Here is your horoscope for May 9

first_imgARIESYour individualistic approach brings success. You are not afraid of expressing ideas even if they arouse controversy to begin with. You can be sudden and enthusiastic in love or anger. You have the right quality of innocence and clarity. Children bring joy! Lucky number 7. Colour yellow. TAURUSYou may need to rejuvenate energy, as you seem exhausted dealing with blocks. You are generous in relationships. You need to find a healing outlet or release for your tension, anger and frustration or you may explode at the wrong time and wrong place. Lucky number 10. Colour orange. GEMINIBe realistic or you can get restless with professional and personal situations. Things are changing by themselves so allow a bit of time to give you direction. Reason is divorced from reality – look at the truth! Reflection heralds the end of a delusion. Lucky number 10. Colour rusty red. CANCERNine golden cups full of light greet you with love in relationships and success in business. Everything seems to be moving at a happy pace but you can feel the changes trickling in and transforming relationships. A shopping spree can upset your budget. Lucky number 9. Colour pink. LEOSince you are divided about choices, a quick, spontaneous decision takes you towards fulfillment. Differences in relationships are resolved with friendly consideration and a loving attitude. Your duality within draws you towards different moods and activities! Lucky number 2. Colour blue. VIRGOYou are blessed with youthful energy and dynamism in earthy aspects, which you infuse in business affairs. Your social life maybe considered dull and you are somewhat resentful of spiritual and emotional aspects today. Relationships are stable and supportive. Lucky number 18. Colour brown. advertisementLIBRAYou tend to suffer agonies of mind unnecessarily by worrying about everything and imagining the worst. There is no need to feel oppressed and suffer but stand up for yourself and get free of limitations. Your patience in relationships brings you support. Lucky number 9. Colour silver grey. SCORPIOYou stand strong against stormy weather and difficult situations to face professional and personal challenges. Material wealth and physical well being allow you to travel, indulge in sport and burn your candle at both ends. A valuable relationship is sensitive. Lucky number 10. Colour red. SAGITTARIUSLike ‘The Queen of Swords’ you are brilliant, individualistic and not ready to make compromises in any aspect. You are intensely perceptive and don’t miss any undercurrents or political games that go on around you. Tender care is needed in relationships. Lucky number 6. Colour blue. CAPRICORNAn empty canvas eagerly awaits your first brush stroke, which reveals the mood and colour of your new painting or project. Relationships are rejuvenated with new feelings. The past gets wiped out, without any effort or regret, once you make a new beginning. Lucky number 8. Colour white. AQUARIUSA blend of success and pleasure leaves you with mixed feelings. You give in to what others want but would rather abandon yourself to a lazy, relaxing day. You share happy times with friends. You are likely to invest in a luxury that brings a temporary thrill. Lucky number 4. Colour red. PISCES’The Knight of Cups’ brings up friendships and connections from the past as nostalgia and sentiment over whelm you. You are much in demand during family and official engagements. You are graceful and amiable, quick to respond to attraction and enthusiastic. Lucky number 5. Colour browns.last_img read more