American Teenager Missing After She Flew to Morocco to Meet Her

New York – An American teenager from the State of Connecticut is missing in Morocco after she flew from New York JFK airport to Casablanca in order to meet up with her Facebook “boyfriend.”The 17-yar old American was driven to JFK airport by her mother who believed her daughter was flying to meet a friend in California.Rebecca Arthur flew from New York to Monday night and arrived in Casablanca on Tuesday. But her arrival in the Moroccan economic hub, she has been unaccounted for, according to NBC. According to the same source, Rebecca’s parents did not know about their daughter’s plans to travel to Morocco.Rebecca allegedly took the seven-hour long trip to meet up with her Facebook boyfriend, Simo El Adala, for the first time.But El Adala’s profile states that he lives in Uruguay. The alleged Moroccan man’s Facebook profile shows also that he is in a “relationship” with Rebecca, although he has never seen her in person. The virtual couple have been in a “relationship since last February, police said.The American teenager arrived in Morocco on Tuesday with as little as $25 in her pockets, according to the New York Daily News.

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