Ben Heck creates a portable Sega CDX

first_imgBen heck is a renowned modder of all things tech related with previous Xbox 360 and PS3 console mods earning him well deserved praise in the community.Despite his quiet absence recently, Ben has hit back with another awe-inspiring mod, this time he has concentrated on the 90’s Sega CDX console.The CDX combined a Genesis and SegaCD in one unit and flopped when it first came out in 1994. But that didn’t put Ben off, and he has managed to dissect the console and install the innards into a smaller case along with a 4″ OLED screen and integrated controller.Planning the build was quite a time consuming process, but as with most of his mods he prevailed. You can see from the video below (towards the end) that the console is successfully running Snatcher (a cyberpunk-themed graphic adventure game produced by Konami).Read more at Electronista, via BenHecklast_img read more