Mercedes comes up with leaner and fitter AMG GT

first_img2016 Mercedes Benz AMG GTGerman car maker Mercedes Benz is never short of surprises for potential buyers and motoring enthusiasts alike. The company has now come up with a replacement for the erstwhile SLS AMG, called as the 2016 Mercedes AMG GT.  The latest SLS AMG sports coupe is as wide and low-slung as ever, albeit this time with a new look.While it was fitted with gullwing doors earlier, the GT comes with a pair of conventional doors. Under its skin, the vehicle’s super light aluminum space frame weighs just 231kg (before adding engine, body, interior, and the rest of the car for the kerb weight). Aerodynamics have also been redesigned to enhance performance and cooling. Not to be left behind, the supercharged engine in the new Mercedes AMG GT is a first of its kind.Engine and performanceUnder the hood of this sports car is a newly developed 4.0-liter V-8 bi-turbo engine, dubbed as the M178. Instead of keeping the turbos off of the side of the engine, AMG has tucked them into the middle of the V-shaped cylinder bank. This “hot inside V” configuration, as Mercedes calls it, will be capable of optimizing turbocharger responsiveness, plus help in reducing exhaust emissions by boosting thermal efficiency, thereby allowing the engine package to be more compact.With revolutionary dry sump lubrication, like the same on purpose built racing cars, allows the engine to be mounted lower in the chassis and farther back behind the front wheels, giving the GT a “front midengine” configuration. By going dry-sump, the engine is also able to lubricate itself in a better manner during high-G cornering. advertisementMercedes-AMG GT coupes will be available in GT and GT S trim levels. The base-level GT outputs 456 bhp of power with 600.6 Nm of peak torque. This gives the vehicle lighting fast acceleration- 0- 100 kmph is achieved in just 3.9 seconds. The engine of the GT is connected to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmissionThe other trim GT S is good to deliver 503 bhp and 649.4 Nm peak torque. 0-100 kmph comes up in a lesser 3.7 seconds.Suspension setupA lightweight chassis, low center of gravity and a wide, well-balanced footprint make for a brilliant handling sports car. Mercedes AMG GT comes with double wishbone suspension at all four corners to help keep the wheels glued to the tarmac. The GT S goes a notch higher in this regard, with an electronically controlled damping that allows the driver to adjust ride characteristics between Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus modes at the touch of a button.With the addition of optional dynamic engine and transmission mounts, performance can then be further upgraded for optimal responsiveness. Optional ceramic brakes, forged wheels and specially developed tyres to boost the performance (and the price tag) of the new GT S are also available. Cabin technology and safetyIn the aviation-themed cabin of the AMG GT, drivers will get to interact with the engine’s various modes and settings via the AMG Drive Unit controls on the center console. Eight buttons and knobs (akin to the cylinders of a V-8) tweak everything from the active exhaust to the adaptive suspension and drive modes.Not much information is available about the Comand infotainment at the top of the dashboard, but we can tell that it will be accessible via a control knob in the middle of the center console,In terms of safety, the AMG GT will come with Mercedes-Benz’ standard collision prevention assist with Pre-Safe, adaptive braking, Attention Assist, parking proximity sensors, as well as a rearview camera. Optional extras will include a Lane Tracking package here.Market availabilityIt is expected that  the 2016 AMG GT S will be launched in the US first,  in the spring of 2015. Subsequently, AMG GT will be launched in the following year. The vehicle is expected to whip up a fresh threat of attacks on the current sportscar king, Porsche 911. Others in line for the coveted crown in this segment are the Audi R8 and higher versions of the Jaguar F-type.last_img read more

Sizzling weekend for Provo

first_img Related Items:Tci weather Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Recommended for you Bahamas Marine Forecast – 10th August 2015 Marine Forecast 18th August 2015 Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 21 Aug 2015 – Local Accu weather forecast says it will be a sweltering weekend in Provo; tomorrow the real feel forecast at 110°.. temperatures will remain in the lower 90s. Marine Forecast – 02 April 2015last_img

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Researchers find young angelfish grow fake eyes to ward off predators

first_img © 2013 ( —Researchers Oona Lönnstedt and Mark McCormick of James Cook University in Australia, along with Douglas Chivers of the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, have found that young angelfish are able to grow false eyes on demand when exposed to predators. In their paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, the group describes experiments they conducted with angelfish and their predators in their lab. Can angelfish do math? The relationship between standard length (SL) and body depth (BD) of P. amboinensis when in the presence and absence of predators (A). Fish had significantly deeper bodies when exposed to predator cues (B) compared to the shallow bodied controls (C). Credit: Scientific Reports 3, Article number: 2259 doi:10.1038/srep02259 Journal information: Scientific Reports Biologists have known for some time that young angelfish develop what appears to be an eye on their dorsal fin, and that their real eyes are very small in comparison. The result is a small fish that appears to be traveling in the opposite direction of its actual path—a tactic clearly meant to fool predators. What was not known, however, was that the fish are able to create the effect on-demand.To find out what really goes on with the angelfish, the researchers collected several samples prior to their being exposed to predators and put them in several tanks in their lab. They also collected some samples of the natural predator dusky dottybacks as well as another fish called a goby that look much like dottybacks but are not meat eaters. Some of the angelfish were exposed to the predators (via plastic bag immersed in their tank or had the scent of a predator placed into their tank) on and off for six weeks, some to the goby and others to no other fish at all.In watching how the angelfish responded in the various scenarios, the researchers found that only the specimens that were exposed to the real predators developed false eyes on their dorsal fins along with small real eyes and overall deeper bodies (another tactic that wards off attack). In studying their behavior, the researchers also noted that the angelfish that had been exposed to predators behaved more cautiously than did the other two groups. This translated to differences in the real world as well. When all of the fish were released back into the wild, those fish that had been exposed to predators had a far higher survival rate—the unexposed fish had five times the mortality rate.last_img read more

Art for all

first_imgWhat was really heart warming to see was that this year the lesser privileged and specially-abled children were given special attention by Theatre in Education Co and NSD.As a special initiative by the T.I.E Co, NSD reached out to these specially-abled and under privileged children. Participating school’s were Blind School Amar colony, Institute for Mentally Handicapped, Anchal Special School NDMC and Gyanshakti Vidyalaya. With this initiative NSD intends to inspire and include the specially-abled children and create a mass movement by encouraging their participation for the next year’s event. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Focusing education of children, Sanskaar Rang Toli held special performances in the morning session with various schools who has tied up with NSD. The students also had discussions with art experts present and attend various workshops organised during the day.’This year by including the specially-abled children we are looking forward to their participation in the next year’s festival. We want to educate, entertain and initiate,’ said Waman Kendre, NSD, Director.last_img read more

Insider Deals Sweet If You Can Score Them

first_img 5 min read Brought to you by PCWorld Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Savvy Web shoppers are always on the lookout for coupons that can save them money on tech gear. But all coupon codes are not created equal, and most of the best ones aren’t distributed to the masses. Here is the scoop on snagging insider deals–offers that are meant for family, friends, employees, or affiliates, and that can substantially reduce the cost of PCs and other electronics.Most major vendors have insider or exclusive coupon deals, often redeemable on special areas of their Web sites. Some of these sites are more accessible than others: The Employees and Affiliates Store in Dell’s Member Purchase Program doesn’t seem to require any proof that you’re an employee or affiliate, while Lenovo’s Contractor Purchase Program will sell to anyone with the right coupon code, easily found on Web deal sites. In contrast, Hewlett-Packard’s Employee Discount Program site requires log-in credentials.Lenovo is generous with its friends-and-family deals, too. “Anyone I give my information to can use the program,” company spokesperson Aimee Foskie says. Dell imposes few, if any limits on its small-business bargains.To find vendor deals that target students, small businesses, affiliates, or other special groups, you can try running a Web search or inquiring at school or work. Or browse vendors’ sites: Apple, for instance, recently offered an appealing back-to-school special package for college-bound students: a free iPod (a value of up to $299) plus up to $100 off the regular price of a computer and a printer. The Apple deal is available only to college students, faculty, administrators, and staff members, but parents can get the deal on behalf of their kids.Is This Code for Me?If you come across a code, shopping mavens say, you should feel free to use it–regardless of whether it’s intended for just anyone. A contractor’s discount if you aren’t a contractor? An education discount if you aren’t a student? All of these are fair game, they say–if you can find the bargain and the seller doesn’t object.”If the store doesn’t create a barrier, like ask for your student ID, I don’t see why you wouldn’t take the discount,” says Daniel de Grandpre, CEO of Scott Kluth, president and founder of CouponCabin, another popular deal site, concurs: “If you find a code out there, go for it. Nine times out of ten the merchant’s not going to come back to you and say, ‘This wasn’t intended for you.'”Vendors’ policies vary in this area, but in general they appear to be relatively blas? about granting access to friend/family, contractor, and affiliate discounts, and relatively stringent in checking qualifications for educational deals. With a code for Lenovo’s contractor site, I was able to configure a ThinkStation D10 workstation for $2104, versus $2475 on Lenovo’s regular site. And at Dell’s Employees and Affiliates store, I found an Inspiron 1525 laptop for $685, or $64 off the regular discounted price. “Targeted coupons are not tied to any person, so if they are shared it is not a problem,” Dell spokesman Jay Pinker wrote in an e-mail message.On the other hand, to get an educational discount from Dell, you may have to prove that you’re a student or an educator. And people who sign up for HP’s Academic Purchasing Program (APP) must affirm that they are eligible for the discounts. HP may check a customer’s credentials and cancel an order if it detects fraudulent activity, HP spokesperson Amy Smith says.You might also run into qualification problems if you try to purchase software meant for students and faculty. “You’re using software you don’t have the right to use, so technically it’s the same as piracy,” de Grandpre says. (Microsoft has no objection to home users’ buying its Office Home and Student 2007 suite, but only if they aren’t running a business at home.)Vendors change coupon codes often, a maddening fact of life for bargain hunters. “Expired coupons are the largest complaint, that I know of, from Internet shoppers,” says Kluth. “It’s extremely frustrating.” To verify coupons, CouponCabin places test orders using them: “We post the last test date with the coupon, and typically test each offer at least twice a week.”Smart shoppers must act fast. Susan Kahler of Jefferson, Arkansas, scans the user forums at FatWallet 10 to 12 times a day in search of hot deals. “If something comes up, you just can’t pass it up,” says Kahler, a marketing professional who lives 45 minutes from Little Rock–too far away to take advantage of the big-box discounters there. “With FatWallet, if somebody finds a deal in California, in two minutes everybody from coast to coast knows about it.” August 18, 2008 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more