The Big Yellow School Bus is Going Green

first_img Automotive manufacturing giant Diamler proudly unveiled a new addition to its expansive roster this week. And while it’s not exactly Magic, there is something special about this particular school bus. It’s electrified.Daimler subsidiary Thomas Built Buses calls their slick new ride Jouley (see what they did there?). It’s got room for 85 passengers and a battery pack with enough capacity to to drive 100 miles on a single charge. Thomas offers expansion packs, too, in case schools want Jouley to tackle longer routes.There’s even a power saving mode that can let a driver squeeze out a little extra distance in case a trip ends up covering a little more ground than expected.As you might expect, acceleration isn’t exactly Jouley’s thing. The bus posts a zero to 60 time of around 45 seconds, which is about twice what one of its diesel-chugging counterparts can do. Still, for routes in more densely-populated areas Jouley’s lack of get-up-and-go isn’t a deal breaker.Like other EVs, Jouley creates no harmful emissions and offers greatly reduced maintenance costs. One other advantage that Thomas thinks is pretty important is the lack of that that unmistakable school bus rumble. Reduced noise under the hood should make it easier for the driver to focus on the road and riders.Thomas has taken a page from the Tesla playbook, too. Jouley can receive over-the-air software updates and can also transmit location information and data about vehicle systems in real time, which helps simplify the task of managing and servicing a fleet.One other cool trick Jouley has up its sleeve: the power stored in its 100 to 160kWh batteries can be shared. In an emergency situation, schools could use their buses to provide backup power and keep vital systems running. It could supply juice for some pretty cool off-grid field trips, too. San Diego to Build Charging Stations for 3,000 Electric Buses, TrucksWorld’s Largest All-Electric Ferry Launches in Denmark Stay on targetcenter_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img

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