Kickstarterbacked drone aims to destroy all land mines in 10 years

first_imgThe Mine Kafon Drone is apparently 20 times faster than traditional mine removal techniques, and as much as 200 times cheaper. The creators believe it could be possible to clear all the minefields on Earth in as little as 10 years, if the Mine Kafon Drone works as expected.The Mine Kafon Drone is an unusual project to be on Kickstarter. By backing it, you aren’t securing your very own mine-clearing drone. You are sponsoring the testing of the drone on simulated minefields of various sizes. For example, €17 sponsors 7,500 square meters of mine detection. All the sponsorship tiers come with a postcard of the area you helped map. Some of the higher tiers also include trinkets like phone cases and models of the drone. For what it’s worth, Kickstarter has endorsed this project. It’s not like Kickstarter projects are always a smart use of funds. At least this one is trying to do some good. Land mines can often outlast the conflict that led to their deployment by years. Around the world, forgotten land mines are triggered by civilians every day, but there’s a project on Kickstarter that’s looking to change that. The Mine Kafon Drone is designed to fly across minefields, detecting the explosive devices and clearing them without putting anyone in harm’s way. The creators were seeking about $77,000, but they’re already way past that.The drone has six rotors connected to a central stalk. Hanging from the center is a connector that can carry a camera, mine detection hardware, or a small grasper. The first phase of clearing mines relies on the camera to map the area and mark dangerous obstacles that drone needs to avoid. Next, the mine detector connected as the drone flies low over the terrain. When it spots a mine, the location is marked using GPS. In the final step, the grasper is used to place a small detonator on the ground. The charge is set off remotely, destroying the mine.last_img

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