Google to rent Chromebooks for 30 per month

first_imgDespite the ongoing success of Android, elements in Google are still pushing Chrome OS aggressively. Consumers have yet to embrace the low-cost cloud connected laptops, but Google thinks businesses in particular could be persuaded to try Chrome. To those ends, Google is working with CIT to rent new Samsung Chromebooks for $30 per month.Chromebooks have some appeal, especially when you need to add computing capacity quickly. There is no software to install or patches to run. Users just log in, and the entire experience can be managed from a web console. Google also includes 24/7 support. When a device is no longer needed, like when the political campaign season is over and all those temp workers leave, the rental Chromebook %displayPrice% at %seller% can be returned.In the new rental program, the monthly cost goes down the longer a unit is deployed. After a year the charge goes down to $25 each month, and a year later it drops to $20. If portability is not necessary, a Chromebox can be rented starting at $25 per month. There is also a 3-year warranty on each unit, so you can swap them out if something goes wrong.The program is apparently only open for a limited time, possibly as a trial run. Even if you’re not a business, you can get in on the fun. However, it’s fairly clear that Google is aiming this at businesses in an effort to increase the usage of Google Apps. With Chromebooks still selling for $400-600, a rental program makes a lot of sense.via Googlelast_img read more