Head of Govt to EFE MoroccanSpanish relations are better than ever

Madrid-  The relations between Morocco and Spain, two friendly and neighboring countries, are “better than ever before”, said Head of government Abdelilah Benkirane.Head of Govt. to EFE: Moroccan-Spanish relations are ‘better than ever before’“Today, relations between Morocco and Spain, which have been always good except for few incidents, are better than ever before,” Benkirane told on Wednesday Spanish News Agency (EFE), on the occasion of the eleventh Moroccan-Spanish high level meeting which is slated June 5 in Madrid.  These relations are based on trust, which is of paramount importance in all international relations, Benkirane said, adding that this trust enables the two countries to develop a more positive cooperation. Spain is a friend and neighbor country with which we have shared interests, he said, noting that cooperation relations between the two kingdoms are an example for other Mediterranean countries.Benkirane stressed the role of Morocco in combating illegal immigration. “Morocco is not the EU’s policeman, but it has a role” in curbing tragedies resulting from this phenomenon.On the fight against terrorism, He reiterated Morocco’s commitment to counter this plague, noting that the Kingdom will spare no effort to ensure security on the Moroccan territory and elsewhere.Referring to Morocco’s territorial integrity, Benkirane underlined that the position of Morocco is just, wishing to see Spain play a role in settling this artificial dispute.

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