Morocco PJD and PPS Team Up For October Elections

Rabat – The Justice and Development Party and the Party of Progress and Socialism will join forces to face the national elections scheduled for October 7th, according to a report by Le360, a Moroccan news source.The two parties’ leaders, Abdelillah Benkirane of the PJD and Nabil Benabdallah of the PPS, will hold a joint meeting on Saturday, April 16 at the PJD headquarters Rabat, to consolidate the foundations of this alliance.“This is not to engage, in the moment, in the development of a common agenda, but to establish a cooperation which would give priority to an alliance already operational under the current government,” said Wednesday in Le360, Tej Karim, a member of the political bureau of the PPS. In addition to teaming up for the legislative elections in October, the two parties will discuss the future of government’s priorities during the last six months of Abdelilah’s term in the highest elected public office in the country.Benabdallah, who is also the minister of housing for Morocco, recently revealed his preference for an alliance with the PJD, saying his party had made the “right choice to integrate with the current coalition government,” at the last session of the Central Committee of the PPS.

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