Virgin Airlines offering one frequent flyer a trip into space

first_imgThe life of a frequent flier is not an easy one. In exchange for occasional first-class upgrades, on-the-go business types have to spend literally years of their lives in the air, no doubt wrestling with headaches, stress, and of course the just-as-frequent sounds of infant tantrums. For those who struggle through those trials and tribulations on Virgin Airlines, though, there might be a silver lining.It’s no secret that Virgin is pioneering the market of commercial space flight, and although it will be some time before you can book a round-trip flight to the moon, Virgin Galactic has been the first to offer millionaires the chance to lift off within a spacecraft and experience weightlessness, if even for a short period of time.Virgin Galactic will be making its first cross-brand promotion with Virgin Airlines, as one lucky (read: very, very frequent flier) will be able to attain “Galactic” status on their frequent flier account. That is, whoever earns the most frequent flier points between now and August 7, 2013 will be declared the first ever Galactic member, and will win a flight on Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo zero-gravity flight.The cost for regular fliers is a whopping $200,000, so this is quite a perk, but it is obviously something that no one will easily be able to win. While it’s pretty likely that no one reading this will gain the coveted prize, for Virgin, this is all about reminding people that as all this talk about Mars and space ramps up, it is the company that wants to make a difference in this market for the average person.Galactic Contest via US Newslast_img read more