Foxconn reopens after riots led to shutdown

first_imgIt takes a lot to shut down Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn, but after some 2,000 employees rioted on the company’s campus, leading to a response of 5,000 police officers, there was not much else it could do. The plant was closed for an entire day as a result of the incident.Clear details of exactly what happened are few and far between at this point, but sources claim that the incident began in a dormitory on the company’s campus and not on the factory floor. 40 people were reported as injured during the course of the scuffle.Online messages from people who appear to be Foxconn employees accused company guards of beating up workers, which led to the massive riot. Some comments went as far as suggesting that a guard nearly beat an employee to death. Other reports mention bed quilts being set on fire by the guards and tossed out windows. There has been no official response to these allegations.Later Monday night thousands of police are thought to have been sent to the Foxconn facility in riot gear. There were announcements over the public address system at the factory telling everyone to respect the law.As far as the official response, Foxconn would only confirm that the plant was closed to accommodate a full investigation. The company said that the cause of the incident did not appear to be “work-related,” since it happened in a company dorm. Of course, the always questionable working conditions — which have slightly improved — could have played a factor in the tensions or emotions that erupted.The plant has reopened, but little is known about what kind of resolution, if any, was reached.via Reuters, Washington Postlast_img

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