The Best Sartorial Swerves in Star Wars

first_imgStay on target Between epic lightsaber duels and thrilling interstellar dogfights, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Star Wars is one of the most stylish film franchises of all time. The series is chock full of solid looks, from killer costuming to enviable hair and makeup. With much of the Solo: A Star Wars Story discourse rightfully focusing on, uh, Lando’s cape collection, we found the sartorial side of Star Wars on our mind. Each movie, while full of great looks, has a clear standout swerve. Some of these are so quintessentially Star Wars that they’d never work outside of the franchise, but others are so lowkey that you may find yourself applying them to your wardrobe or grooming routine before you know it. THE PHANTOM MENACE Amidala’s Queen Getup: As swaggy as Star Wars can be, much of the costuming is rooted in minimalism, heavily aiming for utility over style. That goes out the window with Queen Amidala, and rightfully so. A queen shouldn’t be stomping around in a droopy beige aesthetic. From the regal dress to the stylized makeup to the hairdos that made Leia’s most ostentatious look tame, Amidala’s royal visage is unforgettable.ATTACK OF THE CLONES Obi-Wan’s hair/goatee: A Jedi’s time as a padawan is largely dictated by struggle, by challenge, and by learning how to navigate the least-enviable of situations. We can’t help but wonder if having to sport the dumbest haircut imaginable is part of that process. Luckily, Obi-Wan gets the glow-up of the millennium in between Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Homeboy goes from a buzz cut with a rat tail to luscious locks and a killer beard to frame it all. The look is further refined in Revenge of the Sith but has less of a shock factor to it because by then we already know that Obi-Wan is hot now.REVENGE OF THE SITH Goth Anakin: Anakin is angsty as hell from the very start, but it’s not until Revenge of the Sith that he starts to dress like it. And man, he makes it work. Bringing out the dark, leather-heavy getup does wonders for the previously style-free Chosen One, and it’s a look nearly good enough to turn us to his side. If only he hadn’t, you know, murdered all of those children in cold blood…A NEW HOPE Leia’s Hairdo: There are a number of iconic looks in the franchise’s first installment which makes picking a single perfect swerve difficult. At the end of the day though, we’ve gotta give it to Leia’s iconic double-bun look. There’s no hairstyle more quintessentially Star Wars than this one. It’s often imitated but never duplicated. Heck, it even gets homaged in other hairstyles throughout the franchise. Leia takes a look that, in theory, shouldn’t work and instead makes it iconic. Truly a swerve for the ages.EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Lando’s Cape: Yes, Donald Glover’s are stellar, but we’ve gotta give it to the OG here. Lando’s flowing silken cape is all things considered, maybe the single dopest piece of costuming in the franchise’s history. Lando makes sure he wears the cape without it wearing him, a task utterly gargantuan in retrospect. If you’re feeling bold and want to give this look a shot, hit up ThinkGeek for their take on Lando’s Solo: A Star Wars Story cape.RETURN OF THE JEDI Black on Black: Luke’s grand entrance in Jedi sees him don an all-black ensemble that heavily implies a new moral ambiguity. Even setting aside the textual context though, it’s the best look in the film. We’ve never seen Luke in a good outfit until this moment, and when he shows up in fitted black threads it still makes our jaws drop. You can’t go wrong with black on black if you wanna look good and radiate power/moral ambiguity (and really, don’t we all?).THE FORCE AWAKENS Poe/Finn’s Jacket: Rare is the iconic piece of Star Wars costuming that is worn in stellar fashion by not one but two characters (the weird bit in Empire where Lando wears Han’s clothes while piloting the Falcon doesn’t exactly fall under the “stellar fashion” category). The Force Awakens jacket is the exception. Originally belonging to X-Wing hotshot Poe Dameron, it’s picked up by Finn in the wake of Poe’s apparent death – and he wears it so well that when Poe turns up alive he just lets Finn keep it. It’s the perfect Star Wars take on a brown leather jacket, with just enough embellishing to make it feel like it belongs in the world of the franchise. It’s another one that you can rock in real life if you so desire.ROGUE ONE Krennic’s Uniform: In a grimy world rendered filthy by perpetual war, Orson Krennic’s crisp white threads stand out as legendary. He wears them with a sort of disdain for anybody who isn’t dressed for the occasion he’s setting, fully aware of how crisp and clean his appearance is. The getup bleeds arrogance and class all at once, an easy highlight of the franchise’s sartorial side.THE LAST JEDIKylo Ren’s Mignola Body: Ben Swolo, y’all. His mask is iconic, his black robes peak Star Wars/Hot Topic fusion, but at the end of the day Kylo Ren has never looked better than the time he shows up to Force-Skype with his new friend Rey half-dressed revealing a chiseled, thick physique that looks like it’s ripped from a Mike Mignola drawing. Never has a Star Wars movie made us thirst for a villain like this.SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY The Fur Coats: Listen, yes, Lando’s capes are great in this one too. But we’ve already covered how slick that look is in Empire. We can only write so many words about capes, y’all. So instead, we’ve gotta give props to the fur coat ensemble sported by multiple cast members throughout the film (including Lando). These thick fur coats are about as cool as can be, so cool that we don’t even feel all that bad for the Banthas that probably had to die so that these jackets could live. They look like they were ripped from Andre 3000’s wardrobe for an Outkast video. Solo is full of stylish moments (Han’s suede jacket is pretty rad, for instance) but these coats easily clinch the win. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Mattel Unveils Fashionable ‘Star Wars’ x Barbie Dolls‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Finale Sets Up ‘The Rise of Sk… last_img

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