Fabricating Shelley

first_imgMathur set up the Textile Division at NIFT, New Delhi in 1993 and has been teaching there ever since. Having been a Design Educationist for so many years and having  in-depth knowledge of various textiles, she has put together. The collection of art works has a multi-pronged approach to art and design, where traditional crafts of tie-dye, felt making, embroidery,  appliqué and patch-work, tufted carpet weaving, Persian soumak weaving have been used in an innovative ways. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Shelley wrote this poem in Florence, Italy, in 1890, on a day when there were dark clouds and lightening in the sky, and a terrible storm burst upon the earth in the evening. Nature seemed to be symbolic of the troubled times that man was going through, in this atmosphere of suffering, gloom, darkness, despair and utter hopelessness, came the poem Ode to the West Wind opening a door to a new world, kindling a ray of hope, assuring men that all was not lost, Spring will follow Winter, light will follow darkness. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAs the mighty, uncontrollable, tameless and swift and proud, West Wind sweeps across land, ocean and sky, there is a flood of superb images, intricately woven into each other.For a visual artist and for a designer, such an abundance of beautiful, colourful, picturesque paradoxical images are a driving inspiration to further create new art works, to re-create new designs.  The last line of the poem, “If winter comes can Spring be far behind?” opens a new vista to a world of peace and calm, cheer and joy, colour and light, freedom and hope.“The words,  thoughts and images  that stirred my emotions and my imagination which led to the creation of my art works were the wind being a fierce spirit, swift, magical and uncontrollable by scenes where the sky is filled with clouds shed from the tangled boughs of heaven, a bare forest in autumn, morning dawn, dead leaves being driven to a wintery bed; colours of spring; the natural carpet of autumn leaves on the ground; leaves being blown off and torn with the powerful wind; leaves and flowers being tossed with the wind; butterflies and birds flying happily in spring; words like re-birth, rejuvenation, joy, growth, death and life, withered leaves and flowers, destruction, decay, hopelessness  and hope,” says Mathur.last_img

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