The 10 video game characters that would make the best significant others

first_imgChun-Li (Street Fighter series)Who wouldn’t want to date Chun-Li? Not only is she one of the world’s best martial artists, but she’s also a seasoned traveler with an upbeat personality who dresses with style. Being that she is Chinese, she can no doubt show you all of the best places to visit in her homeland, and of course, fight off any locals that make a habit of preying on tourists. Just be sure not to mention any type of “bison” in a conversation.Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher series)One may think that Geralt is on this list simply because of his rugged good looks, and while that isn’t exactly wrong, it wouldn’t be totally correct. Aside from belonging to a special class of monster hunters and possessing super-human abilities, Geralt is loyal to a fault. If he counts you as his ally or lover, there is nothing he won’t do for you. Plus, he’s technically a royal knight and has gained extensive knowledge of the world over his 97 years (and he looks great for his age). On top of all that, he’s a passionate lover, practically making him the overall perfect romantic companion.Honorable mention: Commander Shepard“Savior of the Galaxy” is probably all that Commander Shepard’s dating profile needs, but there’s more to the Citadel spokesperson that. The Commander is the first human to become a Spectre, which is basically the galaxy’s own police force, and helped humanity gain a higher standing within the galactic community. The commander is highly sought after as a romantic companion, though, so make sure to act with speed when in pursuit.Of course, if none of the above do it for you — or you’re just really sad that they aren’t real — you can always date a printer. No really, there’s a printer dating sim — and hey, printers are something you could just get delivered to you from Amazon. Who would’ve guessed that Amazon was secretly in the mail-order significant printer-other business? No matter how much time we spend playing their games or how much of an emotional impact they may have on us, the sad fact is that the video game characters we love cannot love us back. No matter how attractiveor relatable you may find a character, your relationship with them begins and ends in front of a monitor or television screen.What if you could actually date one of your favorite characters, though? Which ones would be perfect companions, or if not perfect, be the most interesting to date — provided you aren’t killed along the way? Since it’s Valentine’s Day weekend, we’ve decided to inhale some of the love that’s in the air (at least we think that’s love in the air) and imagine what it would be like to go out with some beloved video game characters.Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)Lara Croft is an adventurous type of girl who is curious about the world around her. Despite being rich, she prefers to spend most of her time outdoors exploring long-forgotten places, or hunting wild animals. She’s an exercise enthusiast as well, and spends countless hours in her custom made gym working on her climbing skills. She’s also filthy rich, so you know, that’s always a bonus too. Dating her may occasionally result in both of you being chased by a dinosaur, but that’s all part of the package with Lara.Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil series)Leon is the all-American boy next door type that you could bring home to your parents. On his first day as a police officer, he survived a zombie outbreak and helped whoever he could in the process. In fact, he continues to do his part in helping stem back the zombie hordes from infesting the planet. This is a committed man, who would no doubt bring that commitment to any relationship. He doesn’t talk much, though, so you may have to put in extra effort to get him to open up. Just consider that him being a strong silent type.Leliana (Dragon Age series)If you’re looking for a kind and loyal companion with an air of mystery to her, then Leliana may be right for you. She’s a girl who is comfortable being around both regular folks and nobility so you can pretty much take her anywhere and be assured she won’t feel out of place. She also has a stern side and is pretty good with a bow and arrow, perfect if the waiter at the restaurant you take her to messes up your order.Link (The Legend of Zelda series)While Super Mario is also in the business of rescuing kidnapped princesses, Link is the younger, more attractive of the two Nintendo stars. He’s a man (or boy) who will travel across dangerous lands to rescue Princess Zelda from the evil Ganondorf. He’s the quiet, sensitive type which just adds to his allure. He’s also an accomplished musician, and can not only serenade you with his trusty ocarina, but literally conduct the winds to play a tune. Plus: his wide array of different tunics and boots suggest a complex fashion sense.Samus Aran (Metroid series)Any woman with a sense of duty is always attractive, and considering that Samus Aran is compelled to rid the galaxy of evil aliens, makes her even more appealing. Samus isn’t one to show her feelings, so you may have to work a little harder to get her to open up. If you do, it could mean romantic flights across the galaxy to visit exotic worlds. If there are any dangers on these planets, then you can rest assured that Samus will keep you safe.Kratos (God of War)For girls who like to live on the wild side, there’s no better man to date than Kratos. This demigod spends most of his time killing mythological beasts and deities, so you should forgive any random bloodstains he might be covered in. He’s a renowned lover, having bedded down even the goddess of love herself, and would be best left for experienced ladies. He also spent the better part of three games literally trying to destroy immortal gods because they didn’t protect his family, so you know he’s a caring husband and father.Quiet (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain)Now, Quiet isn’t exactly the talkative type (duh), but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t be a cool girlfriend. Her favorite pastime is shooting bad guys with her sniper rifle, so the gun range makes for an excellent romantic evening. She’s also an ’80s pop music connoisseur, which is a big bonus if you’re into that as well. Before considering going out with Quiet, make sure you’re okay with someone who wears revealing outfits, though, on account of her being photosynthetic and all — but hey, it means she has an interest in botany.The Prince (Prince of Persia series)This dude is basically the male equivalent of Lara Croft: Rich royalty who is highly athletic and thinks of others before himself. The Prince is a charmer (let’s just ignore his personality in The Warrior Within) so expect him to delight you with his wit and cleverness. Be prepared to get a crash course in parkour, of course, as The Prince’s castle is a veritable jungle gym and you’ll need to be physically adept to simply head to the bathroom in the middle of the night.last_img read more