silent. That would be the exact route that the plays would follow. Unapologetic from the word go, the actors would poke fun at each and everything under the sun, starting from newsworthy events to various pop culture references with politicians, actors and even media persons being made the butt of all jokes. The first play All Idiots based on the play Bure Phase by Pandit Bhushan deals with the trials and tribulations of a fictional CID outfit who are on a mission to bust a smuggling racket with two investigators going undercover as servants in the smuggling racket kingpin’s house with hilarious consequences. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The next play, Taj Mahal Ka Tender explored the idea of the troubles that Shah Jahan would face, had he tried to build the legendary Taj Mahal in the modern age. With corrupt officials just waiting to pounce at any given opportunity, the play presented a very real picture of the world we live in. Essentially social satire, the audience could relate to each and every situation which made them react spontaneously after every act. As some situations on stage began to mirror the ways of how the society works, the immortal words of William Shakespeare would ring true,where he stated: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and And all the men and women are merely players”.last_img

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